also known as diversion

pilot, pilot, pilot, formerly owned by the Maritime Safety Administration Management, all under the jurisdiction of the local PSA, not civil servants. Duty is responsible for the ship of the future Hong Kong (mainly foreign ships, the Chinese foreign vessels compulsory pilotage regime) leading to the wharf.

to participate in a special pilot qualification examinations generally meet the following conditions:

1 professional sailing school graduation.

2, with captain certificate. The the

pilot racing pilot

the autocross man sitting next to the driver of the race car driver, holding the road book. Is responsible to the players communicated track information. Regular autocross, rally are required to have a pilot.

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2. the director Robert Mundell TV Series the edit the original meaning items



basic data plot Edit this paragraph the basic outline of the tidbits parse the first quarter of the X-Files X-Files directory

Data Pilot navigator/pilot episode (X files the first quarter of the first episode)

Main Cast: Gillian Anderson, (DAVID DUCHOVNY)/Mudd,

David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder)


Scully (Agent Dana Scully) Screenplay: Chris Carter (CHRIS CARTER)

Director: Robert Mundell (ROBERT MANDEL)

the other actors:

CHARLES CIOFFI/Section Chief Scott Blevins


SARAH KOSKOFF/Theresa Nemman

LEON RUSSOM/Detective Miles


STEPHEN E. MILLER/Coroner Truitt the stills


ALEXANDRA BERLIN/the the Orderly

KEN CAMROUX/the Third Man

DOUG ABRAMS/Patrolman # 1


O'Dell LESLEY EWEN/Receptionist

J.B. BIVENS/Truck Driver

WILLIAM B. DAVIS/the Cigarette-Smoking Man

edit this paragraph plot synopsis Dana Scully officers, FBI Academy Forensic, a rational scientists, was summoned to the headquarters of the Bureau of Investigation. Director Brett Vince asked her to participate in the work of the X-Files, to work with her the nickname "ghosts (spooky)" Fox Mulder officers, he likes to tracing the incredible case, the FBI headache. Scully said: "You want me to expose the mask of the X-Files?" Kiskiskis

Mulder's office is located in the basement of the headquarters in Washington, the two first meet began tit-for-tat. Mulder, when tradition and science can not provide answers, and finally to resort to plausible grotesque fantasy; while Scully believes that science can not explain something, but you have not yet found the answer method.

Mulder with Scully to Oregon to investigate the bizarre death of a group of high school students, in order to test her abilities. He arranged opened autopsy, but it was the opposition of the local coroner. Sure enough, dug up the corpse, a half-man, half-ape, strange objects, Scully found in the corpse into the nasal implants.

then this class high school students encounter in the forest glare, everyone behind Jieyou two little red pox mark. They found several high school students not yet death, Billy and Peggy because a car accident, to live in the hospital being. Billy just like a vegetative state, unable to walk, Peggy, Mudd judged that they had been abducted by aliens doing experiments, now was not clear experimental results.

two persons to the forest for clues, Billy's father (the local sheriff) but was driven away, but Scully believe inevitably what happened in the forest. They returned to the hotel to rest, they unexpectedly encounter a power outage, Scully and Mulder tense relationship Oolong case to ease. Mudd told her that he has a sister Samantha was abducted by aliens in the eight-year-old, it is that he never mind the pain; aliens, as well as his incredible event tracing, I believe, with the dedication he I hope to one day be able to get back Samantha.

Then came behind the looming Peggy "went" committed suicide in front of the truck, Mulder and Scully staying in a hotel being torched information, the bodies of the other victims, all to be one step ahead of poach , Mulder and Scully how to cope ......

Edit this paragraph the Scenes ● Basically, all of the album in deciding whether or not to broadcast, the producers will shoot first episode as a pilot piece, so the named Pilot translated "navigator" is the literal translation of its true meaning is the pilot film, pilot the tablets will explain the role and background of the whole album.

● X file first specimen in 1992, but the official broadcast time is 1993, if you are sharp-eyed, you will find that Mulder and Scully meet for the first time is a March 6, 1992, when the Forth television network in the cable television field is not grossing then nothing to work independently of the album, the overwhelming majority of comedy, X file is not Flowserve most promising album, also due to the X-Files the contents of the incredible phenomenon mainly, so it is scheduled to be broadcast Friday night, to allow completion of the work, not any ready to go out of the young people at home appreciate. I did not think of the popular X-Files first quarter of broadcast replay ratings highs, this show has since become a treasure of the Fox television network, the town station, it has been eight years. November 5, 2000, the U.S. premiere eighth season.

● When shooting the pilot film, the original role of Scully with a boyfriend, a reporter, but in the end, the producer CC removed but you can still be found on the network this role (thank goodness!) This did not broadcast the story.

● In the last scene, Scully lying in bed, the clock display eleven twenty-one CC wife's birthday, CC is like a game of numbers, find digital X philes (X files fans) of the game, which, Mulder's birthday, October 13, happens to be the birthday of CC is also the X origin of the name of the file production company 1013. sci-fi album new century this paragraph resolution X-Files

edit "X-Files - Pilot - are taking a big step

this set is a pilot piece, we are also very difficult to see that this show will be what kind of the act, but in the history of the entire Χ file, but it has a very important position in the initial design of many of the characters, are manifested in this set, and also includes part of the conspiracy theory.

album beginning, once played subtitle, which is adapted according to a real file aliens all the description producer CC did read many reports contact with aliens, but Χ file the story, but not true , but that he will write, it touches people dubious, as if there really such a thing.

two main characters: Mulder, Bureau of Investigation officers kidnapped a sister, his ideas with case-handling practices, is very unique, he believes many incredible explanation, because this show he was the center, so often he say are correct, the official manual describes his emotional man adventure story of the pursuit of truth. And his partner, Scully officers, a rational scientist, she used the scientific method of handling the case, pay attention to the evidence, not parroting, honest and reliable. Set to see these two characters, you will find very interesting, because just reverses the male and female stereotype, Sense and Sensibility, personally think this is a very successful way of interpreting, very much in line with the spirit of the times.

another, the subsequent conspiracy theory will figure: cancer, Bray Vince director of future shootings Brett Vince, three people in the office began to take Scully, though, the story of the so-called conspiracy theory CC intentional, but the original is just having somebody look very sinister standing behind like this role unexpectedly makes cancer become the main bad guy in the conspiracy theory.

Another man talked about (as much as the movie version of "conquest of bees in the future") the dog bite Scully mosquitoes, that scene was pretty great, handled very good, very smooth Mu Germany and Scully knot open, so that the two hostile state, they can talk as friends, so the two of them get along in the future also become very concerned about the focus of the fans.

If you've just finished watching the last episode of the seventh season, that you is going to re-read this episode. Seven years ago, Mulder and Scully occur in the end what happened along the way, there are many things may be recalled that all the people in the [pilot] things, seven years later, we again met then probably nobody wanted after seven years can also evolved once ~ Not only that, if you still bit a little "sick" fans, you will find many sections, in fact, is very detailed, including: Scully's cross necklace Mulder kept eating sunflower seeds, and Weber, MD, a flash of the screen instead of Billy Mudd hypnosis, CC toying with the numbers game. A nineties classic album began to take shape.

often think, in the end use what way across the Millennium, Looking to the 21st century? Now we finally have a good idea, The X-Files album! Whether standard X-partisan or "the entry of the new road hand, can not only through this time the opportunity to complete refresher the X Files blurred treacherous plot to further understand this one shocked the world of the album's success .

do not ask me to believe it or not aliens, do not ask how high I plot conspiracy theory authenticity, the most important is the charm of the album. The "aliens fundamentalists" from the album outset melancholy Mudd encounter fascinating scientific fundamentalists "Scully fabricating a controversy between reality and fantasy, science and science fiction. the old cantankerous in

Scully was originally a pawn in the hands of the FBI Executive ambush Mudd around opportunistic reactionary, I did not think that there is amnesty, "jumped out to vote in the dark", Mulder most trusted and most dependent partner. Although they have a very different view of the 俄勒冈森林 juvenile murder in particular, and this "geek ghosts" with SPOOKY called supernatural officers handling the case, natural and ultimately, conflict and contradiction, for example, the reason for the tragic death of the teenager, appeared days places other conclusion: Mulder intuitively recognized standard aliens kidnapping; Scully places dismissive Quantico and the School of Medicine of the professional training, speaking in a calm tone forensic sentencing This, of course, do not fold Homicidal not buckle under the acts of magic dry! Road sci-fi movie "Close Encounters of the light, the crew the wonderful effects skill, almost equal to ultimately"

play particularly recommended, there are male and female fell into the blank time of nine minutes (time missing), Joji Diamond scratching their head, to create the atmosphere of the sci-fi movie. Just funny, risked the the world condemnation coffin autopsy results, but it is dug up the body of an anthropoid to plot Pushuo and funny all evidence, followed by an undetermined origin burned the audience into a thriller heavy pressure Fortunately, the beautiful Scully wearing sexy pajamas night knock Mudd door, the actor checks her United States behind mosquito bite "mark" audience unlimited reverie anxiety ... Perhaps this can be considered a supernatural sexy now!

So this one-third of "banned Cemetery, one-third of the Third Kind", one-third of "Silence of the Lambs", coupled with a sub irreplaceable creative achievements of the Department to create a sci-fi album The first episode of the new century, "X-Files - Pilot!

edit the directory English name of the first quarter of this paragraph X-Files U.S. broadcast date Chinese name

the ------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

1, Pilot 09/10/93 the navigator

2, the the Deep Throat 09/17/93 deep throat

3, Squeeze 09/24/93 mutants

4 the Conduit the Lake 10/01/93 Oka Burkina mystery

5, The Jersey Devil 10/08/93 Jersey the devil

6 Shadows 10/22/93 ghosts in ghost

7, Ghost In The the Machine 10/29/93 specter computer

8, Ice 11/05/93 ice nuclear program

9 Space 11/12/93 Space Cry

10 Fallen Angel 11/19/93 fallen angel

11 the the Eve 12/10/93 deadly Eve

12, the Fire 12/17/93 devil Agni

13, Beyond The Sea 01/07/94 telepathy

14, GenderBender 01/21/94 Gender distorted

15 , Lazarus 02/04/94 unfailing

16 Young At Heart 02/11/94 Zhuiming devil

17, EBE 02/18/94 extraterrestrial visitors

18, the Miracle Man 03/18/94 miracle

19, Shapes 04/01/94 deformation werewolf

20 the Darkness Falls 04/15/94 night falls

21, the end of Tooms 04/22/94 mutants

22, Born Again 04/29/94 possessed

23, Roland 05/07/94 twin the Romance

24, The Erlenmeyer Flask 05/13/94 alien is the Half-Blood

3.1986 director Randall Ke Laize the the movie editing original meaning

navigator Trackback Chinese name:


Foreign Name:

Flight of the Navigator

other translation:

out of the Earth (Hong Kong)

the Director:

Randall starring Ke Laize


Sarah Jessica Parker, Paul Lei Binsi Veronica Carter Lai

directory Synopsis

basic information

Edit this paragraph the basic information Name: Flight of the Navigator

alias: Navigator (Taiwan)/out of the Earth (Hong Kong)

Release Date: July 30, 1986

film director: Randall · Ke Laize Randal Kleiser

movie actor: Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker .... Carolyn McAdams Paul Leibin Si Paul Reubens .... Max (voice), Veronica Carter Lai Veronica Cartwright .... Helen Freeman Cliff De Young .... Bill Freeman Iris Acker .... Mrs. Howard Matt Adler .... Jeff Freeman, 16 Years John Archie .... Agent Ted Bartsch .... Night Guard Brayton Jill Beach .... Newscaster Tim Blaney .... Puppeteer Fritz Brauner .... NASA Technician Michael Brockman .... Control Room Guard Parris Buckner .... Scientist Cynthia Caquelin .... Woman Officer Debbie Casperson .... Radar Technician

edit this paragraph Synopsis [pilot] background occurred in 1978, there was a young 12-year-old boy David Freeman, accidentally drop a ravine in the way of his return home by the forest, when he regained consciousness home, was surprised to discover that actually live in the house of strangers, and the time actually 1986, is already eight years later, this appearance is still 12-year-old David later or finally find their loved ones, his parents could not believe this fact, the original than the older David 4-year-old brother Jeff, is now larger than David. Occur at the same time in this strange, NASA found that an outer space flier landed Earth, they think that a relationship with David's encounter, so David brought for testing, hoping to find a correlation between the two events to unlock all the mysteries, I did not expect the David actually build friendships aboard the spacecraft magic, began a series of them flying in the sky adventure.