Restricted area

restricted area, Restricted Area, refers to a "not allowed to enter without permission" special region or area, it can be said by invitation, specified persons are allowed to enter the area. Restricted area there are several, such as the restricted area of ​​the airport, the FCA truce zone, area closures.

is part of the border between the nail States in State B (Borders), restricted the border prohibited activities, coupled with the deterioration of the offense of illegal immigrants, smuggling and other transnational criminal activities undermine the territorial integrity of other countries as well as in conflict with the law. The aim is to provide a buffer zone, so that security forces can maintain the integrity of the boundary of the State A and State B, and to promote the fight against illegal immigration and other cross-border crimes. Necessary government the scope of the FCA to expand, large walls and barbed wire tool to prevent illegal immigration. The entire piece of the FCA does not have government-issued restricted area paper (Pass) shall not be the purpose of its activities, permits (Pass) valid 1 day to 2 years, depending on the access to the restricted area who may be. Hold passports of countries can enter the border control station for departure and entry procedures, but not to stay in the FCA.

edit this paragraph, the military restricted area part of the restricted area is established for military restricted military zones, military exercises, field, border guards restricted area. But the restricted area can also be used as environmental protection and species protection measures. Infectious disease outbreaks or other disasters (such as floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, and so on), the Government can also set up the restricted area to prevent the expansion of the disaster, to prevent people taking advantage of robbery, or to prevent someone from accidentally or deliberately entering the danger zone and harm to the personal safety of themselves or others.

general restricted area around the facilities and warning signs to remind forward again to enter the restricted area, restricted area set up in the relatively short-term (such as the restricted area established because of the disaster), at least in the Avenue, the road to enter the restricted area guarded or warning. Compare the long-term establishment of the restricted area (such as military restricted area or environmental area), there is often barbed wire, the alarm device t look whistle facilities the entire area is protected. Military outside the area but tend to have an area forbidden to take pictures, the internal there may be mines, automatic firing devices protected facilities. Some restricted area just banned from entering certain time, the cameos restricted area established for the protection of certain exotic animals may be uneven enter in animal breeding.

war combat party or both may be a regional or waters specified as restricted and announced that it would destroy any vehicles entering the restricted area or ship. This means generally used to truncate the assistance of a third party on the other side not to participate in combat. For example, in 2006 to Lebanese conflict, Israel announced as a restricted throughout southern Lebanon.

edit this paragraph the words Interpretation (1) prohibit free to enter or touch areas. : Strayed into a restricted area.

(2). metaphor difficult to enter the area or not allowed touched areas. Ma Guochang "Beyond Kozo plateau poem:" break through the taboo, to overcome the natural barrier. "Ba Jin" the third member of the Chinese Writers Association Congress closing remarks: "brave Pathbreaker will to break the shackles of any spirit to break through all the restricted area." As : Science restricted area.

(3). specially protected areas with special flora and fauna or the ground situation in terms of scientific or economic value, especially Nature Reserve.

(4) medical parts prone to danger and prohibit the surgery or acupuncture.

edit this paragraph reading "restricted area" restricted area ", explained literally prohibited from entering or through the region, the course approved or forcibly enter the restricted area is also not known as the restricted area. Restricted area of ​​this phrase may be for each of us is familiar with, because it's all around us, we at all times to face.

between countries restricted area, such as territorial waters, airspace and borders. Citizens of one country into another country without diplomatic channels, the light is regarded as illegal immigration, and in serious cases will be punished as a spy. As for a multinational force without the authorization of the United Nations, a long drive of another country, that is a gross interference in other countries' sovereignty, is an act of aggression, no doubt it is a violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. But in the world of the powerful military rampage that what international law today, that the name of "liberty, fraternity and democracy everywhere lord it over the superpower, not in any self-righteous excuse can set the resolution of the United Nations givers, a long drive invasion of another country several times and years it? Sadly, who have done the "Islamic world" overlord dream, have eight hours occupied neighbors and declared the occupied country 28 provinces mighty been captured another stronger Might become giggle's prisoner. What does this mean, the only show that might unreasonably shameless, can not explain rational for gaining unauthorized entry to a restricted area! the

within countries naturally restricted area, such as government agencies, the military fortress, research base and so on. You say you are the citizens of the country, I would like to freely enter? Okay, I'm sorry, no, that is absolutely not allowed! Do not believe you can try, the light will be snapped by the guards, coax you all the way. Re-arrest you examine a ten and a half, even if you do not have any bad intentions., It will let you have suffered, as the restricted area for the trifling matter of taste. A mentally normal people are not going to try to do such a stupid thing, only those with evil intentions, the other seeking talent will really try not fresh!

our daily life and social activities also has many restricted area. Those expressly prohibited by laws and regulations, and those condemned by ethics and public opinion should all restricted areas. If you accidentally break into these restricted areas, I believe we will by law and sanctions and condemnation of the public opinion. Take the easiest road traffic rules is restricted area, if you are passing through the downtown crossroads do not follow the instructions of the traffic lights, do not leave the line zebra crossing, traffic police will intervene. There are motor vehicle can not reverse driving, public places can not make much noise, fly not a cell phone, and so on, these are the people's daily life, the most common and the most general restricted area. Seen the FCA everywhere for us everywhere in all times and sometimes when. Maintain the normal order of production and life, in order to defend the country's security must be the establishment of many restricted area, but also to educate people to understand and comply with the nature and requirements of these restricted areas.

We live in this world, no matter what kind of work, whether you what kind of character, no matter how old you age, no matter what kind of experience you have, everyone will retain a something of their own. This is something we will always treasure, is to not allow others to easily break into the which is not also a restricted area? I believe that no matter who will not easily allow others to enter the restricted area. Of course, we should also respect other people's restricted area, not easy to break into others treasure the restricted area.

colleagues restricted friends restricted area such as the privacy of colleagues and friends, hobbies, etc. belong to the restricted area, you want to maintain good relations with friends and colleagues, certainly not when the inquirer can not talk behind friends and colleagues, but also friends and colleagues living heart customary to give understanding and respect and work style.

between husband and wife is a restricted area. Couple heterosexual feelings just given on the legal and ethical admiration as an acknowledgment of, and as an independent personality, the two sides are equal, does not mean that anyone else who higher first-class. So respect each other's personal feelings or life secret, leaving a little space to each other and necessary. Do frequently "打破沙锅问到底," that do not respect each other's performance, is to maintain a harmonious relationship between husband and wife live in taboo. You want to believe, as long as you are sincere love each other, the other in some way at the right time to tell you, of course, will be there forever buried deep in the heart of things.

"static tree wants to see more than, but worldly things is nowhere near as simple as we imagine, we will find many things do not always transfer personal will. Some selfish and greedy, the collection of the restricted area will never allow others to enter, but tend to do everything possible to break into other people's or public restricted area, or for their own selfish desires, or the interests of small groups, and some even organized clique, a purpose, a plan to openly challenge the restricted area.

So been almost eradicated ugly phenomenon of social dregs, but he had been put on a gorgeous coat, to be known as a sounding names. Is clearly a the illegal confusion between men and women, but it became a sounding "Valentine"; obviously declared dyed situation to profit, he was dubbed the "economic prosperity"; obviously bribery pull people into the water, but framed into lubricant of economic activity; obviously false self-serving, they say "imitation innovation. Anyway, as long as it is based on their own self-interest, whatever that restricted area is not restricted area, I really dare to defy world opinion! As for the consequences of it, that do not care.

we now see many of the disease that had almost disappeared in our homeland just as the plague in four flood, many family breakdown became a prisoner of war, a large number of party and government cadres, many innocent lives have become unauthorized entry to a restricted area by the foil. Is it not shocking, do not make the people who broke into the restricted area of ​​their senses, he tried to Chuang restricted area precipice?

"Justice has long arms." Brazen challenge to the law restricted area will inevitably be punished, what goes around, comes around, is not reported, but time has not yet, do not take any chances, I believe that heaven has eyes that day there will be boomerang. Have you not seen those who embezzle state hundreds of millions of subjugation few years not also be escorted home yet!

our long life, in the day-to-day life savor care - his own penalty area. Quietly observed, subtle grasp, as far as possible in the restricted area before the others do not hit a mine, which should and can be done. We treasure all of their favorite show our high moral quality in the long river of years, the charisma and the value of life. This life is brilliant, will it be around the praise of colleagues and friends, your friends will be all over the world!

for their own happiness, for a happy family, the interests of the country and the people still recognize and remember the "restricted area" the word, do not consciously or unconsciously, to trespassing, otherwise it will regret and!

do a far appreciate and never peep restricted area, there is a clear goal in life have a good attitude, which is more than good!

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2. the the football terminology editing original meaning

restricted area

divided into restricted areas and small restricted area. Small restricted area called the goal area, a large restricted area known as the penalty area, the venue at both ends from the inside of 5.50m at the goal line to the floor each cited a length of 5.5m vertical line and the end line, one end goal phase then, other endpoints connected to each other and parallel to the end line, these three lines and end lines within the region is small restricted area. Foul is a penalty in their own restricted area, in addition to the goalkeeper hand to pick passes.

goalkeeper small restricted area is restricted area, goalkeeper privileged in a small restricted area, No person shall collision goalkeeper hair croquet in a small restricted area must

semicircle in the center penalty points to 9.15 meters for the radius of the arc, to ensure that in the penalty kick to, in addition to the free throws are more than 9.15 meters from the ball, why are 9.15 m instead of 10 m or 8 m? It turned out that mathematical conversion. Modern football originated in the United Kingdom, then imperial unit of length is a "code", the code is equal to 0.9144 meters, about 0.915 m. Inch length of 10 yards, then, converted to metric length is 9.15 m. This is the source of 9.15 m. the football venue small restricted area of ​​

purposes summarizes the following: the

1 main use is used to protect goalkeeper in a small restricted area, the goalkeeper should be subject to special protection, the other players must not clash in this area with the goalkeeper.

2, when goalkeeper to play croquet, issued in any position in a small restricted.

3, small restricted area within the indirect free kick players of the attacking side, executed from the foul place, small closed line parallel to the goal line.

4, such as dropping the ball in a small restricted area of ​​the re-start the game, the ball location, small closed line parallel to the goal line when the game was stopped falling ball.

of area: both ends of the venue away from the goalposts the inside of 16.5m at the end of the line to field painting a long 16.5m vertical line and the end line, the other endpoint of these two lines are connected to each other and parallel to the end line these three lines and the end line siege area. That

, the restricted line vertical distance from the goal line is 16.5m. Closed top of the vertical distance from the goal the middle of 20.15m. Atlas Atlas


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3 2003 directed by David Dell Rio movie editing original meaning

the restricted area

directory director the

basic information Synopsis

Edit this paragraph the basic information restricted area posters

.: the David Dale Starring: Rio

, in Didier Bei Zhasi Julian · Boisselier, Natalie Bute Fu

first mapping: 2003-01-01

tablets long: the 90 minutes

Type: Drama

region: United States

dubbing: English

edit this paragraph Synopsis Sebastian is a born baby only a few months, however, due to the inherent genetic disease, he had to live in a bubble-like insulation room. His father Christiaan glued to guard him, his mother, Sophie, however, did not have the courage to face this fact and take evasive attitude of his indifference, because her disease genetic to his son. These two very different attitude to the relationship between husband and wife planted the hidden dangers of discord. In the lonely days of day and night with his son, Christian to get to know a single mother Wei Jini connected to the same fate. Her daughter is also suffering from an incurable disease, the only long-term hospitalization to control the disease, and wait for the development of medical science, and to seek a lifeline. Dark seduces two people in the days of mutual encouragement. Under the joint efforts of the doctors, Sebastian finally expected to leave the hospital, Wei Jini daughter Noemi was quietly waiting for the coming of death. Love and sympathy of the Christian think Wei Jini mother and daughter can not be abandoned to the expense, and decided his son back to the Sufi side, back to the hospital. But when he returned to the hospital again when Wei Jini has left with her daughter, she hopes Cristian one can be happy to live, and she would not give up any glimmer of hope to where his own daughter. the

"restricted area" the poster

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4.2009 Zhang Fengyi starred in TV series edit the original meaning items

the restricted area the encyclopedia business card

study in France Xu Zheng received his father Xu Hangzhou rush after a strange phone home. The plane, he has been involved in two close uncle Yuzheng Long Chen Miles infighting among two pharmaceutical giant discovered at this time have been at daggers drawn; Immediately, the father Xu Hangzhou engaged in drug research was kidnapped ......

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restricted area


Li Jun, Yang Xinyu


Zhang Lai, Li Hui, cable ice


Zhang Fengyi and Wang Xueqi


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edit this paragraph Synopsis of the moment in the autumn of 1990, for some people, is to never be able to erase the memory of Table


that moment, Yu Zhenglong in a car accident, lost only their loved ones.

that moment, Chen Wanli hear the lover dying world of the last sentence: to you henceforth the poster

will equal footing with Yuzheng Long. In

that moment, Xu Hangzhou holding the hands of his son Xu Zheng, helplessly watched his wife must however go, put Yu Zhenglong custom wedding dress for her.

2008 autumn, for these people, every moment is full of questions.

Xu Hangzhou suddenly kidnapped, the kidnappers out to his son Xu Zheng redeem his own research cancer vaccines.

the Yuzheng Long told Xu Zheng: I am the kidnappers, you use the vaccine in exchange for the life of your father, I want to get the vaccine so that Chen Miles die!

Chen Miles to all declared: vaccines in my hands, Welcome to the battlefield!

Xu Zheng must work in twenty-four hours to enter the Media Asia Pharmaceutical must steal a large Shen Jie, his three-year-old woman, must find the mysterious Media Asia Pharmaceutical restricted area and into which, trust and love, the only way to ensure his father safety. struggling the

When Xu Zheng, Shen Jie, side by side with him to stand together; When Xu Zhengjian believe this is love, Shen Jie, a trace that are not well aware of the smile, as if poppy flowers. time

three months, Media Asia pharmaceutical companies heavily guarded, the Chen Miles, Yu Zhenglong the escalation of the war, the smoke, Xu Hangzhou, its Shique strolling in Unnamed Lake! He has not been kidnapped!

for rumors of a mysterious region to get reportedly harboring therein magic vaccine, all kinds of people brought together with each other I do not know the end but from morning till evening, the game was a total according to co-exist with each other, and almost at the same time, they are suddenly found yourself being an invisible force, advancing the abyss ......

This is a chess game, winner takes all!

in order to win the game, everyone involuntarily into the restricted area of ​​the heart ... Finally, they can completely buried in the hearts of the bottles Pandora's Box?

into the "forbidden zone" to see the heart of the battle and the struggle of human nature. The end, only to understand the things of this world are not battle, not winning or losing, there is a better ...


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1 Xu Zheng to set

studying in France, the father Xu Hangzhou received a strange phone hurried home. The plane, he has been involved in the infighting among two close uncle Yuzheng Long Chen Miles discovered that the two pharmaceutical giant has been at daggers drawn; Immediately, the father Xu Hangzhou engaged in drug research was kidnapped

2 Xu Zheng, set

thought by virtue of their own cleverness and courage rescued his father captured the kidnappers, unexpectedly been hidden in a clown playing a invisible robbers; process, the Yuzheng Long and Chen Miles are missing due to Xu Hangzhou habitually "concerned about the reaction of the other party. Finally, Xu Zheng received the kidnappers instruction: within 24 hours, to break into Chen Wanli "Media Asia Pharmaceutical. after the battle of

3 sets

with the Yuzheng Long With telephone, Chen Miles inexplicably let the Xu Zhengcheng order "MAEG employees Subsequently, Xu Zheng they received the kidnappers instruction: find Media Asia's independent ...... Xu Zheng's action, misunderstanding that repeated encounters a woman Shen Jie failed at Yuzheng Long, but guessed Xu Hangzhou kidnapped fact Liaoshirushen old lover Julie Chen Wanli, torn seek refuge Media Asia "top secret" peak plan "- Xu Hangzhou cancer vaccine development project in his command

Episode 4

independent region, Shen Jie, the project leader. Xu Zheng experience to the the Independent District airtight security measures, Shen Jie, out to do the only incision the Yuzheng Long and Julie's help, the sole purpose is to find the truth Xu Hangzhou tied? Xu Zheng,

5 set

of, bent on stealing the "pinnacle plan, with the kidnappers exchanged father, he launched feelings Shen Jie offensive and try to win the favor of Shen parent, this, his heart filled with guilt. The Yuzheng Long side with Julie - full support Xu Zheng, while Chan Miles blink of an eye the cover of darkness, it is clear that the purpose is very simple, and Chen Miles this seems to have insight in the heart.

6th set

Xu Zheng concocted "Shen parent exodus event" to close Shen Jie's trick is been crush on Shen Jie, the forest just debunked, but Shen Jie uncharacteristically no longer hostile to Zheng Xu hand, like Xu Zheng full inquiry ... ... Chen Miles Yuzheng Long, Shen Jie, seems sinister secret hidden behind these secret seems related to Xu Hangzhou quite related. Episode 7

Xu Zheng a step closer to the core of the "pinnacle Plan confidential, behold this time, he has been regarded him as a rival Lin Gang design into the trap, seeing again begin with. Shen Jie at this time, is trying to crack peak core data is called Old Wei, Wei Jingsheng, seems to Chen Wanli accomplice heart, this is how a puzzle? Xu Zheng,

8 set

of, since dirt on alarmed Enterprise Security Department investigation against him, in order to win the final action of time and opportunity. Julie with Xu Zheng finally got the key material - Ingredients detailed list can calculate the peak Plan. Process with thrilling encounter Shen Jie, Xu Zheng moved discovery, Shen Jie, as he gave up the principle! Xu Zheng,


Episode 9 may soon peak plan to the kidnappers in exchange for his father, at the same time he also realized that he really fell in love with Shen Jie. Unexpectedly, the critical moment, all due to the "Media Asia" sudden replacement of network systems fall short of desperation Xu Zheng only into the "Media Asia" At this time, Chen Miles already decided to let him stay away from the "Media Asia his heart seems to have been a separate the article

Episode 10 the extreme measures

Julie Lam was forced to leave the "Media Asia Headquarters, to remove the obstacles to Zheng Xu. After this, the "Media Asia" internal quietly undergoing change, these changes, so Shen Jie stunned more than made Xu Zheng conclusively found, he has been misunderstood Chen Miles. Chen Miles with the kidnappers no relationship, then, who the kidnappers informed his every move? Must be people around. the

11 sets

of Chen Miles is not behind the kidnappers boss, then who is? Who told Chen Miles as concerned about the "pinnacle Plan? Through the analysis of the subsequent series of signs, Xu Zheng was dismayed to find Yuzheng Long is the real instigator of the kidnapping! While at the same time, Shen Jie, also four to explore Xu Hangzhou's whereabouts, because the hearts of the doubt, or in order to the Doesn the secret

Episode 12

between her and Mr. Wei Xu Zheng tried to kidnap the kidnapping, with the the Yuzheng Long in exchange for his father, behold, this plan is a complete failure because of the betrayal of a close friend of drizzle; Since then, Yu Zhenglong fierce look absolutely shattered, a recognition that he is the behind-the-scenes boss of the kidnappers, forcing Xu Zheng pinnacle plans for him to come up with ...... a few futile confrontation, Xu Zheng thoroughly yield, because of an unexpected event, Julie pinch can be put to death Shen Jie chips.

13 set

, Zheng Xu painstakingly copy all the contents of the computer Shen Jie, but found nothing. Under chagrin, Yu Zhenglong hesitate to secretly manipulate the stock market, "Media Asia into an unprecedented chaos, to persecute Chen Miles publicity peak plan" for the bailout, waiting for an opportunity to start. Xu Zheng in order to protect my wife and relatives have lost Gan any driven principle, however, Shen Jie, his love, really so simple this? The Episode 14

stock market crash of

, up and down the people for the Caesar, the Board of Directors, ignoring the long-term interests, and requirements of publicity "peak plan" should be first aid City, under the weight of Chen Miles disease hospitalization during day-to-day affairs of his mandate Xu Zheng agency. So, Xu Zhengli get many privileges, the particular night sneaked into the President's Office, to steal a safe peak Plan copywriting. Episode 15

share of

peak Plan copywriting, only parts of the project process book, while Xu Zheng Yu Zhenglong have to take it to do a cover-up counter, did not expect to Julie, this early as some material not only expose his premeditated , also told him an astonishing secret, Shen Jie peak the technical content of the plan to betray others! Shen Jie, Xu Zheng pressed catharsis has been to make life difficult for the difficulties of the people said. Xu Zheng,

16 set

of got The Friends A Lan manufacturing emotional illusion, in order to stimulate Shen Jie, forced her to run away to jump out of the pit of fire. Yuzheng Long and Julie realized that would not be able to suppress Xu Zheng, they secretly leaked peak Plan project process book, to manufacture the illusion of "Media Asia" manipulation of the stock market, forcing the stock suspension angry Chen Miles mandate under Xu Zheng tracing from the breach of confidentiality events. Undoubtedly to Xu Zheng put a yoke of, because the process of the book is that he stole.

first 17 episodes

of Shen Jie, Xu Zheng and Ah Lan stimulate much damage, ready to give up this feeling away from non-; Zheng Xu process Book leaks, planted to others, not only withdraw its role has also become the star of the company ; to overcome "Corning" won the NPC bid has been is Mr Miles adversity rebirth only hope, to this end, he had to come up with "peak plan" as a bargaining chip, which is Yuzheng Long desired results.

18 sets

the all the bedding has paid off, and Xu Zheng planning to the Yuzheng Long counterattack when Lin Gang, evidence exposing the fact that his book steal "pinnacle Plan project process. In order to avoid a thorough investigation of the Corporate Safety Xu Zheng, Chen Miles To force he sent away from the exit, but this time, Shen Jie in Julie secretly laid in Emergencies, Xu Zheng simply can not leave the set

19 Xu Zheng wanted to force go after Shen Jie, at all costs with Yuzheng Long Sike Unexpectedly, Shen Jie, is preparing to gamble unwilling thwarted but temporary exhumation ...... Shen Jie exhumation accident informed Xu Zheng Xu Hangzhou kidnapping "the real key evidence exist So he recklessly to fight back, even make the artifice lead Yuzheng Long lost bid, Chen Wanli elated! At this time, Shen Jie, but found that the so-called key evidence useless. set

20 layers under threat of Julie Xu Zheng thoroughly to Yu Zhenglong surrender and vowed to help him steal a peak plan, which completely Xu Zheng Jie Shen speech of a fight scene, because the love , they have decided to join forces to counterattack Yuzheng Long! But in fact, Yu Zhenglong not the behind-the-scenes boss of the kidnappers, since he made a scapegoat, just to secretly uncover the truth, at this time, Shen Jie, but seemed to have answers to planning from the 21 episodes of what

Shen Jie concocted a plan core data with peak plan "concocted to the Yuzheng Long in death. Xu Zheng Jie Shen staged a night raid independent district drama unexpectedly because of an accident of the midway, Shen Jie became the company