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Kael'thas Sunstrider role in the online game World of Warcraft Blood Elf king of Humanoid NPC princes-he is a descendant of the Highborne; "the Sunstrider Dath'Remar the blood; Kui Ersa Prince Las Kingdom. : Kael'thas Sunstrider

Note also translated as "Kael'thas Sunstrider WAR3 translation

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Kael'thas Sunstrider Highborne the descendants; Dath'Remar Sunstrider's blood; Anasterian the Sunstrider country prince; Prince of Quel'Thalas Kingdom; the Sunstrider dynasty last one heir; blood elf magician Kai Ersa Sri Lanka is also beloved of Warcraft characters. The able cast "Hell Lieyan", summoned the young prince of the Fire Phoenix ", has a very high popularity in the majority of Warcraft fans. Here, we take a look at the story of the prince.

Kael'thas Sunstrider, hidden in the blood-red robes and gorgeous black armor, a battle-hardened warrior's body. His bright blond hair and chiseled facial features shows that he is a high elves, but his deep eyes and vicious expression has hinted his many other things. Several green magic fireball floating beside him - appeared with his action and mood. In his hands, is a huge the Staff (sin'dorei golden scepter) the energy runes inscribed Sin'dorei. The Kael'thas

has a venerable Dalaran Kirin Tor. He is an accomplished mage and Higher elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas hero. However, when the the high elves Kingdom destroyed, high elves almost wiped out, Kael'thas and his surviving hand, foot and many misgivings. Renamed his people blood elves, Kael'thas with them to leave the Union, joined the apostates Illidan's forces. As they are loyal to the exchange, Illidan Church Blood Elf how to learn from the power of the devil, and converts it into magic. Now, Kael'thas and his blood elves after relying hunting demons draw strength to survive. Although his former glory and creed long gone with the wind, but once the wizard hero found a new mission is more important than revenge for the beloved homeland of Quel'Thalas.

Kyle like in the beginning of the battle to summon one to two Phoenix to lay the foundation of victory, and the next he would rush to go to fight.

edit the history background Blood Elf history before Kael'thas legendary, we may wish to look at the history of the Blood Elf:

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understand the first of the Burning Legion After the failure of the invasion, most of advocating magical powers Highborne are huge whirlpool formed after the explosion of the "Well of Eternity" involved in the seabed, turn into Naga tribe. Remnants of a small number of Highborne able alleys, but it lost its original noble status and their respect for the magic powers. In extremely offensive magic Druid Malfurion represented in power, the the Highborne activities by closely monitoring and control. Fortunately, Demon Hunter Illidan remodeling the "Well of Eternity", given the Highborne new hope. From the Druids to curb waiting for a few hundred years later, The Highborne were finally determination to challenge the laws established by the Druid. Led by radical leaders Dath'Remar The Highborne gradually restored the use of magic. Such a move, the druids deeply disturbing. The struggle between the two factions in the Night Elf upgrade again. However, compared to the heyday of the Druid regime forces Dath'Remar and his followers still seems very immature. They cast a magic to Ashenvale storm, the power of magic and hope to prove to the rulers, Druid arrest contrary to the law in the name of many Highborne. Those in power are not the reason his compatriots were killed, so in order to consolidate the the Druid regime to avoid a similar situation again, Dath'Remar and the Highborne were ordered to be deported and never allowed to return. In this way, the Highborne to leave his hometown, to the world of the unknown.

Dath'Remar floating ocean crossing, and their followers came to the other side of the ocean Lordaeron settle. Highborne long-awaited better future does not appear, but calamity again and again: First, as far away from the "Well of Eternity", they not only lost the physiological characteristics of the Night Elves have energy poorer than before; more terrible, the local Aborigines - trolls are very welcome these outsiders, the reason is due to the Dath'Remar establish Highborne Empire Quel'Thalas, built in an ancient troll ruins above. The trolls think Highborne desecration of their gods. Therefore, the Highborne with the trolls comprehensive war broke out.

This is a very long war. Although the elves is far less than the number of trolls, but they rely on the help of magic, and always have the upper hand and the Sorcerer's Stone composition enchantment protectorate manufactured Quel'Thalas border. This situation lasted nearly four thousand years. Finally reversed, the long-term comfort slack high elves, while premeditated trolls have been savings of force. In the the trolls crazy offensive wizard Empire precarious. In this case, the elves have to consider exchanges of mankind has always disdained to them for help.

human civilization is still in its infancy. The human world by a number of tribes, the lack of contact between the tribes, the more there is no unified will. The continuous human internal war. Later, one called "Arathi tribe rapid rise. Within a very short period of time, the tribe completed the unification of the human world, and established countries - "alasso" belonging to the human. When the news reached the capital city of the elves are battlefield retreat Stromgarde, mankind does not give too much attention. Elves humans the same on the other side of life and death indifferent. Quel'Thalas envoys first visited Stromgarde, did not get any commitment and assistance. Aware of the human benefits or reduce the elves so again sent envoys. The elves brought not only a request, and also brought a considerable reward that is promised to teach magic to the human. After Elves and Men began their transactions. Human help, the elves finally won the victory of trolls thoroughness; human mastered from the wizard's magic that happened. Order to express thanks to the human, the wizard to Arathor of emperors Thoradin commitment: willingness to share, do not give up without leaving. Covenant between human Highborne, this created.

regret is that the Covenant is not solid. In order to comply with the Covenant, Quel'Thalas or join an alliance and help the human victory. But after the end of the Second War, the high elves think they have to repay a favor owed to human, and the forest is a large area burned in the war. It unfavorable for human combat reasons, withdrew from the alliance. This event, so that part of the human Highborne dissatisfaction also foreshadowed the later occurrence of a break.

Kael'thas the Sunstrider

perhaps, the high elves would like a quiet life down. But Ner'zhul undead army, however, broke their fantasies. Fallen prince, the death knight Arthas led the undead Cuikulaxiu camel destroyed Quel'Thalas Empire defense. Their arrival not only nearly destroyed the high elves hard to establish the Empire, more pollution Highborne source of strength - Sunwell. "Well of Eternity" alternatives, "Sunwell" originally is the high elves Everbright own hope. Its destruction marked the high elves to an end. Highborne vowed to carry out revenge the

surviving in the souls of the invasion, saying that he "Blood Elf. By Quel'Thalas last royal blood, the young prince - Kael'thas leadership. Although they have a tenacious struggle will lose a source of magical energy, they are debilitating.

common enemy of the blood elves and humans back together. Ancient covenant also hold up. However, the blood elves did not get the full confidence of mankind. At least part of the human from the outset, the blood elves hold skeptical. Against undead in Lordaeron Alliance commander, The human generals plus reasonable Withers is one of the representatives. So, his side of the organization with the resistance movement, side closely watching every move of the Blood Elf. Moreover, he never hide his distrust Blood Elf Prince. This makes Kael'thas quite dissatisfied. However, although the noble prince has a proud heart, but he still reflects the loyalty and obedience leadership of plus reasonable Withers Union.

However, the tolerability of Kael'thas not only did not exchange plus reasonable Withers respect, but let this arrogant guy intensified. Plus reasonable Withers attack command Blood Elf souls while, but do not give the necessary support Kael'thas. This obviously want Blood Elf into extreme danger. Blood Elf Prince was furious, but he was forced to depend on others to accept this impossible task.

critical moment, the Naga tribe Sea Witch Fass-chi led her ministry congregation rushed. The subtle mood for Fass-chi While Kael'thas hesitant, but the form of the need for, and the same as the Highborne descendant of Naga, in particular, have been given by Kael'thas help the prince or accept their aid . the

Blood Elf and Naga, common ancestry and the progenitor of the two Serbs repel an undead. Kael'thas able to complete the command thankful Sea Witch. But he did not find all the counsels are actually Nagas. Vashj to keep the young prince suggests she has the ability to get rid of the pain because of the loss of magic source of help Kael'thas and his tribe, also warned his blood elves will be even more unfavorable situation in the league. This is indeed the Kael'thas had some shaken, but still did not make his determination. Just this time, plus reasonable Withers led the army suddenly appeared. The fiery general found Kael'thas being together with their enemies Naga tribe, immediately made the Prince and his blood elves had betrayed the Alliance inferred. Kael'thas quickly make Nagas leave and hope to add management Withers explained. But early on Blood Elf biased plus reasonable Seuss How can listen Kael'thas explained. Commander in chief of the armed forces of the Alliance of Lordaeron so arrested and imprisoned blood elves, and announced that they will have the death penalty. This Kael'thas into anguish. Dungeon under the ruins of Dalaran, the Prince of the Blood Elf Alliance disheartened pain of waiting for the end of the world come.

Vashj and at the crucial moment. Kael'thas led her help blood the elves escaped from prison. At this point, the prince finally made up my mind: split and stupid human beings and their alliance. After that, he listened to the recommendations of the Fass chi, surrendered to the Naga masters - Illidan. In the broken Orc hometown Delano, Kael'thas once again saw the demon hunter. He sought to Illidan the lift the blood elves addicted requirements magic painful method. Illidan told the young prince, he was unable to reach Kael'thas request. But he can help the powerful magic blood elf prince and his people, in order to achieve the purpose of the relief of pain. That is, like him, surrendered to the demon Kil'jaeden. Kael'thas Sunstrider

the the Kael'thas hearts still rejection psychological demons exist. Innocent human plus charges of "betrayal", he has no other escape route. At the same time, he had a premonition that the Blood Elf may face a situation will lose the magic of the support. Various factors combined, plus some advise on Illidan, Kael'thas finally made a choice - Illidan allegiance to the servant of the devil. In fact, this is his only option.

after Blood Elf Mage Kael'thas and Naga Sea Witch Vashj become a demon hunter Illidan's right hand man, Union, Undead Scourge, Burning Legion caught between seeking survival.

perhaps read here, most of my friends are indignant Kael'thas encounter. Indeed, Kael'thas betrayed mainly stems from external reasons. Again and again to make things difficult, Kael'thas has maintained self-restraint and calm. Management Withers unreasonable Blood Elf push the impasse. Coupled with the cunning of the female naga to incite and lure the Kael'thas renegade also reasonable.

However, we come back to think about it, plus reasonable Withers reason for the attitude of the blood elves as mean, not without reason. Covenant established between the blood elves and humans from the beginning, there are a lot of utilitarian nature. Two mutual lack of understanding of ethnic distrust because the deal come together. Although they had fought side by side, but the heart has never been linked. After the war, the two countries with each other to express goodwill, friendship destined to last long. In the war with the orcs, blood elves and humans together again. However, this time the identity of the two has shifted. The original recipients Blood Elf become for aid party. This also makes the relationship between the two clan subtle changes. The Blood Elf hope repayment of the early years of favors owed by their war. Even among them, some people think that the blood elves never owe humanity, because when they have been used to teach mankind magic way to pay off. So, the blood elves that they have reason to get more respect from humans. However, the human race has a different idea: was mankind that benefit from the blood elves, but the little things that can not be compared with the human-made contribution. Therefore, the human in front of the Blood Elf can always high head high. As for the blood elves joined the war of humans and orcs, the obligations they should not require much thanks. Remembering the favor of others, and forget the others for their help, which is widespread psychological reality. Taken from here on the differences.

the other hand, the blood elves always had extremely arrogant personality. They even their own countrymen Night Elf feel contempt, not to mention the "ignorance and low" human. The poor performance of the human in the battle with the Orcs, and at that time times lost the blood elves began to re-examine their allies. When they feel themselves with the fate of mankind on this coming to an end, announced the decision to withdraw from the Union. At the time, the war has ended, the Union has also made a victory, the situation is still not stable. So, the blood elves at this time to leave, causing very unhappy. They think, the Blood Elf ungrateful bunch. Distrust between each other, and further deepen. So

, until the blood elves in the blow of the undead almost destruction, Kael'thas led the remnants defected to the Alliance, humans naturally anyone doubts and dissatisfaction. Plus management Withers Blood Elf distrust everywhere making things difficult is probably for this reason. The responsibility lies

edit this paragraph analysis of the role Kael'thas Blood Elf betrayal Union who

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Blood Elf come today so fields with the human alliance, of course, is not the responsibility of Kael'thas. Poor Wang Zaisheng in this era, has unfortunately become a victim of history. Choice he made, and they are all most people will make a choice. Therefore, such a figure with such encounters will win everyone's understanding and sympathy. Only in the face of relentless fate, Blood Elf Prince especially weakness, his personality is weaker because of this reason many. Although the popularity is high, but has a limited role in history. This is the fundamental reason he can not become an important figure in the World of Warcraft.

As for plus reasonable Withers natural to assume the primary responsibility of Kael'thas mutiny. Narrow-minded, blind subjective, and in any case are incompetent leadership. However, in reality, so all day long skeptical of subordinates, suspicion heavy leadership is everywhere. So said: "Maxima often, the horses do not often." The Kael'thas talent, hands of management Withers, either horse became waste, eventually dies; either become a Mustang, quit away.

there is Illidan to obey the command Kil'jaeden beheaded Lich King, Illidan To snare men Vashj Kael'thas will often help, and then to convince Kael'thas allegiance to Illidan . But most 后凯尔萨斯 betrayed Illidan, because he was too stupid to think Illidan plan (mentioned in the WOW official propaganda video). Kyle eventually allegiance to Kil'jaeden. The experience of

Kael'thas lovelorn

as a shaman has great skill and powerful magic, Kyle has become a superior status in the Kirin Tor. Continuous spell to delve so that he eventually came to the Violet Citadel, where he met then an apprentice Jaina Proudmoore. Despite the huge age difference between them Kyle is full of guilt and self-doubt, but his heart was immediately captured by the talented and likable young. Kyle of Jaina confession or final without success, she always just want to sacrifice for her magic - in addition to magic, she seems to be what are not interested in

when Jaina fell in love with Prince Arthas Menethil rumors, Kyle was deeply hurt. Jaina and Arthas parted ways not long, but Kyle is very clear that they still love each other. In addition to never have more on the friendship between Kael'thas and Jaina sorts relationship.

Note: WAR3 film "Frozen Throne" while Arthas and Kael'thas dialogue:

King Arthas: Kael'thas, you are still my Jaina away from you brooding on it?

Kael'thas: you take away from me everything, and now the rest of my only hate!

Sunstrider dynasty last blood few years later

, Alsace became a Lich King Death Knight and led the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, wherever he went barren. Pollution and drained the High Elves magic of the spring - the Sunwell. Survived the high elves lost the source of the magic, become weak, listless.

battle against the Scourge, Anaheim Manchester Ruien Guo Wang was killed. Only left a small number of people are still fighting the Scourge. The scourge invasion news reached the Dalaran Kyle continues studying magic. Hear the news of his father was killed, he rushed back to Quel'Thalas and leadership he could find from the surviving high elves. He realized that the high elves dependence Sunwell been for thousands of years so that they get a steady stream of arcane magic too serious.

confrontation Union

In order to pay tribute to the dead king, Kyle decided to the high elves survivors renamed sin'dorei or called Blood Elf. The blood elves swear they want Arthas and his Scourge blood for blood. At the same time to make this decision, Kyle and his leadership of the Blood Elf bear to lose the Sunwell enormous pain.

that of Hou Kaier led the most healthy part of the high elves joined the Union the forefront of the fight against natural disasters. However, the blood elves are alliance treat full of suspicion and hostility. When The generalissimo Gary sos ordered them to beat an almost impossible to overcome natural disasters, a team led by Ms. Vashj Naga unexpected appearance help Kyle reversing the situation of the war. Unfortunately the Union party soon know Kyle teamed up with Naga message, Kyle and his army have been misunderstood became a traitor. outside the domain


Kael'thas Sunstrider

Vashj (Lady Vashj) rescued the blood elves in prison and sentenced to death. She said Illidan Stormrage Blood Elf will help solve the problem of over-dependent on the Sunwell. At that time, the blood elves have been suffering from lost magic source of torment, Kyle had no choice in addition to consent. He went to the Outland and Vashj together with the blood elves. Illidan has captured Rye - Maiev Shadowsong

found when they arrived outside the domain. Vashj and Kyle fought side by side the rescued Illidan. The of 后凯尔萨斯 Illidan seek cure Blood Elf magic addiction. Illidan this there are other ideas: for return blood elves loyalty, he would teach them how from other sources, including from the demons who draw evil can magic

the have to accept the proposal of a Kyle. He knew very clearly that, if it is not where the new energy, efforts toward his people will be lost magic addiction seizures. Kyle oath of allegiance to Illidan. Now, the vast majority of the blood elves in Outland have heard about Kyle and Illidan agreed. In the same time, remain in Azeroth blood elves do not know this, the leaders and Illidan message must let them tremble in fear. Compatriots have no perception of the case, the life blood elves in Outland has been in service for Illidan. Although the majority of the blood elves choose to remain outside the domain, but the large Magister Romansh is sent back to Azeroth still stay Quel'Thalas Blood Elf brings a hopeful message. Depict a hopeful paradise for fellow citizens, they spread the teachings of Illidan (of course romance tampering became Prince Kael'thas teachings), and told them that one day Kael'thas Prince will come back, and his people are leading to a patch of paradise. Romance remained in Quel'Thalas to help people rebuild their homes and wait for the return of the prince.

through the Romansh efforts, stay in Azeroth blood elves learned how to get the arcane magic to meet the needs of their magic. When they recover, blood elves began chanting the prince and can not wait to learn more about the new power they leave. Luo Masi and new Wizard sacrifice will help their fellow skilled movement Arcane Power valuable. Shortly after, in the misty magic driven Silvermoon City steeple towered again where they stand. The blood elves even begin to recapture some of the Eversong Woods. Kyle incentive to return to the promise, once lifeless blood elves are committed to restoring the power, and new roads paved a road leading to unknown future. The Blood Elf Illidan's help, learned a "drinking poison to quench the thirst of the method - to extract the magical energy of others to ease their own pain

edit this paragraph Kael'thas Fall Kael'thas Sunstrider

. In the process of fighting the many enemies with Illidan, Kael'thas, and more and more dependent on the dark forces of the Burning Legion demons manipulate.

Thus, the blood elf prince no longer meet in acting as Illidan men. Secretly colluded with his back to Illidan Kil'jaeden leader of the Legion, the implementation of his evil plans in Tempest Keep. After the fall of the Tempest,

in should have killed Kael'thas rely on the Legion's evil can come back to life and began to in Quel'Thalas north Quel'danas island, an attempt to take advantage of the power of the Sunwell summon his new master: the Burning Legion - Kil'jaeden.

this move is no doubt in the war to all races in the world of Azeroth. Shattered Sun offensive in the blood elf Scryers Delaney coalition of Kael'thas eventually die in their own homeland, and fried Kil'jaeden were Sunwell energy back to the Twisting Nether .

edit this paragraph games introduced the Kael'thas Sunstrider

first stage: in the first stage of Kael'thas only cast some spells caused small damage. He will cast Fireball, interrupted as much as possible. Similarly, sometimes he will cast the flames blow "AOE. Kael'thas will summon a Phoenix to help him battle, then all DPS need to quickly switch Phoenix goal. Phoenix will select a random players chase and stopped every few seconds to and once cast "combustion" within the range of a melee fire department AOE. Phoenix sometimes cast a "fireball" and "flame impingement. When Phoenix after the death of the release of a "ashes impact AOE and become a Phoenix egg. You must continue to attack the eggs, if not destroy it, Phoenix will be reborn. Enter the second stage in the Kael'thas life reaches 50%, you have to make sure that the Phoenix and eggs at this time all destroyed. the second stage of the

: the start of the second phase, Kael'thas will quickly release the "weightless, floating in the air so that all the players, but also can be like swimming in the air moving. Every player will be in the "weightless" state 400dps injury, and 3 Arcane ball will move around the room, the encounter after injury by 2000dps in. Therefore must make sure to avoid them. At this stage, "survival" to be given priority, so players must escape Arcane ball in order to ensure survival. A healer can handle a 400dps the DoT, all ranged DPS must maintain attack Kael'thas evade Arcane ball. 20 to 30 seconds later, the players will fall on the ground, Kael'thas will be in a weak state could not fight back in a short period of time. 25% second cast "weightless" while 10% will cast the third. However, if your DPS is high enough, in his weak state put him to hit 25% or less, he cast the second "weightlessness" only 10%. In this case, the vast majority of the team can get rid of him. "Weightlessness" Note: Kael'thas death, do not forget to pick up his head to complete the task of "tough killings" (reward three red gems, +20 Attack Power/+12 Spell Damage "/" + 22 treatment, and +8 spell damage), and open of "scholars terrace" Heroic Difficulty You can also directly click "send the ball" leave a copy room.

edit this paragraph Game the Raiders

Kyle, Texas on CD want hands-write the Raiders had been the results last week, hands pressed two W-word manuscript. the plus when also think it is not a little luck, has been dragged procrastination Da, the results of yesterday 2nd play DPS very very surprised outbreak lump just can write about - Oscar is a total of five stages, but introduce more skills First P1: P1 definitely do not should not have any attrition, first the gaze male, gaze Male careful not to come to your side, you do not run on the line, come around you target not your problem next second Go you how to do. an ax to hack you is not difficult. he died position we want to try to set in the left-hand side of the room, inside the more the better, so probably his blood