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(Discobolos), marble replica, about 152 centimeters high, have a collection of the National Museum of Rome, the Vatican Museums, the Terme Museum, the former as a bronze Greek sculptor Myron (Myron) for about BC 450 years. This work is a milestone in the ancient Greek sculpture, Greek sculpture art shows already fully mature. The sculpture depicts a robust man in the the discus thrower process, the most expressive moments, praise the beauty of the human body and movement full of vitality, reflects the ancient Greek artists not only in artistic skills, but also in the arts a qualitative leap in thinking and expressive. This statue is considered to be "eternal" solidified space, until today is still the best sign on behalf of the sport.

the statue statue known as the "god of the sport, the glance is a typical instant action performance cast discus throw: the body momentum stoop bent into an S-type. This wealth to make a single human motion changes, but these changes are often caused by a sense of instability, and so of the character's center of gravity to the right foot, to support auxiliary arms stretching into the upper and lower symmetrical head for the center of the left toe point, so unstable body to obtain a sense of stability. The positive side of the body rotation of the lower limbs before and after the breakdown, consistent with the law of motion of the discus throw, caused simply see a variety of changes in the form of beauty. The reason why

athletes showing naked form, is determined by the social customs of the ancient Greeks. Theatrical performances in sports and religious activities since the ancient Greeks, men often naked. They believe that the perfect health of the human body is the pride of the people, is a manifestation of the divinity. This social customs, in turn, also promote the development of the human statues in Greece, and the formation of the Western art Shizhong Chong still a human body art traditions.

edit history background BC 449 to 334 BC, the heyday of Greek sculpture, art history called "classical period", a large number of sculptures from this period, "Discus Thrower" is the existing spread most wide one of the masterpieces of art, but also a representative of the famous ancient Greek sculptor Myron. This work is a milestone in the ancient Greek sculpture, Greek sculpture art shows already fully mature. The sculpture praise the beauty of the human body and movement full of vitality, performance of superb artistic skills. And although the original has been lost, but we still feel the vitality of the outbreak of a strong shock from a replica of our study of ancient Greek sculpture.

edit this paragraph artistic value "Discus Thrower" based on the real life of the Greek athletic activities, is a portrait of a robust man in the the discus thrower process, the most expressive moments. The discus of sculpture choose swung back to the highest point, is about to throw in the moment, has a strong cited without hair attractive. Is a static sculpture, but artists grasp the key link in the transition from one state to another state, to achieve the effect of the audience psychologically sporty, become a model for future generations of artistic creation.

of Myron in the works to create a good dynamic athlete image. Particularly of ingenuity, his excellent summary of the discus throw this movement throughout the continuous process, the performance of a dynamic beauty. Discus Thrower open arms like pull over the bow, gives rise to a launch of Lenovo. The two discus and head round, around echoes; close to the ground, his right leg as an axis of the twists and turns of the body to remain stable. The entire sculpture gives the impression that: fit, strong and heavy, harmony, filled with youthful vigor. Discus Thrower strong dynamic in

statue with a sense of stability is very good. The statue of the center of gravity falls in the right leg, right leg became so the entire statue physical freedom flexion and extension and rotation axis, while maintaining the stability of the statue. Open arms like a discus thrower a pull the full string bow, led to the bending of the body, showing the unstable state, but hold aloft the discus again human movement unified, so that people experience temporary balance. The whole statue is full of a coherent sense of movement and rhythm, breaking the limitations of time and space in art, pass the ideas of the movement, the harmony of the human body, bodybuilding and strength of youth expressed most vividly. Reflects the ancient Greek artists, not only in artistic skills, but also the artistic ideas and expressive with a qualitative leap. This statue is considered to be "eternal" solidified space, until today is still the best sign on behalf of the sport. Statue Male Athlete of the statue marks the ancient Greek sculpture reached unparalleled perfection.

Myron statue solve a fulcrum of the core issues of the sculpture, and set an example for later sculptor to create a variety of sports gesture action.

edit this paragraph, author Myron was born in 492 BC, art activities between 472 BC to 440 years. He is in Iraq to stay Tel according to people 鲍萨尼亚斯 Travels him as the Athenians, this is probably the sake of his long-term work in Athens.

he played a significant role in promoting the development of Greek sculpture, he first gives the statue vivid expressive, but also from his Greek sculpture into a new period, and a step-by-step to mature.

Myron probably at the age of 20 to 阿基列达斯 study under, artistic maturity at about 40 years old. He specializes in bronze sculpture of materials, clever and accurate performance figures in the movement in the correct posture, molding and Spirit really animal. Legend Athens castle shaped bronze bull statue, the spurious and provoke flocks Wolf; horse, he carved sparked a real horse neighing. Unfortunately Myron carved original are not saved now see only the later Roman craftsmen molded marble replica.

Myron is a bold and innovative artistic sculptor, his courage to explore the performance of new and difficult carving techniques to try to make harmony spectacular and realistic-combined, he was good at using superior carving skills to the performance of the human body in movement , especially for the treatment of the fierce momentum competitive body balanced and still coming up, which fully reflected in the "Discus Thrower". Myron sculpture

biggest strengths is to reflect the rapid changes in the sense of movement, often able to break through the limitations of time and space, and to seize the statue action key moments, to expand the image of the spatial and temporal expressiveness.

a sporting spirit and the power and beauty of the collection on this show in front of everyone.

Miloon good at using a realistic approach to characterize the dynamic of the characters in strenuous exercise creativity, the perfect artistic skills are reflected in his sculpture, is beyond the reach of many future generations of sculptors. Most of his work is legendary gods, heroes and athletic, animals, etc., but the original have been lost, and now we see are reproductions of the Roman period. Is said Myron had been good sports training, mighty, can shoulder Bulls, so he has real feelings for sports, this outstanding sports class sculptures he created to provide a good life experience. His representative works Discus Thrower "and" Athena and Magog-bearing A ".

edit this paragraph Art Appreciation Discus Thrower statue, is recognized as a symbol of sports and bodybuilding physique sculptor from real life observation true image may be in recognition of the winners of an athlete or athletics . The sculptor focus demonstrated the strong mentally and physically, the U.S. figure. Sculptor keen observation to seize the moment the Discus Thrower most hard action, which is a typical moment. Despite the tension on the body, but the whole statue, gives the feeling of calm and steady. We can look at the dynamic of the athlete, the young athletes like flexible bent the feet secure standing on the ground, the hand was holding the discus rear. And as long as the moment, his spring-like body would immediately straight, while the discus fly away from his hands. The statue's composition, the complex and contradictory actions attributed to one of the few vivid persuasive gesture, these gestures to give people in a focused, rapt feeling, especially to see of ingenuity, his excellent summary of continuous process of the movement of the discus throw, the performance of a harmonious and dynamic beauty. Discus Thrower open arms like pull over the bow, gives rise to a launch of Lenovo. Open shoulders and pole-like arm very symmetrical, can be seen here carving prefer positive law of the classical period. At the same time the Discus Thrower arms lines and drag him in the back of the left thigh lines combined to form a semicircle, its profile as a pull bow, legs and arms linked to form a pattern, the structure of the various parts of the body also reflects a recognition and stability. Right leg close to the ground as one axis, so that the a tortuous body stable. Formed on his thigh and torso the two diagonal are equal to each other. Discus and the head of two round, around echoes, sculptor, performance in a fixed posture space timeliness, fitness and moving the entire artistic image.