Jamaica Midwest towns. At the central plateau mountain, 72 kilometers west of the capital Kingston, 628 meters above sea level. A population of 30,000 (1982). Stonewall Circle built more around the ranch, rich British Village Features. Mountain scenery, fresh air, and was a health resort. Kingston - Montego Bay Railway through this.

1670 Mandeville, a family born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 1685, in Aila Si Mian school after graduation to enter the University of Leiden, repair of medicine and philosophy. 1691, received his MD. After graduation, he began practicing medicine, cures the disease of "hysteria". About 1696, he has lived in Britain, the original intention of learning English, but at the same time as a neurological and gastrointestinal problems and psychiatric experts and practicing medicine in London. It is said that his own opinion in this regard are very proud, and in 1711 published an influential papers at the time: "On the melancholy mood and hysteria. 1699 Mandeville Ruth Elissa Beth Lawrence married, gave birth to two children. Mandeville's life story did not elaborate, but in Western Europe in the 18th century intellectual filled with his criticism and even personal attacks, such as "conduct a very bad person" like reviews. It all stems from the "Fable of the Bees," a book of his major works. The embryonic form of the book, published in 1705, "complain hives or crook turned into honest people, writing style satirical prose poem. Mandeville original intention is to laugh at the same generation of human conceit. While most descendants confined to his understanding of this Psalm, but it Ⅻ yet to express how much of his thinking, and initially almost did not attract much attention from the people. In 1714, outside in the poem, the author added the moral origin "and a few notes, renamed the" Fable of the Bees - private and public interests of the evil German publication, also did not attract the attention of the academic community. But his ideas have become clear. 1723, added "On the social nature of the study" On Charity and Charitable School "and other papers reprinted, suddenly aroused widespread concern, drew unanimous criticism of the" gentleman "who. Order to further elaborate their ideas and defend their point of view, in 1728, this book adding a second volume, including six dialogue. After that, been translated into French, German, and reprinted many times. In addition to the "Fable of the Bees, Mandeville, also the" free thinking "about religion, church and state happiness (1720)," honor origin "(1724)," defense for public troubles of Kenya "(1723).

Edit this paragraph the Paralympic mascots origins and meaning

Wenlock and Mandeville are two metal modern one-eyed cartoon mascot. Their big eyes is actually a camera, the head of the yellow represents the London taxi has a symbolic significance, while hands represent friendship Olympic bracelet wearing.

two one-eyed mascot allegedly designed for children, some children and parents are also involved in the design process. Children writer Michael Moerpuge, to their origin, wrote a little story: steel making, the workers in the factory for the Olympic venues in the molten steel baked the moment, two small beaches molten steel on the ground, later, a retired workers of the two cooling and solidification of the steel block pick up home, and carved into two with a big eyes of the wizard, the London Olympic Games mascot was born.

London Olympic Games Organizing Committee Chairman said that the mascot is designed for children, and taking into account the requirements of the digital age. They encourage children to more exchanges with the two cartoon characters on the social networking site facebook network (Facebook), micro-blog (Twitter) them as friends, and invited the mascot to go to school to visit, to motivate children to engage in a variety of sports .

origins of the name London Paralympic mascot name Mandeville inspired by Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire. Gutman doctors at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the 1940s of the 20th century, established spinal Branch, help all Veterans injury by spinal cord disease. At the time, and there is no good medical treatment, the Gutman doctors to encourage them to participate in sports to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation. Subsequently, the sport evolved into the Stoke Mandeville Games, the tournament is also considered to be the forerunner of the modern Paralympic Games.

yellow headlights and names of origin in the mascot head, there are yellow flags. Allegedly, this iconic taxi from London. Mandeville hand stopwatch. His big eyes fact there is photographic, to witness them every been to places and seen people. mascot

London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is full of imagination, rich ultra-modern feel, and the hidden meaning behind them international Olympic Games to see the people of London, respect and look forward to the tournament for the Olympic Games.

Olympics mascot named Wenlock and Paralympic mascot named "Mandeville". Wenlock's name is inspired by British Ma Qiwen Locke Shropshire village, where the Wenlock Games promote Olympic Games, the father of the the DDD to Pierre de Coubertin founded the modern Olympic Games. Mandeville's name comes from the Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire. 1940s, Gutman doctors at Stoke Mandeville Hospital demobilized soldiers to rescue the injured, and advised them to engage in sports. This is the origin of the Stoke Mandeville Games, widely used as the prototype of the modern Paralympics. Two mascots embody many unique design elements: head yellow inspiration from the iconic London taxi, the Wenlock wearing friendship bracelet to the Olympic rings colors, wearing a stopwatch to Mandeville wrist ensure the best performance of the physical fitness. Their big eyes is actually a camera meaning shooting the experience of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. the

purposes and profits it is learned, the mascot will be made more than 30 kinds of toys, including simulation of celebrities and sports stars, dolls, a variety of decorative badges, of course, they can also be printed on t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise. London Iris and costing the company responsible for the design of the mascot said, Wenlock and Mandeville design costs only a few thousand pounds. " BOCOG marketing mascot can bring up to 70 million pounds profit.

edit this paragraph Media Reviews mascot peculiar shape Although the two mascots are given a deeper meaning, but its peculiar shape has aroused controversy. British news agency Reuters in no way "not wash your dirty linen in public consciousness: when two pupils set off the hijab moment, to believe that the whole world was shocked, this is what the strange thing, both unlovable and affinity. Two one-eyed strange, "not at all cute, easy to nightmares," in the end so what's the relationship with the London "," I thought to Atlanta by the odd rotten home, I did not think there are even more rotten "... The Associated Press, said: We thought the London Olympics mascot Paddington Bear (British writer Michael Bond, the protagonist in the creation of children's books), a good partner, or a red double-decker buses, or smile Big Ben, I did not expect the British actually the whole so two strange things, like casually caught out defective products from low Museum of Modern Art, in the next two years, you really intend to hang them at home? British "Guardian" more objective evaluation: Olympic mascot in the end what it means? Recent Olympic Games mascot since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games with a computer design ugly things are called junk, the Beijing Olympics is all very well, at least the big guy at a glance, so we need not be so seriously, the mascot is the Olympic Games many a logo, it's good or bad only Olympic licensed merchandise sales, successful or not has nothing to do with the Olympics. mascot image unique for

controversies Zhang Yiwu, a professor at Peking University, said the United Kingdom is the old capitalist countries, rich cultural heritage, but all these years it is vigorously promoting the cultural and creative, creative system in the world and is the leader. British London Olympic mascots ingenuity, even peculiar morphology, Frightening, caused great concern in the world. British to this effect. Many countries have a unique mascot to attract a high degree of concern. The image on the uniqueness, triggering attention, this is the most important. For one thing, beauty, everyone has a different standard, a matter of opinion, but one thing, there is a familiar process, the Eiffel Tower, at the beginning we all think it is ugly, later became Paris's image on behalf of .

to increase the attractiveness of the London Olympic Games for young people, the mascot will flex its muscles on the Internet platform. In addition to the London 2012 Olympic mascots official website of presents, they each have otherwise Twitter and Facebook platforms so the public can interact with and focus on their future journey. London the Preparatory Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games is currently working with deaf people in London, together Wenlock and Mandeville create a sign language name, in order to be able to be used for sign language users in the UK and around the world.