Josep Guardiola (Josep Guardiola i Sala, 1971 January 18, 2010 -), is a retired Spanish footballer, served as La Liga FC Barcelona coach. Guardiola's players career mostly spent in the Barcelona team, to help the team win the team first ever European Champions League in Cruyff's "Dream Team" era, in the last four years of the team He has served as a captain. Leave Barcelona respectively to join Brescia, Rome, A Heli (Al-Ahli) 迪圣拉诺亚 (Sinaloa) team. In April 2012, Guardiola of Barcelona to say goodbye, not to renew coach.

Josep Guardiola, Basalla Marcia yts the first batch of outstanding student, the early effectiveness Barca captain after joining Brescia, Rome, A Heli, 迪圣拉诺亚 team. After retiring as coach Barcelona two first, on June 14, 2008 served as Barcelona coach. Took office the first season led Barcelona won the champion of all participants in the contest, known as six-time winner! Thus creating Barcelona in the history of the era of a "dream" ---- "dream three times. Again led Barcelona football club was a five-time winner in 2011! (Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup, the European Champions League, the Spanish Soccer League, the Club World Cup) at 7:30 p.m. on April 27,

2012 years, FC Barcelona held a press conference, Guardiola announced not renew with Barcelona he will leave after the end of the season, and now assistant coach of the team, Villanova next season will be the Barcelona coach. evening of January 16,

2013, Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich official announced the former Barcelona coach Guardiola coached Bayern next season, he signed with Bayern 1 part of a three-year contract until 2016. the

on behalf of the national team: 47 appearances, 5 goals

European Cup: played 72 times, the three goals

European Cup: played 47 times, into a ball

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in Oriol.Tort efforts Guardiola June 28, 1984 from Gimnàstic de Manresa move to Barcelona. Joined Barcelona, ​​this is referred to as "the kid from the Santpedor to the people as a novice and experienced Barcelona team of all ages: from the youth team to the second team, and finally into a team. Cruyff gave him the first chance on December 16, 1990, his debut at the Camp Nou stage. 20-year-old, he had already become a Barcelona dream a dynasty indispensable in the Barcelona midfield consisting of the time by Laudrup Bake Luo txiki others which he has a place. Old captain Bake Luo retired, Guardiola shoulder the heavy responsibility of the team captain.

Guardiola between position in the field between the midfield and defense, under the command of Cruyff, Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal, coach, Guardiola are unshakable absolute main, this source Guardiola in the midfielder position has excellent bigger picture, as well as the ability to control the pace of the game, the team's offense and defense conversion hub. His personal technique is very solid, at any time through their own observations of the field situation and grasp the rational distribution of the ball, directing the team or by the middle, or by winger to attack; fairly accurate long pass, The team launched a rapid attack of a weapon; same time, despite his physical condition does not stand out, even some thin, but he has a very good defensive awareness, often good anticipation skills to intercept the opponent's offensive. In 1990's La Liga, Guardiola and Redondo are technical midfielder representatives, compared with the wind the ball more gorgeous latter Guardiola technology is less fancy, but very practical on the central role of the court is unparalleled. Cruyff was also praised: "Guardiola is a football field chess master!" No matter if the player or when the captain, Guardiola always team soul. He likes to command, like to express their views.

"4 players"

Cruyff became Barcelona coach, the Dutch hired a creative 3-4-3 Zhenshi started a revolution, but also to create a brand new football term - "No. 4 player . " the

Cruyff and Guardiola

, Cruyff was the world are playing 4-4-2 Zhenshi to deal with the other two forwards, three defenders enough! Add a player to the forward line, and let the backbone of a backcourt go midfielder assists, and he gave the position number is on the 4th. This position looks very simple on the player's request, do not need a big, strong body and a very superior technology, but very emphasis on speed, not the players running speed, but thinking speed, 4 players must catch the ball before has been designed passing lanes, in the shortest possible time, accurate football passed to the striker's teammates. 4 players do not need to have been running, but have been thinking, to have the talent and wisdom, broad-minded, quick thinking, focus on reading the game, control offensive and rhythm. well managed while

Guardiola can midfield, the ball can be made for the team scoring chances, "4" appears to be a defensive numbers, in fact, has a lot of offensive is charming place. Cruyff later Robson and Louis van Gaal liked Guardiola, the Spanish national team also copy the Barcelona routine. The "Marca newspaper deputy editor Segurola a hardcore fans Guardiola, he commented:" Guardiola is the continuation of Cruyff technical and tactical thinking on the court, he represents Cruyff set innovative, full of unexpected, creative, full of ornamental football philosophy. addition, he was a native of Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​La Masia youth camp masterpiece, a smart guy. "

melon Dior pull Barcelona Xavi, Iniesta this "4 player". Former Arsenal midfielder, now the main players Barcelona Fabregas said that he and Xavi, Iniesta and other players grow fully benefit from Cruyff left in the Barcelona youth academy 4 The field culture tradition; fame as Cruyff promoted up from the Barcelona youth team 4, Guardiola also the day 后法布雷加斯 et al worship idols and exemplary. Barcelona's No. 4 player with a cool head and a broader vision, imagination outstanding, covert and highly penetrating pass the steering wheel of the offensive line in Barcelona, ​​when necessary, they will become the line of defense before the first barrier. 4 players is the symbol of the "brain" of Barcelona, ​​these 4 players are real players playing with the mind, they show that the image of the wise. years

1992, 22 years old Guardiola was first elected to the national team, later due to injuries and the coaches select the reason he absence, respectively, a European Cup and a World Cup, involvement in the Spanish team in the contest on the downturn, he is just a gold Olympic gold medal, and a total of 47 appearances for the national team scored five goals. After 1997, the injury will often plagued Guardiola ,97-98 season he almost missed the entire season, has missed 98 of the World Cup, back from injury until the end of 1998. Guardiola

legend in the history of Barcelona, ​​played 17 seasons in Barcelona in total, during which won the Spanish league championship with the team, and in 1992 won the European Champions Cup and the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1997. Also won two Spanish King's Cup, two European Super Cups and four Spanish Super Cup captain in Barcelona for a long time, he was sent to the "King" nickname once he is an integral part of the club and the national team in field core. Barcelona football club in the history of the best in the 11-man roster, Guardiola the list as a midfielder.

Farewell Camp Nou

Nunez and the two Van Gaal strongman's departure, Guardiola has also entered the low period of his career: team scores increasing decline in the Spanish national team in the 2000 European Championship on underperforming. And clubs the upper as well as the team of internal contradictions, but also to make way for the younger generation, the captain finally decided to leave him whom contributed the youth home. Behind him, who's the greatest player in the history of Barcelona have created a long list of records: at Wembley to win the Champions League, European Cup Winners Cup, King's Cup, 2 European Super Cup, four times Spanish Super Cup ... record of six league trophy had only legendary figure Ramallets to have. In April 11,

2001 for all Barcelona fans are the most unpleasant day, the morning of the day after training Guardiola announced to everyone that he will leave Barcelona. Inheritance Nunez mantle of fact in Vegas Pat boarded the Club Chairman position Hounuokanpu king fell from grace, but true to quit when or caused great shock in Spain, many people gathered in Guardiola apartment door before begged him not go, "Josep, do not go, Josep us", the red and blue army fans worked up call, told of touching.

but between fate anxious, he lost a selected time, only to rush herself to Brescia. Unfortunately, most of the Spanish players did not go well, his days in the Apennine encountered inexplicable the doping storm "(prove innocence): In the beginning, turned to Rome style substandard has not got what opportunities Finally, only returned to Brescia. the In summer of

2003, in order to participate in the President campaign Basset played Gold partner brand Guardiola served as general manager Koeman as coach Guardiola also promised to its invitation, but the sudden emergence of the Laporta come from behind to be elected; despondency under Guardiola ultimately chose to leave the sad place, has to Qatar and Mexico Gold Rush, to continue his playing career. years

campaign so that he deeply tired, eventually, in November 2006, he decided to end his football career, retired Declaration He revealed eager to pursuing a career in coaching.

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1984-1990 Barcelona B team

1991-2001 Barcelona (268/6)

2001-02 Brescia (11/2)

2002 02 Rome

2002 03 Brescia

2003-05 阿尔阿赫利

2005-2006 ink 西哥多拉多斯

first international game: 1992 October 14, Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

coaching career (2007-2012 May 27)

2007-the the 2008 Barcelona Athletic (Barcelona second team)

2008-2009 Barcelona

2009-2010 Barcelona

2010-2011 Barcelona

2011-2012 Barcelona

coaching career

early as a player, Guardiola is red and blue army "field on the coach. " The experienced "dream team" brilliant former Barcelona captain, in the field in addition to play the role of "commander in chief" of the organization and scheduling offensive and defensive, but also to correct the errors of his teammates post moves, sometimes even under the Directive requires transformation formation. So, Although 2005 began to enter the Spanish Football Association coaching course are only get a coaching certificate in 2006, but still on the pitch for Barcelona Nanzhengbeizhan Guardiola had seen to his clear 's coaching future.

2007, Guardiola became the head coach of the Barcelona Atletico. His season before relegation back into the Third Division. He achieved quite good results: 28 wins, 9 draws and 5 losses. Playoff for Castillo and Baba stry game, his team progress Qiushi 9 0 ball success.

Guardiola led Barcelona Atletico is not at home to lose a game, defensive oppression, the use of the the stadium width of the offensive, make good use of the more distinctive positioning the ball and play features, Guardiola boys become more flexible and bold , trained team spirit. Comprehensive ability in the game can be reflected from the change in tactics, the team can smoothly evolutions from 343 to 433, no matter who we're playing. after

2008, Barcelona lifted Rijkaard coach duties, Guardiola officially served as the head coach of the first team. The club's the the 15 the Catalan nationality coach's goal is to end the plight of Barcelona the first two seasons of nothing. He still familiar 4-3-3 formation, which is familiar with the system, he did the players and coach as Barcelona Atletico. La Masia youth camp, melon handsome guide and support in one fell swoop Pique, Busquets, Pedro and training young teenager, and consolidate Iniesta's main position, which laid the foundation for the revival of Barcelona .

Guardiola is a meticulous coach, pay attention to the most minute detail. His assiduous spirit and personal sacrifice on the first team every step has a clear plan for everything in the hands of the tactical aspects, and strive to be perfect, every game he seriously study video, never considered the matter beyond the next game. He is a clever incentive for each player to play the best strength. This philosophy as he brings success, Barcelona completed a historic 2008-09 season, won the Spanish Copa del Rey, La Liga and the European Cup, creating Triple Crown miracle; subsequently led his unit won when Spain Super Cup, European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, creating unprecedented, after a six-time winner of the arrivals.

this great achievement Guardiola as do players and coaches after Cruyff and Sami Mohamad as Barcelona won the league title character. He is sixth in the legendary players and coaches identity for the European Champions Cup, and the creation of the first Triple Crown in the 21st century, a six-time winner in the history.

GMT April 2012 at 19:30 pm. FC Barcelona at the Nou Camp Ricard News convene a conference to officially confirm Guardiola this season contract expires no longer contract with the club. [1]

He teaches performance

at (Barcelona), Spain League championship (2009) Super Bowl the

(Barcelona) European Champions League (Barcelona), Spain King's Cup champion (2009)

(Barcelona), Spain (2009)

champion (2009)

(Barcelona) European Super Cup (2009)

(Barcelona) World Club Cup (2009) (known as six-time winner)

(Barcelona), Spain League champion (2010)

(Barcelona), Spain (Barcelona) Spain Super Cup (2010)

League championship (2011)

(Barcelona) European Champions League (2011)

(Barcelona), Spain (2011) Super Bowl champion

Marshal charisma (21) (Barcelona) World Club Cup, European Super Cup (2011),


(2011) (2011 achievements with Inter Milan in 2010 achievements together known as five-time winner)

May 13 (Barcelona) Spain King's Cup champion (2012)

2009 years Mestalla stadium in Valencia, Barcelona in the King's Cup final 4-1 win over Athletic Bilbao, the club in the history of the first 25 The times for the King's Cup, which opened the prelude to the six-time winner. May 16

2009 In the visitors' locker room in Mallorca, Barcelona 3 ahead of the La Liga title, this is a club in the history of the 19 league title. May 27

2009 years, in Rome's Olympic Stadium, Barcelona in the Champions League final 2-0 win over Manchester United won the third seat club in the history of the Champions League trophy, to complete the Triple Crown Albert. In August 23,

2009 Spanish Super Cup second leg at the Nou Camp, Barcelona 3-0 win over Athletic Bilbao, two round total score of 5-1 to win the championship, which is eight Spanish Super Cup Barcelona in the history of . Monaco Louis II Stadium on August 29,

2009 years, 2009 to 2010 UEFA Super Cup final last season's Champions League FC Barcelona 1-0 win over the last UEFA Cup champion Shakhtar Donetsk, Messi overtime assists Pedro into the only goal. This is the 3rd Barcelona won the tournament crown. Dec. 19

2009 years, the Club World Cup final to start competing in the Abu Dhabi Zayed Sports City Stadium, Barcelona Copa Libertadores champions Estudiantes of Argentina after extra 2 1 reverses achievement unprecedented six-time winner cup . May 16

2010 years (local time), the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, ​​home of tens of thousands of fans witnessed Barcelona in the league final round 4-0 victory over relegation Valladolid beat Real Madrid 99 The points record score for the league title. This is the highest score of the Spanish League since its inception in 1929, breaking the record of 92 points, created by Capello in 1996-97 season rate Real Madrid team won 20 league championship in club history. It is also 20 years, Barcelona won the 10 championship trophy. In August 22,

2010 Barcelona home 4 0 swept Seville, a total score of 5 to 3 comeback, nine times won the Spanish Super Cup in the club's history. Guardiola on May 12

2011 years, Basa Luo away 1 1 draw with Levante won the Spanish League title, ahead of two to achieve the La Liga three consecutive years May 29

2011 Barcelona in temperature Wembley Stadium 3 to 1 victory over Manchester United European Cup was 2010 to 2011 season. In August 17,

2011 Barcelona home 3-2 win over dead rival Real Madrid, the total score of 5 to 4 won the club's 10 Spanish Super Cup. In August 27,

2011 Barcelona Stadium Louis II in Monaco 2-0 victory over Europa League champions Porto won the club's first four European Super Cup, which is the 12 trophies Guardiola to coach Barcelona he first won two European Super Cup, the Spanish coach. In December 18,

2011 Barcelona in Yokohama, Japan, 4-0 victory over South American champion Santos Messi scored 2 ball, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas each scored. Barcelona became the first team twice won the Club World Cup teams, European teams won the 26th world champion, 13 championship since Guardiola Barcelona coach. In May 25,

2012 Barcelona Calderon stadium in Madrid, 3 to 0 victory over Athletic Bilbao, Pedro scored twice, Messi scored a goal. This is Barcelona history won the King's Cup champion 26 times. This is Guardiola to coach Barcelona 4 years 14 championship. The coaching philosophy


dry football in

need the desire for success, and this is not only reflected in the professional league. Even when you are a child and friends to play heads-up game, you have a more successful eager enough investment will be the loser. Inevitable challenges in the work, when you overcame a challenge to overcome the next challenge will be more. Difficulties? Then slap in the face to defeat the difficulties!


we can not put their hopes in the body of the other teams, everything depends on our own. Win, we pay is worth it. Lose, then there would be a price to pay. We need to go all out to ensure the leading position, everything depends on the efforts of the team. We know what to do, and strive to do the best, this is the secret of success.

the limit

I understand what requirements to the players, can not ask what. Coach to understand the players, the players will have limits. We shouted "beat all opponents to get all champions" slogan, but must not really think so. The players are aware of their demands in their ability, and I did not ask the players to do any thing beyond the capacity range.


often players ask me how to win, my answer is to do the best you on the line, which is very useful. I have been a player, I had painful lessons. If the coach is asking too much of the players, that there will be a problem, so I only ask the players to do things within the capacity. There are 70 games in a season to kick a player can not full time, my duty is to the rational allocation of players to cope better with the game.

the strategy


before the game, I will prepare the perfect plan, and then see how it works. Do the coach most enjoyable moment is to stay in front of a computer analysis of opponents, and arrange to take this out of the team's lineup. At this moment, I feel that my work is very meaningful.

the time

football game is not only just 90 minutes, I need a lot of time to carry out his research, in order to figure out what we have, I need to be in training to join what new elements, like pharmacists investigational new drug. What is most precious to them? Time, is the time.

White Manchester City rumors Although Mancini had emphatic in claiming their own to dump solid, but understand that people are aware of the original Manchester City just did not find a suitable big-name coach to replace the Italian., and Sun recently exposed Guardiola 100% in the summer to replace coach Mancini Manchester City, in the FIFA awards ceremony, melon handsome himself confirmed soon coming, it seems Mancini leave a foregone conclusion, in addition, Guardiola's annual salary is 10 million pounds , although the Abu 20 million paid the temptation Guardiola, but Pape or reject the invitation of the boss of the Blue Bridge, the new season will fully take over the blue moon!

leave Barcelona's Guardiola has become the hottest of today's football coach, rumors that Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, AC Milan, Bayern team interested, but at the end of last season, Guardiola has been did not stand until before Barcelona coach Vilanova illness to hospitalization, Guardiola only from the United States to return to Spain to visit, and then announced that he will be back coaching.

from the previous situation, Ferguson claimed he also coached 2,3 years, for the short term, Manchester United are not possible coaching change, and also have been rumors that Guardiola worried Abu patience, refused to give yourself too and more successful, melon Shuai not want to go to rushed coaching change, said the Chelsea Premiership team Manchester City may become the new owner of Guardiola analysis refers only Guardiola outside the Premiership The other league is not interested in after all the Premier League is now Europe's most competitive league.

Coupled with Manchester City in the poor performance of the new season, the Champions League once again ahead of the game, the league has fallen behind city rivals Manchester United up to 7 points, this season can not be further than last season, Mancini is likely the end of this season, fired away from the present situation, this possibility greatly.

while Sun has today disclosed Guardiola opportunity coached Manchester City next season 100% from Spain, reliable sources disclosed, the newspaper disclosed the insider's words: "Guardiola Manchester City the opportunity to coach this summer 100% Note that I said 100%, rather than 99%. "Previously Guardiola announced:" I will be next season again coached, but now where I'm going is clearly a lack of respect for other coaches. "

The newspaper also pointed out that, if Guardiola became the new coach of Manchester City, he will become Premiership coach of the highest paid of after-tax annual salary of 1000 pounds, he achieved great success in Barcelona, ​​melon Shuai also worthy of this treatment. [2]

coached Bayern Ticker on the early morning of January 17, Bayern Munich announced on its official website, the former Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola will formally served as head coach next season, the two sides will sign a three- year contract, the current coach Heynckes after leaving office at the end of the season.

Guardiola announced in the recent FIFA awards ceremony will be back next season, his new team has become a hot issue, and ultimately who led Barcelona to create brilliant coach of Spain to determine their next season to become the Bundesliga giants Bayern the new coach. after

Guardiola left Barcelona has been a lot of wealthy heart ideal coach, has been favored team Chelsea, AC Milan, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea burst of £ 20 million annual salary astronomical hire melon Diao La rumors, while AC Milan has also been invited Spain Marshal revival, Manchester City is Guardiola has been a popular place for. a the

Bayern this is also a chaser, it is learned yesterday, coach Heynckes notice Bayern will not be renewed, which Bayern made up my determination to chase Guardiola. "Bild" the first disclosure of the news the official Bayern then quickly issued a notice to confirm the success of the talks.

Guardiola also become a Spanish coach Bayern history. [2]

German giants Bayern Munich this morning announced on its official website, the former Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola will formally served as head coach next season, the two sides will sign a three-year contract, current coach Heynckes departure at the end of the season. Guardiola the end of last season, put down has been idle since Barcelona pointer European clubs including Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and other Spaniards were reported previously want to invite, but the gold medal the coach ultimately Whispering Bundesliga giant. [3]

decryption Guardiola voted the Bayern Guardiola to join Bayern (the official microblogging data) the news of La Liga (microblogging Topics) first frozen in time, as FIFA last one from the club's best coach, melon Dior pull whereabouts have been the focus of attention of world football. Jose Mourinho, the Bosque (microblogging), marshal of the first reaction is incredible, after all, a few days ago in Zurich, from the English Premier League (microblogging feature), special envoy of the club is still doing last-ditch effort, Abu out has signed a blank check for three months. So what exactly is what forces make Bayern completely conquered the hearts of Guardiola, everything from where to start? the Cup

2009, Guardiola rate away to Barcelona (the official microblogging data) challenges Bayern score is not important, but the tens of thousands of fans of the Allianz Arena is always engraved in his mind, "then we have been home 4 a 3-0 lead, but Bayern fans did not care that the songs have never stopped. they do not last, only cares about every minute of the fight, life and death coexist, with the team that day I was thinking, if there is day with such fans of the company is how lucky

Obviously, the first impress Guardiola Bayern fans, followed by Franz Beckenbauer, Rummenigge, Hoeness these guys name, as well as their For the life of football obsession. Guardiola's brother Pera told us that the first is Caesar persuade Guardiola to join Bayern, Beckenbauer sincerely tell Guardiola only Bayern will provide the maximum display space for his Only Bayern's culture will be compatible with his pursuit, because there is no venture capital from outside the football, but not beyond the power of football. , Guardiola has done in the past to ask Cruyff the Barcelona Godfather answer is very clear: "Those are the real football people" At this point, the of Guardiola hearts of these German giant from admiration become eager to whom crowd.

last one contributing Guardiola to make up their minds who played in the Bundesliga's best friend Raul, although the two from Real Madrid (the official microblogging data) and Barcelona, ​​but established a deep personal friendship, the two children will often gathering.