Surprise storm


"surprise storm" (English name: Sudden Attack) is produced by the Korean GAMEHI, first-person shooter game operator Shanda online games. The game has a simple, game speed and character moves faster, so the professional players from the FPS to the entry-level players can quickly get started. The surprise storm ceased operations on December 30, 2012. surprise storm (Chinese name "

the surprise storm

SA - SUDDEN ATTACK short for" [1]) is produced by the Korean GAMEHI company, operating in mainland China by Shanda world's top FPS masterpiece. Legend of 30 million South Korean online game online at the same time, 108 weeks cafes ranked champion immortal myth, 20,168 professional-grade FPS professional team, the highest number of participants of the 10,840 South Korean electronic sports, surprise storm fabulous performance long dominated Korean online games list Champion. The surprise storm set thousands glory in a strong incoming king attitude. In September

2010 Shanda Games officially announced the agent "surprise storm", "surprise storm depth improvements in conjunction with the ROK to be localized in retaining all the classic elements of the original game based on the game, according to the Chinese market, and to make a greater version upgrade. "Surprise storm", with its easy operation feel, realistic war scenes, exciting shootout confrontation diverse Map play the role of personality, a unique clan system, perfect firearms experience, Jiufu prestigious professional tournament by Chinese players enthusiastic pursuit of the "surprise storm" participation of all people in China set off FPS craze. low configuration

edit this paragraph Game Features surprise storm

(1) of high-quality 3D picture effect.

(2) easy-to-use operating system to make the player easy to get started, and give players a first-class operation feel. unique built-clan system

(3) to facilitate the players in the game to manage the development of the clan, the clan of their favorite players can be free to join in the game. Colorful eye-catching the clan team logo, to give the clan more personalized show. Pioneered clan war automatically matching system, fighting between clan is more convenient to open, and the intense stimulation clan confrontation so that the majority of players get real combat experience.

(4) the role of personality, the star role, full of fun. The perfect firearm experience

(5) bring the extraordinary experience of the players.

(6) rich game map, a variety of game modes give players more choices.

(7) prestigious professional tournament, the player has fully demonstrated the stage of self. [2]

edit this paragraph Game configuration basic equipment

recommendations with


Pentium3 - the 800 Mhz or more

Pentium4 more


256MB more

512MB displayed above

the the more than adapter

32MB of

64MB more

direct X

9.0c more

9.0c more the

Edit this paragraph gaming operation surprise storm propaganda Figure

click the left mouse button to shoot aimed at special functions to use the gun when the gun

click the right mouse button, or for short-range weapons and heavy chop

to mobile

forward mobile our W

development and move it to the left A

moving backward move right D

the discarded weapons G

refilled the S

game action

bullets the R

jump Space

silent move before Shift

squatting Ctrl

turned (delete key general tune into F)

switch to a weapon Q

The weapon switch

raid ol original painting appreciation (10)

main weapon (ie AK-47)

auxiliary weapons 2 (ie pistol)

the short-range weapons (ie knives)

auxiliary equipment 4 (ie grenades)

instant messaging

F2 the general interaction

F3 group interactive way

F4 of clan interact general interact or clan interactively under

, players to perform inter-group dialogue, need to press [Y] key or hold down the [Ctrl] + [ Enter] input text operation

game set

Tab Versus message [lowering the mouse sensitivity] the the increase in the mouse sensitivity

Z radio of 1

X radio of 2

C radio 3

F5 our military display (on/off)

F8 game screen Screenshots

F12 kicking

Edit this paragraph game camp surprise storm


order to maintain Tanjililuo law and order and sent the UG-FORCE belongs to a special police force. the

dispatched in order to fight against the armed forces, headed by John? Hawk anti-terrorism forces. By special police elite of the team collectively referred to as SA. the

Rebel Troops (RED team)

once the the UG-FORCE respective forces, but dissatisfied with the brutality of the official forces, from the official forces to join the armed forces headed by John? Hawk.

"John? Hawk" Silent Fox, W-Scout two kinds of armed forces. Responsible for repression, detection, sniper, assassinations, disrupting task clan.

edit this paragraph Game background surprise storm

2010 the international situation

21 century, the first large-scale permanent war in the Middle East, a hot international line of sight is also one of the major reasons. In order to grasp the economic rights in the Middle East, the energy company on the amount of oil buried, but the result value lower than expected, a lot of power that is difficult to solve the economic problems caused by the occupation of the Middle East. Therefore, the complete withdrawal of multinational soldiers sent to war in the Middle East. After the armistice powers have great importance from the untapped resource-rich Africa and South America. These areas due to the different ethnic composition and Italy woven form disputes, always a civil war, even a national comprehensive war, energy companies can not enter. These companies are invited to the righteous cause of the higher status of countries to eliminate these problems directly. Huge cost of the war a lot of inflows from energy companies, advanced and powerful countries to each other in order to influence and interests choke all in the name of the name of the use of force, and then lift the public opinion, powerful countries that constitute the Commonwealth. This is the United Great Forces of the United Nations. (Ugforces frequent occurrence of civil war in developing countries, for their participation in the backward countries of the civil war, the manipulation involved in the allocation of national Liquan Imperialism Union.) Located

coup and the civil war

assault Storm publicity Figure

. "Sombart" region of Central Africa's The Sombart Republic is 18-19 over the past century German and French colonies. In such an environment to enable them to maintain a lower illiteracy rate compared with other African countries, and height to take advantage of their natural environment resources.

after World War II, the region is still unable to avoid ideological development. This small country in Africa after colonial independence will be coming to the upsurge of communism. Although it is a very short period, but independent of civil war left a serious injury due to the input of the Army of the United Nations is still closed. At the same time, the Crown Prince of feudalism disappeared in history. Since the founding of the Republic of the Congo (Crown Prince in exile. Presidentialism in 1961 Tanjililuo Republic of) these historical born.

era of peace and not sustained, the neighboring country's civil war and unrest in political affairs bring adverse impact Tanjililuo Republic, racial disputes between the impact of the country's ruling system. 1991 Middle East war when international issues, the coup of the small African country did not receive much attention. Was appointed Secretary of Defense "Haba Coruña" the warlords driven out of the presidential coup is successful. At this point, only the head of the 13th Division, "Adi Raz" Minister did not agree with these warlords, and the confrontation with them. But this time the president and the government is already in exile in a foreign state. Adi Raz "

results retreat to the" Tanjililuo southern city of "A Duka. The successful coup warlords to dissolution of the the "Adi Raz army,, an ongoing battle, but this time the support of the people gradually leave them turned Adi Raz" party. The massive


by "A Duka massacre led to the 1999 United Nations send troops, but the United Nations peacekeeping activities, and there is not much help. (United Nations belated countermeasures by international condemnation, UG11 accounted for relatively higher-level than the United Nations.) Although it is too late response, but the United Nations peacekeeping activities temporarily quell the civil war in the Republic of Tanjililuo. A Duka massacre

2010 June after 15 years, and now no one remembers the rebellion of the official forces. (From the official forces, there is the concern of the international community, and therefore no longer use chemical and biological weapons) for more freedom and democracy surprise storm

the enter Tanjililuo energy company in the ruins of cities A Duka City near through the protection of the United Nations peacekeeping force, The discovery of massive oil buried region. This is in the First World War in the 21st century and the second war in the Middle East did not get any of the interests of the powerful manufacturing news to deceive the public. (After all, anti-military attach importance to the righteous cause of birthright, so absolutely no to energy technology organization "by the United Nations peacekeeping force under the protection of prejudice to/attack) but they found oil buried region is located in the" Adi Raz "leadership" tanque li Luo liberation the frontline (TIF) areas of the depths, in the case of civil war did not stop Tanjililuo energy development there are a lot of problems. (Energy technology organization wishes to terminate the status of the the UG11 due Tanjililuo Republic's internal affairs, thus energy technology organization funds a large number of sending troops to the secret support of the UG11) powers admission, the two countries are absolutely necessary to establish a stable government. Analysis far involved in Tanjililuo Republic Civil War reason both the odds and the birthright. In October


chance as it is obviously pretend caused by the anti-military UN peacekeeping force attacks occurred. is being inspected dispute areas in

a squadron of the United Nations peacekeeping force appears to be wiped out under the TIF (Liberation Front), the majority of troops surprise, a temporary truce Tanjililuo civil war began expanding rapidly.

this event, joint powers (UG11) began sending troops. (But later with the special warfare task dispatch John? Hawke will learn the eve of this event Tanjililuo government in the planning of some kind of conspiracy of intelligence.) Ugforces send special warfare brigade UN judgment "PKO officials be attacks" essentially sending troops and notice the expansion of the war, the new results into the international order, the United Nations United Great Forces (joint powers) will eventually lead to the default of sending troops results. The state-owned victim troops


UG-Forces attacks since the UN-PKO grounds that resolution naturally to Tanjililuo government support. "Silent Fox" carried out by the Special Command of the UG-Forces tactical unit

2010 November dozens of successful boot of special warfare and counter-terrorism mission, "John? Hawk" will be led by more than a thousand elite troops. Secret lurking before the outbreak of full-scale fighting, is a specialized destroy major facilities, the assassination of the forces of the enemy commander, blasting bridges, special espionage, psychological warfare, etc.. They accept the first task is to get rid of and revenge attacks on UN-PKO players Tanjililuo liberation front line troops. This is not a simple task, has not been informed in advance of any intelligence, mostly intelligence obtained through direct combat and interrogate prisoners. So they only breakthrough in the fierce the forefront and defense, intelligence continued after dozens of war and defense disrupt waiting tasks. 5 months just to collect advance intelligence. During this period, SilentFox are doing special warfare support to sleek Tanjililuo official forces in combat operations. Because SilentFox special warfare support, Tanjililuo official forces combat very easily. John? Hawk defense Silent Fox disrupt the destruction of the assassination of the implementation of the the task activities become Adi Raz square object of terror, this official forces of war occupy a considerable advantage. Through several times of war and implement tasks during the collection of spy content by radio sudden change in combat.

Operation "JUNGLE EYE" UG-forces through reconnaissance satellites tracked "Adi Raz stronghold. These five months there has been no progress in the UN attack time revenge missions have been canceled, the task is instead captured "Adi Raz. The new combat missions will also increase their doubts. Because they collected intelligence and the fact that the gap is too large, UN-PKO members attacked local official confrontation with the anti-military forces in a war zone. UN-PKO members attacked local official confrontation with the anti-military forces in a war zone. Never happened after the attacks on anti-military locations by seven and a half years ago to abandon the area before the attack. Another bullet traces of the UN-PKO were riding in was attacked vehicles that is not anti-military bullets, of but Tanjililuo forces using 5.7mm bullets.

missing, and betrayal a game screenshots

wondering "John? Hawk still accept the orders of superiors raid Antara City. SilentFox all the players into battle execute captured "Adi Raz task. During its mission to the massacre, war criminals behavior worries began to chemical warfare. Looked at chemical gassed citizens, "John? Hawk looked SilentFox players consternation. Canceled their troops and captured the task to protect the people Adi Raz forces leader, began to confront the government to interrupt the slaughter. After John? Hawke SilentFox and Scout troops, under the command of more than 800 staff lost contact with official forces, dead or alive. "John? Hawk began to eliminate the enter the the official Antara city forces, the official forces Tanjililuo start protesting UG-Forces" John? Hawk attacks. John? Hawke in Antara City, succeeded in preventing a massacre, but because there is no report of the official forces, "John? Hawk is also accused of recognition to obey orders, and the command to return to base, but John? Hawke's forces did not a person to execute this command. Because they know that this command is death command. After John? Hawke troops slowly by official forces forgotten.


"John? Hawk" missing has been a year. The most recent year the military situation to "Adi Raz tilt. Adi Raz "in the civil war has been going on for 10 years has been lagging behind the equipment, no training of troops by the official forces of repression. But the last one year to start their military system began to improve, the fighting power is growing stronger and stronger. And this period is not successful destruction of the main military base, but after another successful assassination of the commander's action. They passed where no one survived. However, this full probability a photo shoot by the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the UG-Forces can illustrate this. The official forces attacks are Tanjililuo think that the traitor John? Hawk missing right hand "Sergei" David appears in the photo. This intelligence based on UG-Forces dispatched reconnaissance troops to get important information (the troops called SquadVenus, by the female members of the recon team. Troops could have been the the Informal Ministry

"raid OL" (20) Screenshots

team, but preparation and later to the regular army) photographed by SquadVenus John? Hawk troops and Adi Raz forces together photos learned Adi Raz forces attempt to use chemical weapons, and the UN-PKO team attacks is Tanjililuo conspiracy. Learned the intelligence UG-Forces felt panic. This intelligence be adversely UG-Forces, so this information classified as confidential files, but the informant was reported by internal staff. UF-forces "Sombart reports the blockade, and decided to send regular army in combat. The public opinion of the international community and powerful internal opinion began to lose confidence in the UG-Forces, Adi Raz countries of the anti-war voices and discussions are starting to appear. This political situation and the ideology of the country as the international community polarization. People began to worry about the civil war in some African countries will be affected because the international war. The original alliance between some small countries since the civil war began lifting the alliance between the original enemy country because of civil war as the Allies. This diplomatic relations are slowly spreading. command of more than 800 special forces


"John? Hawk" has been identified as the elite troops have at least the players to achieve the best results. Each team has its own unique abilities. This is John? Hawke's "Silent Fox" force characteristics. John? Hawke in addition to the "Silent Fox" also train with investigative intelligence called W-Scout, long-range sniper, assassinations, disrupt, the explosion is the main task forces. All tasks are perfect, almost did not fail. But contrary to military orders, they can only depend on each other and "Adi Raz. . They hope someone can prove the true face of the UG-forces and is the world exposure, and hope I can stand up and go back to their hometown. Over time, the world of anti-war public opinion more and more intense, UG-forces dispatched to the regular army in public opinion is impossible. UG-forces know that if the anti-military to get the regime, the world public opinion on the UG-forces will have a variety of unfavorable evaluation. UG-forces eventually decided to send only the Security Police. World public opinion the police are dispatched not army unanimously affirmed, because often in the street where the TV thieves and composed by the local military and civilian security guard team. UG-forces of Member States convened the Force belongs more than 1,000 special forces special combat capability, UG-forces named SA. Send troops when TV is the image of the police in general, after 250Km away C-m2 Airport secretly generals fire was seen on board the aircraft, there is a lot of anti-terrorism police on the plane together. Hawke Zhezhi special forces SA put first warring clan with John? Hawke led forces in the southern part of the region of Tanjililuo official John? Hawke's forces against disrupting their tactics, the capture of John? forces occupied the region occurred. John? Hawke's W-Scout troops laid an ambush in the official forces of regional downed SA troops for intelligence gathering equipment UH-60 helicopters, and carry the helicopter's black box to flee the area of ​​anti-military. Intelligence of the anti-terrorism police SA through the black box John? Hawke, he understands that an inevitable battle will be to expand ~

the Edit the this paragraph Game the league

League site (3)

surprise storm Stars League (abbreviation SASL), is a grand game for all your favorite e-sports FPS players carefully orchestrated referendum competitive top league, the schedule and tournament rules with reference to South Korea's professional league, the WCG World Cup and other professional electronic sports competitions system modeled, and try to ensure that every one participating players can play in a fair, just, open and stable network environment the best competitive level.

professional live matches, high prize money, new leagues Foundation, as well as strong packaging eSports star, Shanda to support the rapid development of e-sports industry in China will strive to create this event, and strive to surprise storm star League fight the participation of all citizens of China's most professional electric race thing. the

Edit this paragraph challenge CF Assault storm

2011 July, the project team of the world's top FPS gaming masterpiece "surprise storm" by the major media and the various ways open to popular online games in China "crossing the line of fire" pay tribute to the project team and issued a challenge to all the people star tournament participation, international professional competitions, challenges CF the malls tournament system; challenges across the FireWire operators with more original content, as well as adhere to the balance of the game, attitude; listen to the sound of more users and plug The determination of the protest, the challenges of quality of service across the line of fire; ultimately challenge the high popularity of Cross Fire 2.7 million. released games outage announcement

edit this paragraph regret outage October 30, 2012, the "surprise storm" operations team "surprise storm ceased operations on December 30, 2012, when all the servers will be shut down, the player can not then log in to the game. [3]