Luis Figo, the team played for Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Inter Milan. He is one of Portugal's golden generation of leaders, who won the FIFA World Player and European Footballer of the honor, and is an excellent playmaker. Retired on May 31, 2009. the

Figo's parents, Antonio Luis Figo with Maria if Anna and wife on July 17, 1971 in Lisbon, Portugal. November 4, 1972, Figo was born.

Maria if Anna was born September 2, 1949 from the small town 10 kilometers of the border city of Portugal and Spain, Orly Walesa Zhu Rumei Virginia families living on the land.

Antonio · Figo born April 20, 1943, Reagan Goss. In order to live his 11-year-old dropped out of school, once did the store clerk, has been dry to the 21-year-old, he came to the capital city of Lisbon armed police stationed Mission by conscription. Save enough money to realize their dreams after the age of 24, he returned to his hometown, to stay for another year clerk. Since then, he bid farewell to the homeland and go alone to Lisbon to seek a new life, and acquainted with fellow Maria if Anna inn Antonio Figo, she was dropping out of school into a garment factory.

two officially held on July 17, 1971, a church wedding, and soon gave birth to their first and only child - Luis Figo. Figo was born in Lisbon, St. George's Hospital, birth weight 4300 g, length 47 cm, dark green eyes. Young his parents named Louis Philip Madeira Caeiro Figo the surname is with his father, Luis Figo, the first name is the honor of my grandfather Louis, the second is dedicated to his godfather Philippines LEAP, third and fourth, respectively, on behalf of the mother and father of the family. Registered in December 1972 by the registration center of Lisbon, Figo, the registration number of the Series A 795,209 personal number 3230. Luis Figo (Figure 7),


Figo child's appetite is poor, just like fish and tomato rice, because his parents always skinny, malnourished than children of the same age, physique lot worse to worry about, most parents is unhappy he often playing in the streets. Of course, when Figo footwork is not very good, often break others windows. 7 years of age, he showed a preference for football, his father bought him a set of red jerseys, Figo did things a mother's surprise, he used their save pocket money to buy a pair of shoes!

love elementary school Figo, long hair, from time to time people mistakenly think is a girl, the memories of that period of time, Figo said: "Every barber I cry, I keep long blond hair is a character. Street soccer team, he is the main force, and the two idols - Portuguese Xia Lana and Argentine Diego Maradona. in Portugal,

only son is not much, but Figo's parents determined not to fertility, said: "Antonio and I clearly remember the hardships of life in their own childhood, although it did not starve, but always utterly destitute mother, Maria, if Anna empty-handed, and that makes us forced to leave home, away from their loved ones, to the field workers. both of us of wages, but only enough life, and hope for his son as much as possible to provide the basic conditions, even a little better, so never again to children . "

them from morning till night, so Figo very clear parents done a lot for himself, but he was not quite good at learning, mathematics, music scores are not good, like many other children, Figo fell in love with football it is not learning seriously. Father Antonio said: "I was always angry with him, warning that he did not seriously study the future will be like us, all day for a living busy, we believe that children should have a good life than their own, but this can only rely on his own but one day came to nothing few years, he has not been given a score I like to see. "

10-year-old point Figo has started first love, the girl of the same cell Ruth Figo home and handed him an envelope, which is a love letter, of course, this is not the Figo injured heart, Figo cousin Paula said: "Although Figo grew up shy, but his natural simply makes him very attractive, he has a unique solution in A World of girlfriend. "

teenager father, Antonio, see Figo mood to study, the only three blocks away from their home 帕斯蒂利亚 club is responsible for people to talk about it. arrange the Figo idea of ​​the Training Course, this year 12-year-old Figo, can be registered in accordance with the provisions of Portugal, he got his wish to join the Football Association of the Stuttgart Baltic region under the Portuguese Football Federation, the time of the 1984-1985 season.

Figo quickly put on his life as a set of formal uniforms: a white T-shirt, red shorts and red and white socks. Participate in district-level league club, but does not have its own stadium, game Heikki district court wherever he goes accounted poor coach had to take the children four guerrilla, not in an indoor stadium in the wild carried out in the warm-up or pass the training, the situation is quite sad.

Figo recalls: "It was a not a happy event, when we played Stu Barr Junior Section League, I remember every game is going to lose at least 10 balls, team morale is very high, it must be admitted playing pretty bad throughout the season to win a game, it is Rama benign Adams team wins, but it is not surprising, and we do not have proper training, each home game are traveling all I was hit by the avant-garde team minimum than the other children are small 1-year-old, after playing the game after coach total take us to drink from the bottle of drink, eat a sandwich, and I'm happy very sensitive. "

home team was forced to disband the team scores too poor, but also because the club improper operation, lack of financial support, the team responsible for the Luis Figo (Figure 8)

people never want every weekend four ask for help so that the team can play in a block of venues decent So decided to suspend the football program, but retained to organize the carnival procession, dance, and indoor soccer.

Later, in Figo left after the sixth year, in December 1991, this small club ushered in the most ambitious since the establishment of the scene: hundreds of guests came to be celebrated the Figo in and award, but the club is simply content not so many people, most of them had to stand outside on the road. Said the club main Xiweituoer Oliveira, "Qiu Bao: 1985 Figo with the team and I play football, he was short and thin, I was kicked back, he is not to my shoulder Although he is the smallest team age and head, but he protects the ball. ability amazing, everyone off not down. "Figo to the club scene presented three jersey: 12 years of age used 帕斯蒂利亚team uniforms, Sporting uniforms and the Portuguese national team jersey. The Figo the disappearance of

帕斯蒂利亚 team changed the fate, and soon he registered to Lisbon Athletic Training Course father Antonio recalls: the person in charge of the "club 帕斯蒂利亚 and I talked about them with Sporting Lisbon The team will soon reach an agreement, the latter paid 20,000 rupiah (about 100 U.S. dollars), Portuguese Luis Figo. "

edit this paragraph athletic career club career Memorabilia joined Sporting Lisbon began his career in June


1990 Barcelona then world record $ 20 million transfer fee record July

2000, was the highest in the world worth $ 56.9 million transfer from Barcelona the Real Madrid

2005 move to Inter Milan

2009 years May 31 retired generation superstar unless Verdy.

joining the Sporting

Figo and cousin Miguel are arranged in Lisbon, Atletico Junior second team, the coach is a 35-year-old Barr Nabisco, the effectiveness of the team from 1961-1968. Barr Nabisco also clearly remember the first day of the Figo to: "That afternoon, they led a less than 1.4 meters and a maximum weight of 30 kg child, he was extremely shy, but I like that he can The ball is glued to the look of the feet, I said to myself: 'This could be a diamond preforms' "

Barr Nabisco is a very patient coach, when his men have 53 children, eight of whom is the goalkeeper. "We train four times a week, from 18:30 to 22:00 and more, I looked at those kids understand that they made a little sacrifice, to train more than three hours after class, we need to do homework, eat dinner, and the next day had to get up at 7:00 to go to school, but I think this is their future first torture must go through to become a good professional player. "He was even more painful is that the majority of children must be eliminated," Sporting team tryout children each year over 2000, we can not, only time and time again screening, every time I went to say 'do not come back', and my heart is very uncomfortable. "

Figo special Barna Pui neither eliminated in the first week of him, there is no description in the second and third weeks, but did not let him into the team officially. Figo said: "I was at 17 o'clock every day to leave the house, take a bus, transfer across the river ferry, sit bus or subway to the stadium." He can not stand away and spent four hours a day commuting money, so the courage to find a coach, Barr Nabisco finally decided to let him stay, from Figo officially join this famous "Lions" club to pay for his transportation and other costs, the parents are relieved. primary team during the

1986/1987 in

season, new coach Carlos Parreira took office, he attaches equal importance to Figo. January 4, 1987 in the ninth round of the League of Qana Texas team, Luis Figo scored four of the team 12 goals. 14 days later, he ushered in the first major honor in the life: coach of the captain's armband to him, "Sports Daily" reporter David Sekera campaign also reported full pages, some wrote: Sporting teams have excellent individuals, including smart captain Luis Figo. March 21

1987 years, they scored 151 of Qiushi 2 ball perfect record into 18 war Lisbon Region League Final, 4-0 eliminated Benfica champion. The Figo retain clippings, photos. Subsequent June 12, they compete for the national title with Porto team game Figo received a yellow card, but to help the team win 3 to 1, won the the Portugal Junior League National Laurel. Throughout the season Figo into the 16 goals in 32 games, to attract all eyes. He logical upgrade for the youth team of Atletico. of years

1987/1988 the beginning of the season is in neighboring Spain, Figo abroad for the first time, they were invited to participate in the International Friendship Cup Vargas, although all the way to clinch the title, but Figo was her first negative more serious injuries, sprained his right ankle, swollen scary, even came to a root cause. "From then on I always feel there are quite sensitive, sometimes running excessive ankle fatigue the the uncomfortable taste simply no words can describe." Competitive youth team this season to participate in the National League Southern Division Group C round robin, Figo, Figo said: a new career: penalty kick, he shows the character of high quality shooter and the courage to take responsibility.

from eight games from December 1987 to February 1988, he punished in nine penalties the entire season Figo into 20 goals in 39 games. A lot of time in the 1988/1989 season Figo was Portugal youth team coach Queiroz vocation to go and take up, but he still shows excellent state, in the first six games in the league, not forward-spot The goal, the end of the season, a total break 17 times and missed half of the game. occupation of

17-year-old player

1989/1990 season Figo truly enter the ranks of professional players, it sounds just like a lie, because he was only 17 years old, should be on the secondary school age! But Figo is indeed done something unimaginable: a children and teenagers to participate in the national professional league, he not only did not complain about the environment, changes in competition system trouble, but also with its standards, courage and personality in the first year has been team affirmed.

League first round match against Estoril Figo scored his trademark goal: start with the ball from midfield, left side, wading all come interdiction opponent the bottom left corner of the frontier closed area right foot volley into the door. Also selected for the National Youth Team, he played only 29 league games, broke 15 times. first professional contract in

Sporting Lisbon youth team and played two seasons after Figo was only first team coaching staff fancy selection up the then coach Raul Agusta Aspen. April 1st

1990 years, Figo staged his debut in the Portuguese League, was against Mali Di mo team, "I thought no chance to play, suddenly coach so I got up and warm up" Figo recalls. "In fact, I do not feel nervous, because she longed for this day has been for many years, everything came so go with the flow, I stood up from the bench, ran back and forth along the sideline, away from the end of the game 3 minutes left , our team of 2 to 1 lead, I was scheduled to play. 1.5 million people in the stadium stands, everything is clearly printed on my mind ". After the match, Figo debut meglumine actually was drawn to doping control. Shortly after a weekend Agusta Aspen coach boldly inform Figo he will start the match, but Figo's mother treasured was playing the No. 6 jersey. World Youth Championship after coronation by the

1991 July that the Portuguese team, Sporting Lisbon and finally with Figo officially signed a professional contract, for a period of three years. This is Figo in the years after the devotion to football in the first to see a little more money, or a little value, but also let Benfica staring at his dead heart. "But the beginning of the Sporting Lisbon I intend to be leased to the League sports teams, so that I can maintain the state in the case of not playing but thank Perez coach, he gave me an opportunity. early

professional teams

Marley Mourinho Perez is the coach of the year (1991) Sporting Lisbon (Brazilian) coach who has extraordinary vision of an eighteen-year-old boy, was actually reuse Portuguese League is very hard.

Peres, Unsurprisingly, Figo Brazilians skills, the physique of the German and Figo focused on technology, speed, passing, shooting, physical, confrontation .... To be honest, I was as coach need only consider the 10 individuals selected outside Figo, he is unshakable. " Indeed, Figo has been the name of the first, or even almost all's ready for 90 minutes. 14, he scored the first goal in Portugal A, was Balakov to pass the ball to score.

but unfortunately did not last long, and the club did not renew with Perez, Luis Figo is the first time in the match with Guimaraes eat red end. In May 1992, the former England coach Bobby Robson took office, location arrangements Figo is firmly fixed in the right half, and the reporter said publicly that should Feige Pei develop a shooter.

this Figo the dumbfounding said: "I was 12 years old playing football so far, and have never encountered this situation, he said want me scorer, fate seems to open a big joke in the entire season 32 games of the game, I actually for the first time with a ball did not scored, just unbelievable. "but Robson is still confident that he" blindly "However, as in the UEFA Cup game, Sporting Lisbon 2-0 win Salzburg, Austria, and away but lost 0 3 has been eliminated, Robson was sacked immediately.

thereafter took over Figo's mentor Queiros, "I can not deny Kairos I as a key figure in the major turning point of the professional players from the amateur band, is the most important thing in my life coach, I respect his admiration for him, in addition to guidance on the pitch, he is also friendly to have in life plus like their parents care about us. "

like gratitude, Figo quickly launched into six balls, Queiroz still seriously pointed out his shortcomings: "I see him the ability to impact, therefore specialized experts for his muscular endurance, strength training, He also knows how everyone painstakingly practiced your life. obviously entangled with guard, we give emphasis to his header, this is one of his weaknesses, jumping ability and waist and abdominal muscles are made I arranged progress he stood before the point in the team's penalty corner, which is headed to his trust. "

joined after The Serie Dream into empty

the tempered, Figo and finally became a faintly glowing Diamond in addition to the league in grades rose, the 1994/1995 season in the UEFA Cup on his home Sporting 0 1 2 1 eliminated by Real Madrid away, but has shown strong potential, Cruyff, Koeman are seriously observe the game, agreed that "the right half is impressed, extraordinary tremendous pressure to the opponent, then I ask Bake Luo, he immediately said: certainly Figo.

This year they won the Portuguese Cup, this is the first prize in the team of 13 years. Coincides with the time, Paul Sousa broker José Vega introduced to Figo young broker is responsible for, and lean, Figo hired him as their own brokers, this person really vision, he understands Sporting Lisbon to Figo's contract conditions is much lower than his actual worth doubling up salary, club owners the Sintra reluctant money was required, but the Serie A giants Juventus are pleased to come to the negotiations, Figo excitement was difficult to restrain, he know the first component: European champions can think of me, I was really flattered, I signed a letter of intent on a document that is not prescribed conditions did not require the formal signature of the time limit. Sintra President does not like like I'm so young players to contest with him, appeared in the media a lot of fake guess talk nonsense, but later found to Juventus privately agreed to pay in order to get the I to the Sporting hundreds million U.S. dollars transfer fee, but the President without telling me. "

then there Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain, Monaco team also joined the ranks in bidding, but Parma was a relative latecomer, club general manager Parr tole Los personally come Figo out not only attractive economic conditions, but also to ensure that the plan Figo chance to play as well as the club aims to win Figo did not say two words to sign a formal contract, he thinks with Juventus signed only a letter of intent is not legally binding.

January 1995, the media began calling Figo Sporting traitor ", February 1, Figo announced the matter, the result siege to go more than 20 fans, and hit him on the Honda cars, "This is a deeply sad moment in my life, never occurred to me has always been close to them would start, the home I was angry, sad, and wept, and felt so helpless, no one understands as I just want to protect their own interests, to ensure the future of personal players I love with Sporting Lisbon, they do not want to give me a reasonable condition, which makes me extremely painful conscience ". Figo said.

but it is not the Figo hardest bitter Bianconeri did not stand idly by, they first opened exactly the same conditions with Parma, but Figo refused, so they share a letter of intent submitted to the Italian Football Federation, At the same time served Parma's contract, the Football Association judged Figo will be punished and not allowed to join an Italian club after two years.

memories of her terrible experience, Figo said: "I think the world collapsed in front of me, and Italy will not go, Sporting Lisbon can not stay, no team would dare to want me in Portugal, which means the future from the end it? Fortunately broker Vega and Parma general manager 帕尔托莱洛 consolation I said: two years must help me find a big club in Europe for so many years, I have never encountered such good intentions like 帕尔托莱洛person, he involves large sums of money transactions humane concern for others, I kept in my heart the good memories.

transfer the Barcelona

Vega immediately proceed to Barcelona during the study Figo

knew nothing about the Spanish club, and found that only two teams can consider: Real Madrid and Barcelona. He flew to Madrid to meet with Real Madrid president Mendoza, the other is very warm, understanding the situation of Luis Figo, willing to help, and can same Parma agreement, but all costs are required by Uruguay trading. Vega back to tell Figo: "I feel a little bad, Lisbon to Madrid, just a stone's throw, and they are not going to the South American trading tens of thousands of kilometers away, the middle of the fee in the end who is going to make it?" So him to Barcelona to meet strangers Barcelona vice-chairman Vegas Pat (Barcelona's former chairman), I do not know why this person has made a life most bold and quick decision, a few minutes on the final decision of Figo's transfer matters The contract covers a wide range the Barcelona first payment of 325 million pesetas of Sporting Lisbon, Figo transfer after two years if Barcelona intends to have its right to transfer, you need to Parma compensation of 200 million pesetas.

first transfer abroad Figo has experienced life Shen volts, he know how to cherish life, cherish the opportunity. In Barcelona, ​​by virtue of the technology, personality, charm, he became the idol Barcelona Camp Nou, the king, three coach Cruyff, Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal spoke in praise of him, in addition to the injury, he's ready for almost Barcelona all the games.

move to Real Madrid In July

2000, Figo made a decision of their own life, 5610 Real Madrid during the Figo

million dollars worth of the world at that time a move to Barcelona sworn enemy, Spain, other giants Real Madrid. Move to there soon, Figo on to help the team get the Toyota Cup and Super Cup.

transfer inter on August 3rd

2005 years, Figo officially by Spanish Royal Horse Inter Milan during the the Figo

Delhi, transfer to Italy Inter Milan. [1]

Under the contract, Figo first season of the annual salary of 3.4 million euros, the second season for 3.5 million euros. Real Madrid not to obtain a copy of any transfer fee to Inter Milan. Even so, Real Madrid can also save a transfer fee of 12 million euros last season left and Figo. Real Madrid from FC Barcelona in the 2000 - 2001 season with € 60 million acquisition of Luis Figo, the contract period of five years, the average annual transfer fee of 12 million euros. the

international career to participate in contest events


the behalf The team

jersey number

the world less competition in a small country


Portugal team


World Youth Championship


Portuguese National Youth Team


European Cup




European Cup




World Cup




Europe Cup




World Cup




Memorabilia on October 12

1991 years, the national team at the warfare Portugal 1-1 Luxembourg

1992 years in November, Portugal 2-1 in Bulgaria, the first time for the Portuguese national team goal

2000 in the Netherlands, Belgium is jointly organized by the European Cup semi-finals

2002 years, the World Cup team was eliminated, the golden generation vanished world football

selected for the National Youth Team

1988 October 19, Figo faster than the 16-year-old

Luis Figo (18 Zhang)

day a few days ago, the Portuguese national team to Sporting Lisbon team sent by fax, require Figo a few days to go to the 16-year-old youth team report, participate in training and games. Figo also treasure share fax originals, wrote: "on October 22, 1988 19:30 report go to Lisbon, the INTERCON · TINENTAL hotel, be sure to bring sneakers, ID card and have parents signature agreed to let his son go abroad game statement. "Figo's life

somewhere as if doomed inextricably linked with the Spanish national team debut, he loggerheads with Spain, Spain Alfonso Yueer Di, Flores players. Unfortunately, the Portugal team ball small negative, but the Spanish media that was 15-year-old boy has been so dribbling, extraordinary ability, is really impressive.

Queiroz also see that, since then he almost never let Figo missed a game, and tries their best to this group of outstanding young Rui Costa, Joao Pinto (team Paul Sousa, Cappuccio now claim to fame players) explain, teach soccer tips, tactics, and philosophy, his subtle changing the way of thinking of the children.

won in World Youth Championship

1989 years, has been named to the Portugal national youth team Figo's only task is to campaign Youth Championship in Europe under the age of 16, he became acquainted with many of the later fame players in this arena, such as the French goalkeeper Du Telu El, later in Barcelona became teammates. However, with the French team game, Figo rescue accidentally own goal, his national team first and only own goal. Figo said: "I feel terrible, full of guilt, I think they should be responsible for the team's defeat. Determination: henceforth no longer make the same mistake I see repeated recorded for this phase, lessons learned. "

later wins over Romania, the Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, Scotland. The final 4 to 1 victory over the powerful West Germany, they conquered Europe, took home the trophy Portugal. However, in this period of time, Luis Figo in Benfica, FC Porto team-mate has a pretty good subsidies, while Sporting Lisbon because of financial difficulties, a 16-year-old child, he certainly feel particularly lost and feel The value does not reflect.

take advantage of Benfica said he is willing to provide attractive two-year contract, he of course signed. So the two big clubs in the Portuguese capital's most famous wrangling happens Sporting election out the new master Xixintela, he determined to retain Figo, Benfica grounds that contract complaint to the Football Association, in 1989/1990 before the war of the season, the Football Association formally initiate an investigation Figo signed two contracts case, the final judgment of the Figo suspended for 45 days, effective contract with Sporting Lisbon. History has proved that Figo can always provoke a contradiction between the most influential club, and more than once, with many clubs signing it later recurring.

huge youth team brilliant from the June 14, 1991 to 30, FIFA organized the Eighth World Youth Championship, coach Queiroz convened 18 players expedition, including the backbone of the national team Figo, Rui Costa, Xavier (the 2000 European Cup semi-final handball deadly shootout Portuguese French team beat the defender), Joao Pinto, Paul Sousa. This session of the World Youth Championship held in Portugal mainland Portugal youth team every game 3-50000 audience, in the 2-0 victory over Argentina battle Figo although did not score but still rated the best audience. "Qiu Bao wrote:" This is what level he is the soul of the team, driving the team to victory. "Kiskiskis

Next they beat South Korea, Mexico, Australia, the second time in a row to enter the World Youth Championship final Prior to 1989, Portugal has won the championship. Needless to say, the two best