Como in northern Italy the Alps city. In the southern end of Como Kosai, 40 km north of Milan. A population of 95,000 (1981). The silk industry has a long history (since 1510), which bears the world famous, otherwise electrical appliances, silverware and porcelain enamel industries. Leading to the Swiss railway intersection and the tourist center. City Hall, built in 1215, the 14th-century marble church Gothic and Renaissance buildings, the National Institute of Silk and silk Institute. location

: Como, the emblem

latitude 45 degrees 49 minutes, longitude 9 degrees of 5

Administrative Region: Lombardy population

: 83,016 (2004)

population density: 2,117/sq km

ZIP code: 22100

telephone numbering : 031

Mayor: (Stefano Bruni), 2002 May 28, 2010

Como Como provincial capital, there are more than 2,000 years of history, is one of the Lake District's largest city. Around the lake, winding and steep lakeside highway, many small towns of the lake connected. the

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Como silk town of Italy, Como Maserati the Foundation Collection Pina 40,000,000 silk piece-like, of which a considerable part from China can be said to be a Ministry of the complete history of silk. history

early in the 13th century, exports to other European countries, it still is one of Europe's largest center of silk, now most of the silk from China, but Como locally produced silk, regardless of texture, materials, workmanship, or dyeing are world first class, these precious and exquisite silk top luxury brand in order, are sold near Milan, farther away in Paris, London, across the Atlantic in New York, appeared in countless gorgeous scarf and dress each year, the number is not Qing silk here is designed to be processed into high-end clothing, Como is a beautiful and poetic as silky place. Silkworm is one of the world's most snobbish insects, "Moli Zi the mantra (MoritzMantero):" They can eat anything, but only eat mulberry leaves to silk. "Mo Lizi famous Italian silk products company ManteroSetaSpA The successors of the third generation, the company is also the largest Como Silk Company. Beginning in the 14th century, the sericulture industry spread from China to Italy, Rooting Development in Como, despite heavy sericulture industry after World War II left Como back to China, but the final stages of the silk weaving stayed, and the development of more and more refined tip.

development in this small town of less than 90,000 population, there are 800 companies for the production of silk, and other senior textiles business involves production, printing, dyeing, design and sales. Como, incredible local population support such an industrial scale, the work in the factory is 23000 Como, Como, produced 4400 tons of silk products in 2007, if you have a famous brand scarves, neckties, T-shirt or shirt from Armani to Zara, it is likely to come from the Como silk. the

concept because rising labor costs, a large number of silk production shifted to China, now retained in Como, the most high-end design and product. This means that each year in the 2-3 classic collection design or product directly to the stores like Chanel (Chanel) this brand. Moli Zi said: "the world's most talented designers like Versace (Versac), Pula (Prada), the Rove Loren (RalphLauren) These brand designers they claim is the most rapid, full range of services , Federation of Italian silk manufacturer in China is too far away from them, and also not keen, unable to meet the taste of luxury brands vagaries of other top brands order quantity is relatively small, is not suitable for production scale in China. " "The service is not just a commercial activity, or a culture, Como suppliers fully understand the language and culture of the designer, often not only their design, the Secretary-General (ItalianSilkAssociation) quarter Du teta: Mandy (GuidoTettamanti), Como also designed

into Yin Kemo Italian silk are reasons: First of all, there is plenty of fresh water resources, Lake Como is the deepest lake in Europe, is also very abundant melt water of the northern part of the snow-capped mountains; Secondly, very wide distribution of mulberry leaves planted farms, mainly in the Po River Valley in the south. Mulberry itself is a species originating from Italy, often split farms and farm planting of these two factors makes Como to become natural sericulture base. Of course, like Como people think that there is a third reason, that is the the providential beauty and climate, associated with the city in the fjord, throughout the year at the Mediterranean climate, the edge of the bay dotted with built in the 16th century to the 19th century beautiful villas and manor, here is paradise on earth never before, the silk industry and wonderful architecture to become part of the lifestyle of the city, Como culture is silky beauty culture.

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Como and Lake Como for hundreds of years has been to attract large numbers of tourists, many of whom are very wealthy, a large number of villas and manor concentrated from the city can be seen, these The luxurious building backs onto the mountains around the lake, someone once said, with the windows one can see Lake Como is the luckiest thing the lake beauty like a scene in the movie, in fact, including "Star Wars II" a lot of the movie is shooting on location in Como. Nobles like Como tradition began in Roman times. Pliny the most famous Italian

natural historian Japan Pliny the Younger, was born in Como, which Pliny the Younger built two villas here, were named as a "tragedy" and "comedy";

volts (Volta) city tomb Scientists volts (Volta), the battery's inventor was born in Como, his name became voltage units are largely unknown. Como

Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci to many times, and the scenery here is reflected in many of his paintings.

day bit farmers have side shield fig tree production, would like to draw a painting above, so please up to the father to the city painter painting. But his father had him to the Leonardo da Vinci, want to try his Painting. Da Vinci decided to paint a thrilling, it is hope born the shield face painting for fear reaches the surface of the shield effect. He first read a few books about ghosts and goblins, and then start thinking. One day, he remembered the legends of Greek mythology, the banshee Maidu Sa inspired. She is a Medusa face of fierce ugly, Koupen the flame, the hair is a viper, her eye of the saw can make people rigid as stone. Leonardo da Vinci is not only to collect information banshee, but also the use of a number of small animals, they are hidden in a not allowed others to enter the room, integrated image he began to depict them, due to the ongoing work even small animal corpses are rotting stink, he was unaware of. Bishop

Gallio Gallio Bishop in 1568 (CardinalTolomeoGallio) built the villa in the lake (Villad'Este) is the most famous of this Renaissance-style building was first built in the right side of the lake only a part, by the then most top architectural design home design in 1815, it fell to the hands of the German Princess Caroline, The princess spent five years time the expansion of the villa, the construction of a library, a theater as well as a huge hillside garden, you can organize large-scale dance. Villa became a hotel in 1873, received too many world celebrities, including the Windsors, the famous director Alfred Hitchcock, and now guests per night room rate to pay more than $ 1,000, including a large number of Hollywood stars and American Business giant. From the beginning of the 19th century, one after the famous literati not stingy with the most beautiful verses and words describe the beauty of Lake Como, including Stendhal, Shelley and Wordsworth. "I ask myself whether this is a dream/it will disappear fast in the air/earth they really so extreme beautiful lies", which is a famous American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow described Lake Como ink; Liszt, Bellini and Wei Verdi had in the lake composer; Churchill's favorite resort after World War II, he had to paint for a lakeside villa. Konrad Adenauer, the first Prime Minister of Federal Republic of Germany after World War II, always like to come here in the summer. Today, a new generation of celebrities gathered at the lake of Como, the most famous Hollywood actor George Clooney, in recent years, he has purchased two villa in Como lake Some even has begun Lake Como changed "Clooney Lake, was also already a famous ferry was renamed" George Town "seaplane club people with special guests from the air to see the movie star villa.

Clooney settled in Como lake also attracted a large number of Hollywood stars, guests and potential villa buyers, an Italian newspaper statistics, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Richard cloth Ransom (RichardBranson), and re-elected Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the purchase of a villa in Como lake. Como person with mixed feelings to witness it all changes, they welcome the fresh hot money into the revival of local real estate, hotels and museums, but poured into the process as well as the star of Gentrification means sacrificing some quiet and originally easily transport more The frightening thing is the local real estate prices skyrocketing. the

edit this paragraph, a famous scenic Lake Como the museum it Como

climate and lush vegetation resources renowned climate is warm, humid, this climate to promote lush growth of plants. A variety of Mediterranean plants: cypress, laurel, camellias, azaleas, magnolias and cacti; South ferns, conifers, such as cedar and orange trees along the shore flourish. And in other protected wetlands Health Changzhaoxuduo tropical and subtropical plants. Some famous international movie also more in the viewfinder, many famous historical events. Also appeared in many parts of the world by the name of Lake Como, the construction, landscape architecture, such as the Australian representative building Como mansion, called his best romantic and luxurious as possible the design of the beautiful Lake Casino Hotel in Las Vegas The concept is taken from the beautiful views of Lake Como. Some great historical value and architectural value of the lakeside villa is the most attractive place, and many celebrities of the United States and Europe are proud to have a Lake Como villa, we need to learn from the humanistic values. English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem "over all of the United States" do not need their own advertising language invented. Potential buyers will be able to buy a villa because of the wealth they own, want to own a certain social status, and enhance the social status of material support. Many people are not satisfied This house is in the villa itself, among them there are a lot of people have traveled all over the world, history and culture of Europe and the United States to understand, or longing to understand, and can even have. A historical meaning and cultural connotation, residential quality pedigree "of their attractiveness to be larger than the" cheap "purely residential.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Lake Como the loudest fame, to the number of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. This by the hotel magnate StephenWynn cost $ 1.7 billion to build casino "most romantic hotel night more than a thousand fountains sashay Ballet water dance", is said to creativity is from the elegant views of Lake Como. (Bellagio) Bella

Bella Kok Kok is a small town of Como's most famous and also the shores of Lake Como town to attract tourists. Its name from the Italian bi-lacus, "is located between two lakes. Because of the confluence is located in the two legs of the word, the unique location it has unusually broad perspective, climb up the hill behind can see around the entire lake and around the town, said the fine weather when you can see Milan's cathedral, and even border STMicroelectronics Europe first peak of Mont Blanc. Bella angle is a typical Italian town, narrow, winding gravel paths, stone walls, covered with vines and beautifully decorated shop. Town of cobblestone alleys, built by the mountain, the stairs lined gift shop, wine cellar and small restaurants. The town has two famous villas, the Serbelloni villa (Villa Serbelloni) and Melzi villa (Villa Melzi). The latter used to be a famous politician Napoleonic era villa Melzi, Villa's garden filled with lush vegetation, dotted with marble statues and Arab-style pavilion. Villa

巴比安内罗 the (Villa Balbianello) 巴比安内罗 Villa (Villa Balbianello) is Lucas' Star Wars film beautiful garden.

Tremezzo Tremezzo (Tremezzo) has two parks: Comunale Park (Parco Comunale) and more refined Carlotta Villa Park (Villa Carlotta). Carlotta manor (Villa Carlotta) was built in 1690. Carlotta, is a beautiful woman's name, the manor is her mother gave her dowry. Lake white house is now changed to a small museum, which has a collection of the works of Italian sculptor Antonio Oka Nova (Antonio Canova) copy version of the Love and Psyche (the real thing in the Louvre in Paris).

Este (Villa d'Este) This manor house built in 1568 has been converted into the most luxurious hotels in Italy. Many chateaux of the shores of Lake Como are too large, when the road was forced to split in two, one side is a beautiful lakeside scenery, the other side is lush flowers and trees in the back garden, the middle of a small stone bridge across the street.

Bella island (Isola Bella), also called "beautiful island" Charlie III in the 17th century began construction naming his wife Isabella's name. Island is not very big, in order to take full advantage of the space, carefully designed, the whole island gardens and palaces share full. Garden accounted for most of the island, piled ten square podium, like the legendary Hanging Gardens. The most splendid buildings in the garden is gorgeous Baroque style water theater, the front covered with caves, each cave decorated shells, statues. Island behind the Bologna Mayo Palace (Palazzo Borromeo), typical of the Lombardy Baroque style, after several centuries built looks like now.

Taranto Villa (Vilia Taranto), built in 1831, the most famous is its Botanical Garden. The villa is Scots Neil Maceachren, (Neil McEacharn), in 1931 from the semi-abandoned state rescue, he replanted in the garden around the world thousands of rare flowers, shrubs and trees.

Stresa (Stresa) luxury hotel is located in the lake. Its back against the tall Alps, palm trees and orange trees lakeside walkways, lush garden and nearby Boluomeiai of the beauty of the island is well known for. Has a lush lakeside gardens are Carlisle Villa and Villa Pallavicino is worth a visit.

Varenna (Varenna) the other side of town at the Bellagio. The lush woods Qipuleixi Villa (Villa Monastero), this is the seat monastery was built in 1567 on the basis of alterations of.

edit this paragraph the famous campuses Milan Polytechnic University the Como the campus

the shores of Lake Como villas

Campus Lecco campus and tried to carry out a new channel, and the establishment of an undergraduate professional - ICA (Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale Civil and Environmental Engineering) professional, it enables students to master a broader knowledge of related fields, enabling them to IAT (Ingegneria per l'Ambientale e il Territorio, Environment and Land Engineering) professional with IC (Ingegneria Civile Civil a better understanding of engineering) professional, able to further education in two areas of expertise. In addition, civil and environmental professional degree with the world top schools (such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and London's Imperial College) professional courses of the same name is the same set. Has the:

Management Engineering (L'ingegnere gestionale), Computer Engineering, furniture Object Design (Design dell'arredo) professional. edit this paragraph Travel Guide in

traffic Como in northern Italy, from the fashion capital of Milan, only about half an hour's drive.

lake town pier, ferry and speedboat exchanges during the transportation is very convenient. The main routes of Como - in Kerikeri, Bei Laqiao - Lecco. Visitors can also rent a speedboat to the various locations of the Lake District. the

lake amphibious small tourist aircraft, with sweeping views of the lake, the fare is more expensive.

sightseeing in the east of Como, hiking tram, boarded the 713-meter-high hilltop, overlooking Lake Como.

Como Lake District covered with dozens of elegant environment, a rural town, is full of interesting buildings. Mediterranean plants lush growth, around the top of the mountain there is snow. Piazza Cavour along Lake Como, where the church has been recognized as a model of architectural history during the changing of style.

shopping the the Kokomo mountains

Mo Lake in Italy and throughout Europe silk center. San Fedele Square antique market in Como town center. Via Vittorio Emanuele (Victoria Street), the most famous and the most frequented visitors to the silk shop is full of high-quality silk products, the price is very cheap. Here, I spent 2 euros to buy a quality scarves, colors, and styles are very chic. Some brand-name scarves may be slightly flawed, but generally the naked eye is not out. The hotel

Como Hotel

of the hotel is a non-building type building, with 86 rooms, designed services for business and leisure travelers. Each room upgrade with air conditioning, hairdryer, TV, mini-bar. In this hotel located in Como, excellent equipment and services such as laundry, dry cleaning, restaurant, room service, disabled facilities, childcare services, facilities construction in 1972 and in Como tourist areas, hotel in traditional style To find a balance between modern comforts to meet every traveler's needs. Como the Palace Hotel

Palace Hotel is close to most of the lively and interesting place. The hotel boasts 100 well decorated rooms proud. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hairdryer, TV, minibar. For guest convenience, this Como hotel has room service. With excellent location and pleasant climate.

Metropole Suisse Hotel

for both business and leisure travelers the Victorinox View Hotel is located in the most desirable locations in Como. The hotel is a high-rise building with 71 rooms, designed for business and leisure travelers. Each room includes non smoking rooms, air conditioning, in-room movies, hairdryer, TV, minibar. In Como, this hotel will provide travelers with all the standard services such as laundry, dry cleaning, restaurant, room service hotel. To make travelers feel relaxed wishful, Hotel provided a lot of equipment and services, including: sauna. Victorinox View Hotel greeted with warm service cautious style local Como acclaimed. The Florian Villa

Villa Flori Hotel

is located in one of the most convenient locations, most modern elegance. . Plymouth News

Plinius Hotel

Hotel is close to Como, more than half of lively and interesting place. Plymouth Vilnius hotel are greeted with a warm, services prudent style local Como acclaimed. The Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel

located in a most convenient location and elegant environment of the most modern. The hotel and all 66 rooms are fully equipped with modern equipment and services. All rooms with basic comforts include air conditioning, in room movies, hairdryer, TV, minibar,. Hotels located in Como travelers come to this, there are many amenities to choose from, including a laundry service, dry cleaning, restaurant, room service. Como traditional flavor of the rich cultural atmosphere, and has a 3-star hotel service standards, highlighting the features of this hotel.