Sampdoria football club

Sampdoria football club

(Italian: Unione Calcio Sampdoria, referred to: UC Sampdoria) is a football team is located in the city of Genoa, Liguria, Italy, founded in 1946, by 桑彼埃尔达 Reina Team and Andrea Doria team merger. 1990 to 1991 season, Sampdoria goals Gemini "Roberto Mancini and Gianluca Vialli led the Italian Football League championship. Sampdoria in 1994, visited China twice in 1995, with China's national men's soccer game. 2012-13 season, Sampdoria, will participate in the race of the Italian Football League.

Other names: Sampdoria (Cantonese), Thumper (referred)

nickname: sailor, blue ring (blucerchiato)

, stadium: Malasi Stadium (Italian: stadio di Marassi)

the Country: Italy

, current head coach : Deriaud Rossi (Delio Rossi) the Sampdoria home uniform

Club President: Riccardo Garone (Riccardo Garrone)

club general manager: Rinaldo · 萨格拉莫拉, (Rinaldo Sagramola)

club transfer manager: Ao Sidi the (Carlo Osti)

traditional uniforms: blue jacket, white shirt, white shorts (main) white shorts (passenger)

, edit this paragraph teams honor the Italian Football League champion :1990-1991

Italian Cup four times 1984 1985 1987 1988 1988-2001 1989 ,1993-1994

Italian Super Cup: 1991

Vialli hold aloft the European Cup Winners' Cup

Italian Football League :1991-1992

the European Cup Winners' Cup champion 1 :1966-1967

European Cup runner-up :1989-1990

the European Cup Winners Cup runner-up :1988-1989

(Note: Sampdoria predecessor of a 桑彼埃尔达 Reyna team (Sampierdarenese) Serie B champions in the 1933/34 season; Sampdoria of two predecessor of the team composed of the the Ligurian United (Associazione Calcio Liguria) in the 1940/41 season Serie B championship.)

edit this paragraph Team Profile Genoa in Liguria (Mar Ligure) Gulf, is a natural harbor. Development of shells, the patron of the city facing the sea, from the map, the old part is like an upper tip under the wide of cis-lying coastal areas to the sides, the city has become thin and long. Genoa, Nice, France, Cannes, with a coastline, but more than 100 kilometers away, but urban styles. The stone here

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magnificent building quaint, a root pier buildings real tall pillars extraordinary momentum.

Genoa is the home of Christopher Columbus, is Italy's largest port of heavy industry, countless vessels entering and leaving every day from here, both from the industrial point of view or the historical and cultural perspective, Genoa is Italy's most important cities in the world, while Genoa or one of Italy's most important football city, it can and Turin, Milan comparable, which a football team of the city of Genoa (Genova) participated in the first session of the Italian Football League in 1893 when teams such as AC Milan, Juventus has not yet been established, the Italian Football Federation is out of the question, from that point, the city of Genoa itself entirely to Italian football pioneer, this is not too much, Genoa also a famous football club in recent decades has created a brilliant record more than Genoa, Sampdoria (Sampdoria), if you visited Genoa football Quedui the Sampdoria turn a blind eye if it if you study the history of Argentine football but I do not know Maradona, who as silly.

Edit this paragraph franchise history August 12, 1946, Genoa local two football club 桑彼埃尔达 Reina people, the team (Sampierdarenese) and Andrea Doria team (Andrea Doria) merged Sang the Puduoliya football club (UC Sampdoria) the Prior 桑彼埃尔达 Reina team three times to participate in the Serie A league. Andhra · Victoria team just won the runner-up in the National Championships organized by the Italian Gymnastics Federation, it was held on June 3, 1904 in Florence, Andrea Doria team lost to 2:3 was not yet mature AC Milan [1].

after the establishment of the team set up their own home in the Malasi Stadium (aka "Luigi Ferraris stadium") - built in 1928, a professional football field, the beginning of the stadium can accommodate 75,000 people, Later, considering the actual needs of the local as well as contractors to the 1990 World Cup in Italy re-renovated and can now accommodate up to 40,122 people. The Mara West End (Marassi), the stadium is located in the northeastern part of the Genoa Samp fans prefer to call Malasi Stadium.

"Sampdoria" suggests that it is the sum of the two club name itself does not have a special meaning, of course, now the word "Sampdoria" the hearts of the people in Genoa has on behalf of the honor and happiness. September 1946

growth, newborn Sampdoria ushered in his first Serie A game ----- away against AS Roma, although the team the 1:3 loss

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Lee. But it was the only freshman team is historic, Andrea fortunate Sampdoria the first one Serie A goal is scored. After the team began on the right track, in the 1948-1949 season, the team made a fifth place finish in 1949, Zhu Percey, Baldini become the first national team Sampdoria history , he was in the Italian national team in a friendly against Portugal on behalf of the Italian played for the first time. Sampdoria players debut on the international stage. In the 1960s, Sampdoria completed their debut on the European stage. They participated in the UEFA Cup in the 1962-1963 season. September 26, 1962, 1-0 win over Luxembourg's of Aris team; of Sergio Bristol roots into the game's only goal. But in the next game, Sampdoria face Ferencváros team from Hungary Shique ushered in a fiasco - 0:6 score has been maintained to this day the club losing most poor record.

In fact, 30 years after the founding of Sampdoria, although the team has been as a League, but did not achieve anything particularly noteworthy achievements, most of the time the team is hovering in the league midstream, although learned star Base Tuo and Sergio Bristol pedicle led also achieved the League good results and for the first time to participate in the UEFA Cup. But also had a 65-66 and a 74-75 season this tragic relegation experienced. But the 1960-61 team like the Samp main group photo

the almost do not care about the league rankings, and can overwhelm the city of Genoa team proud. General leisurely, giving a feeling madding crowd. It is worth mentioning that the 1960-61 season, representing Sampdoria a year for the team 28 times knocking the opponent Sergio door Bristol roots no suspense when top scorer in Serie A last season, the Samp players for the first time the top scorer of the Serie A title, and the record of 28 goals in Bristol pedicle until the 37 seasons after the break by German Oliver Bierhoff (Oliver Bierhoff).

finally, the team pay for their complacency the price for 1977 due to poor record, the team, unfortunately drop to Serie B, not only against Sampdoria, after a few years for the entire Italian football is disgraceful Italian football happened two major events, the Vicenza team racio team competition was found games away both relegated to AC Milan after allegedly control the sports lottery was ordered to downgrade Vicenza team a striker was banned for two years, he is the biggest player won the World Cup in Italy in 1982 and later became Paul Rossi.

time steering the 1982 for Sampdoria club this year, is a historic year. Team in the League veteran after four years, finally making a comeback in a sunny League. The same year, the Italian national team in Bearzot, Niyazov, as well as to re-qualify "Golden Boy" Rossi led, won a third World Cup championship. Thus seen, the Sampdoria team always seems very coincidental and is closely related to the fate of the Italian football.

reason why the 1982 club Sampdoria is executed crucial year, because this year the team is also a big thing occurred. Club ushered in a new owner, Italian business community well-known VIP - Paul Mantovani! This person not only outstanding performance in the business sector, and is very good at business, especially proficient in football, he knows a team, a football club in order to succeed most in need of what.

poised 1980s Italian football is a world-class egos era, Netherlands Three Musketeers, Germany Troika, Michel Platini, Boniek, Falcao, Socrates, Fort Rupp, the Passarella even Verona and Udinese this small club signing Elk Yale and Zico, South Naples team invited the famous Maradona Paolo Mantovani after taking office, however, did not like the other bosses, crazy investment demand short-term effects, old Mantovani was very clear to Sampdoria, regardless of fame and real Samp the old Doria Chairman - Paul Mantovani

force, it is impossible to attract international superstar in the true sense, Moreover, a the teams want long-term benefit undefeated, it alone is not enough to buy a few players. The training system has a good youth club is the most important. , Old Mantovani hired for Sampdoria youth team in Italy Silver Fox said the coach - Marcello Lippi, Lippi was just to the first team of the player's identity from Sampdoria retired old Mantovani fancy Lippi to discover and develop the special talents of the young players after the teams youth team emerged Ganz (Ganz) and Ji Aisa (Chiesa) and Juventus (Juventus), "Golden youngster "Piero are his" masterpiece. " Now, Lippi has become a well-known coach in Italy and around the world, Sampdoria where he started, where he got a first experience, this has a great relationship with his future success. the

Another team also invited for the first team of experienced, has the title of "Novi Sad shaman Yugoslavia coach Vujadin Boskov Boss Krakow, the Boskov once Sampdoria players. In 1971-1973, Boskov once coached the Yugoslav national team. Later in Feyenoord, Real Madrid made great success, the Boskov not only stadium tactical conductor but also a good at discovering and developing young players, "Bole", the later "Huang Jin Sangpu" is the Boss Primakov culture crafted. Even the Roman prince "prop Emperor (Totti) is also proud Boskov Roma coach he first found. nothing big players

which in addition to hire high level coaches, old Mantovani also introduced for the team more than strength every echelon of the team's players

him in line with the principle of Hua Xiaoqian doing big things, the introduction of The players mostly known at the time, but the very young and very promising. Imported from Bologna as young as 18-year-old striker of Mancini and goalkeeper Pagliuca, the introduction of the same young striker Vialli and Lombardo from Cremona, from the according to Mo Erse team (Imolese) the introduction 后卫曼尼尼 (Mannini) the introduction of the Yin Weini. economic (Invenizzi) from the Como team (Como), Udinese (Udinese), Blanca (Branca) transferred from Turin (Torino) 82-year member of the champion team Dossena (Dosenna), Reinikka (Renica) in exchange for a the Naples team Fauci (Fusi) was C team Parma (Parma) transferred Parry (Pari) and salsa Connaught (Salsano), imported from Rome the first debut guard Virgin Qiao Wo De (vierchowod), another youth team emerged as Lanna (Lanna), Ganz (Ganz), these players later through in the mulberry Puduoliya years of temper, have become a famous star and team soul. In foreign aid, the team also has introduced this focus on strength is not re-known principles (Briegel), almighty battle 士布里格尔, Germany, Brazil star Cerezo (Cerezo), Slovenia star Katanec (Katanec), Spanish international Victor (Victor), as well as from Ukraine the Mikhail Li Qinke (Mikhaijlichenko) in plus preexisting Pa Jianing (Paganin), Bolton (Bordon), wear to Pellegrini (Pellegrini), Ka Boni (Carboni ), Bonnet Emperor (Bonetti) and a number of Jiujiang, above these players become the core and framework of Sampdoria in the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, and some even play a role in the late 1990s still . Paolo Mantovani

golden age of the drastic reforms Sampdoria and the reason for the team's investment in the late 1980s has finally been paid off, with the other teams chasing full league title, Sampdoria The starting point is to start from the Italian Cup. 1984/85 season in the Italian Cup final, Sampdoria With Mancini and Vialli scoring victory over AC Milan won the first championship in franchise history ------- Italian Cup the champion! 1987/88 season, the same in the Italian Cup final, Sampdoria a two-round total score 3:2 eliminated the powerhouse in Turin team the second time the to tournament Sal Pisano salsano (scored the winning goal: P), 1988/89 season as the defending champion of the tournament Sampdoria again kill the "Gemini

of the Samp goal into the finals, this time they encountered was flourishing by Diego Maradona led Serie A champions Napoli, despite the first round the team lost 0:1, but in the second round held in Cremona, Sampdoria 4:0 swept rival, reelected this to race! Just five years finals (85-86 last season in the finals, but lost to Rome) won three more to the team to get a reputation as the king of Italian Cup In the league, the team's performance is onward and upward. 82-83,83-84 adapt to the season and run-Sampdoria league scores began to pick up, from a middle team into a strong team, the 1984/85 season, the team won the League good results, the 86/87 season 5, the 87/88 season to continue unbeaten home league ranking league the 4,88-89 season team to create, and that season, the team in the European arena, a small chopper pilot 's won the Cup Winners' Cup runner-up. Subsequent year, that is, in 1990, the team by virtue of its excellent performance, has eliminated Dortmund, Monaco and other teams, and victory over Anderlecht, Belgium in the final which will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, won the ball European competition since the team build team champion ------ European Cup Winners' Cup!

into the 1990s, the team's record to reach the pinnacle of the 1990-1991 season the team triumph all the way in the league, overwhelming competitors Inter Milan and Naples, the upper bound champion, winning the first in franchise history Block Serie A championship! Also 19 cases of the league which Vialli goal top scorer, Mancini also won the annual Italian Footballer! Sampdoria is undoubtedly the year the biggest winner! In the same year the team defeat the Roman team won the Super Bowl! Sampdoria's win broke the situation of the race for Juventus, AC Milan, Naples, and injected fresh blood to the Serie A, Italian fans to see a new hope!

90-91 season, Sampdoria showed aggressive momentum from the outset. In the league, the team has achieved success unbeaten in nine games, including home 4-1 victory over Atlanta, 4:2 wins Pisa, on the road with Mancini and Vialli's two goals, 4:1 The defeat last Scudetto Naples. Sampdoria Serie A team, the team and even road victory over European champions AC Milan after nine series victory almost everyone was surprised only from the northern Italian port city of the team performance. The other Serie A giants also felt unprecedented pressure, perhaps the league start after unusually smoothly, so that the state of mind of the sailors have been some changes. In the home after the 3:1 power Keqiang Di international Milan, the team appeared on the road to win the small fluctuations in their home 1:2 defeat to just return to the Serie A team of Turin. After another passenger 1990-91 season Sampdoria the family portrait

field lost 0-1 Lecce, however experienced Italian Cup and the European Cup Winners' Cup competition temper Sampdoria at the moment shows they mature side, the team quickly adjust their mentality. To defeat Cesena start from 18 away, the team made five consecutive wins, including victory over title rivals Juventus and Parma, the team not only points to narrow the points gap being ranked the forefront of the international Milan but also have a huge psychological advantage on the competition with the the integrator same opponent. After the team at home rely Mancini and Vialli a goal. Same season second victory over the powerful AC Milan, the team again 4:1 home victory over Diego Maradona led Napoli. Blue sailor has almost become invincible, Juventus, Parma, followed far behind, and also so that the two teams had to advance out of the championship fight. Lectra 2:0 final championship rivals Inter Milan. Sampdoria has been an absolute advantage in the league standings. The league title has also been a step away. May 19, 1991, the 33 Serie A, Sampdoria vs. Lecce game, will be forever remembered love Sampdoria fans of this team, the team rely Cerezo Mannini and Vialli three beautiful goals clear-cut victory over Lecce, waiting eagerly for nearly half a century after the Serie A title, and finally the original dream. Fill in the name of Sampdoria Serie A championship standings! The entire Genoa City in the final victory of the blue sailors cheered! The day of the festival of the people of Genoa! The final round, Sampdoria and Lazio fans devoted a good game. 3:3 score so that all fans satisfied. Team a war goals, the end of his brilliant season. This season, the team is more than just a league title, also made a series of records of other people wonder: victory in four games against the two Milan teams, with a total score 8:2 victory over defending champion Naples, Serie A scoring teams. 1:2 in the derby loss to crosstown rivals Genoa became the perfect season only flaw. However, compared with the previous series of records, which appear to be so insignificant.

is not difficult to imagine the heyday when a person or a team or is gradually moving towards the peak time to win applause and praise, with the 1990-91 season, Sampdoria lineup

this also accompanied guess and suspicion. Sampdoria is no exception. Sampdoria win also has a sound. Some people think that a certain chance Sampdoria win Maradona, Napoli was the core and the spiritual leader of the "number one" as a result of the transfer storm as well as stimulants event, making the whole team have been dragged into the state sagging, the three teams Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan refused to accept each other and do not buy it, so the competition between them, always involve too much effort, AC Milan but also to the European championship campaign Cup, so they are not dedicated league, what is more, the outgoing Inter Milan and Sampdoria set a trap to prevent the city's AC Milan win. See Maldini the autobiography)

In fact, these rumors are not correct, Sampdoria's win is the result of their own efforts, the rewards of their own hard work and painstaking efforts deserve! As the Serie a young team, Sampdoria can not, as Juventus, Inter Milan, as relying on the deep pockets of the boss easily bought the players they want, Sampdoria players mostly youth training camp culture, and the introduction of the players to the team before most are little known. Temper is the result of many years in the team, hustle honed. This championship is more cherished. Vialli and Mancini striker at the time was known as "terrifying Gemini" Lombardo dribbles breakthrough, Pagliuca beautiful diving fighting Manny Nepal's long pass and long-range play, until now line of defense 维尔乔沃德 the stability in fans relish. The team's play was beautiful, passionate, high technical content, highly ornamental, many screenings are also a classic! Players have long-term play together, mutual understanding, and act in harmony, unity and mutual trust between the players very Coaches also absolute obedience, the Italian media in the comment when Sampdoria metaphor into a cup and more fans by the players and happiness to reconcile into a cocktail called when Sampdoria "Huang Jin Sangpu". fame of the

Serie A and did not let lofty Sampdoria this meet in the second year of the European Cup, Sampdoria coach Persian Primakov, as well as on the front line of the Gemini Manci Nepal, Vialli led by eliminated Anderlecht, Panathinaikos, as well as the upper bound champion Yugoslavia, Red Star Belgrade and other teams, break loose and reached the final of England's famous Wembley Stadium, Sampdoria encounter with Spanish giants Barcelona team, it is a fierce, almost choking game another. Despite the Sampdoria game advantage. But the two teams battle in the 90 minutes into a 0-0 in overtime, Barcelona team was relying on the Dutch star of Komen's a goal, Sampdoria lost by.

runner-up in the European Champions Cup, but the team return to Genoa to get fans heroic welcome. Because fans know the team is how hard-won achievements today.

changes with excellent record beautiful style of play, and the personality of the players, the the Sampdoria team's popularity, in Italy and throughout Europe, have accumulated rise became the most popular team coach Bos Krakow Later, as saying: "Sampdoria has been established in Europe, the unlimited prestige. the I support Samp swim Europe, wherever stadium full. Even its charm influence to Asia. Ruud Gullit (Gullit), Platt (Platt), Yougeweiqi (Jugovic), Maspero (Maspero), Mikhail Pavlovich (Mihailovic), Clarence Seedorf (Seedorf), Veron ( Veron), Ortega (Ortega) and other international players have come here especially for the famous star Klinsmann (Klinsmann) at the end of his football career. In addition, the team had 94 and 95 years respectively twice visited China in China set off a wave of Sampdoria hot "team fame, personalized players and their fans friendly are deep infections here, then fans have a Sampdoria jersey proud, can be seen everywhere in the street wearing Sampdoria jersey playing children. It shows how important the position at the time the fans in mind.

brilliant Sampdoria time personnel fluctuations experienced in the 92-93 season, the Boskov switch to coaching Rome. Team new Swedish coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has coached in Porto and Florence (Erikson) team in with Yougeweiqi (Jugovic), Serena (Serena), Beta Raleigh (Betarelli) and England star de Sri Lanka. Wacker to supplement the strength, but the team was sold the headed players "striker Gemini, one of" incredible Vialli personnel changes in recent years, the team's biggest strength of the team has been great , Beta Raleigh (Betarelli) Mancini striker combination is clearly not as good as the Mancini and Vialli combination, as. More when the team is relying on the captain Mancini personal ability to score, and the team has made only seven of the league scores this season, the only other person excited Mancini goals to achieve a personal single-season The peak of the goals, he become the team's top scorer with 15 goals. Also in the Genoa derby of the season, Sampdoria 4:1 defeat at home to Genoa, Sampdoria supporters elated. Everything is far from over.

However, there are unexpected storms. October 14, 1993, the president of the club, Sampdoria brilliant founder of Paul Mantovani Mr. (Paolo.Mantovani), the tragic death due to a car accident, his son Enrique. Mantovani (Enrico.Mantovani ) to succeed his father as president of the club, is the club level personnel changes, makes Sampdoria team embarked on a new road.

93-94 season, is considered the is Sampdoria history's most powerful a team. This season, the team invited one of the famous Dutch trio of Ruud Gullit, In addition, the team also emerged Bellucci, Amoruso rookie, Bousso and the Krini has become more mature, plus in Pratt, Yougeweiqi, Evani, as well as the team veteran Mancini, Lombardo, Mannini, 维尔乔沃德 et al concerted efforts, the team has achieved so far last title -------- Italian Cup champion. Finals fans as a timeless classic: Sampdoria 6:1 in the final victory over the poor Ancona team, such a disparity in the score is unique in the history of the Italian Cup final! (The previous single-game, the biggest disparity in the score is the the 1975-76 Naples 4-0 Verona and 1988-1989 Sampdoria 4:0 Naples)

experienced a season of exploration and re-build, Eriksson finally the beginning of the current reform of the team tactics the effectiveness of the first round of league team away encounter Naples team by former Sampdoria youth team coach Marcello Lippi in charge, then Naples Maradona, and lose morale and financial resources depletion, Sampdoria in hot Stadio San Paolo in a 2:1 easily defeated opponents. After that team league score rise higher and higher, and soon again returned to the ranks of the favorites to win the team Eriksson introduced Ruud Gullit, Mancini and Lombardo offensive combination shows strong enough the power and passion. AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi as saying: "that season Milan is invincible, but we are only afraid of a team ------ the Gurlitt led Sampdoria. This season, the team for the fans many classic races, the reversal of the 3:2 home victory over AC Milan