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Samir Duran the Blizzard development of real-time strategy game StarCraft (StarCraft) role (in 2467 the identity of Samir Duran was born on Earth). Samir Duran or Lieutenant Duran, some evidence that he was originally a Terran lieutenant, later Zerg infection, a Zerg/Terran hybrid biological. Samir Duran by Paul Ainsley dubbing. few

About Duran record, most of Duran's own description. According to his file, Duran, 33 years old, has been in federal Alpha Squadron effectiveness. In the the Arcturus Mengsk established Terran Empire, Duran directing a resistance commando the Mengsk new Empire. Although most of his comrades-in-arms that Duran is a cunning leader, but few people know he's mysterious life experience. Special Adviser of

When UED (United Earth Council, the United Earth Directorate) launched the first attack on the Terran Empire on Braxis, Duran to the UED Lieutenant Alexei Stukov provide assistance. In order to deal with the mutual enemy Terran Empire, Stukov accepted, but still can not quite trust Duran Stukov. But in the eyes of DuGalle will, Duran just an apostate Empire.

due to Boralis the intelligence, DuGalle sights on a more important goal: Dylarian dock. Dylarian was once an important base of the Terran Confederacy, but then Zerg drowned. Terran Empire to recapture the Dylarian planets, and huge dock in its orbit.

Duran warning DuGalle said that the Terran Empire within 16 hours to respond to any attack on border planets. DuGalle accept this, but still laugh at some Duran's betrayal, but careful analysis of the warning Stukov. UED's commando raid dock, access to a number of cruisers, by virtue of these cruisers, UED repulsed a counterattack forces of the Empire of General Edmund Duke.

subsequent DuGalle will led the fleet to Tarsonis, where he found a secret weapon the Psi interference device (Psi Disruptor). Duran said the Psi Disruptor is an extremely dangerous weapon, and recommended the Arcturus Mengsk find the destroy. Stukov will think this is a deal Zerg effective weapons, UED and can help to defeat the Zerg. However DuGalle surprisingly endorsed Duran. He ordered Duran to Tarsonis surface to destroy the Psi Disruptor. Duran defeated jammers near the Zerg, the plan has encountered a of Stukov ghost forces resisted. Stukov said, to deal with interference by his troops. So Duran did not intervene.

mutiny in the on Korhal planet, DuGalle will be captured the capital of Arcturus Mengsk, but Mengsk fled under the protection of Jim Raynor. They fled to a the Protoss home to Aiur planet, protected by Fenix's forces. DuGalle do not know why Protoss will protect these people, he also tracking and to came upon Aiur like a bomb. His opponent's base is located near a closed portal, if activated, you can reach any place. When

when Stukov the Duran and DuGalle led troops defeated the Protoss, portal start Mengsk and Raynor therefore escape. In

At the same time, Stukov found a large number of the Zerg positive from Duran has left an established position in the northeast direction. Duran insist on his instrument does not detect the presence of any Zerg and Stukov instrument out. He then excuse for communications equipment failure interrupted contact.

due to Zerg interference, makes Mengsk and Raynor managed to escape, the portal also subsequently self-destruct.

Then Stukov handle some personal business to leave, but did not tell anyone about his actions specifically what including DuGalle and Duran.

to So DuGalle and Duran track the he came Braxis planets, they found that the Psi Disruptor is re-assembled and started up.

Duran told DuGalle, Stukov has betrayed him, so he to undermine DuGalle mission in the Koprulu Star District reassembled jammers.

DuGalle not believe this fact, however, the evidence is irrefutable. He ordered Duran to the jammers, and disposal of Stukov. The

Duran UED led a small team to enter the base, defeated Stukov private guards finally found Stukov will. Duran said he came to the end of to Stukov the command, Stukov said to himself and Duran are very conscious of this action in order to put an end to what. Subsequently Duran Unlike the Canister rifles unknown weapon, shot Stukov stealth and disappear. Stukov dying to tell DuGalle Duran may have been infected by the Zerg, and the mutiny of the UED. The he wanted DuGalle believe the Psi Disruptor useless, and let go of the Mengsk and Raynor escape. Stukov near-death psionic interfere with the self-destruct mechanism initiated, Zerg continuous influx of jammers. Stukov say that this proves Duran mutiny, and subsequently died. The angry DuGalle command computer to find the location of Duran however failed. Remaining DuGalle commando beat together and Stukov the private guards Zerg, and recapture the Psi Disruptor.

infection the Samir Duran

before joining the UED, Duran is likely to have been infected by the Zerg, which makes him become a Zerg/Terran mixture. This shift makes Duran orders from Sarah Kerrigan. Duran tried to the Psi Disruptor DuGalle destruction, so Stukov also believe Duran before encountered UED expeditionary force has been infected.

in the game, Duran is one called "Infested Duran" units instead. He has a more powerful capabilities, sound becomes a little different, in particular the value of his life like Zerg as replies. The Queen consultant Kerrigan


will protect Psi Disruptor, defeated in the planet Char Zerg, capture the new dominate. The jammers weakened the link between the Zerg, Zerg so caught up in the chaos. After an uphill battle, DuGalle defeated three brain worms, use the special agents dominate calm, and capture new dominate.

when Samir Duran to DuGalle introduced Kerrigan. Kerrigan said the Zerg and Duran are her psionic interference will not be too long in the hands of DuGalle. Then she and Duran left.

later Duran served as Kerrigan's important aides. His identity also was told in a new alliance of Kerrigan: Fenix, Jim Raynor. This alliance also includes Arcturus Mengsk, exiled emperor of the Terran Empire and his dream beats the UED and recapture Korhal planet. Finally they succeeded. But after the war, Kerrigan betrayed the Alliance, Duran recommended rode the the Union rest of the time, Mengsk and Fenix's forces launched an offensive. Fenix ​​and Mengsk General Edmund Duke was killed in the battle. the

in the the Tarsonis planet, DuGalle will send troops revenge. In this battle, Duran control a brain worm repulsed UED offensive. The insidious plan Kerrigan in

Duran intend kidnapped from Shakuras take the Dark Templar Matriarch Raszagal. Duran understand the science and technology of the Protoss successfully use the Protoss energy caused the explosion took Raszagal. However, Kerrigan did not tell him the motive of the attack. Because the Shakuras still be protected Xel'Naga Temple, so this is a very dangerous attack. Subsequently, Kerrigan and Duran came to the planet Char, intend to deal with the UED slavery Zerg dominate. Duran pointed out that only the Dark Templar can really to kill New dominate, but Kerrigan convinced that Zeratul will appear and help complete.

Zeratul help in order to rescue the Matriarch Kerrigan assassinate the new dominate and took Raszagal. The Duran knowledge to help again, he told Kerrigan, Protoss How long does it take to evacuate Kerrigan's sphere of influence. Kerrigan is therefore timely to catch up with Zeratul.

deep secret in the final decisive battle, Kerrigan somehow lost all contact with her for Duran. Subsequently, a secret satellite, Zeratul Duran are secret training Zerg/Protoss hybrid. It looks as if the original target dominated populations to achieve the "perfect", the planned merger Protoss and Zerg. Duran is a completely non-human voice told Zeratul, he is thousands of years old and has many names. Duran's background becomes more mysterious, he stressed that he is in the service for a more powerful force (higher power). the

looks Xel'Naga pole there may also exist, but another possibility is in for original Overmind service, even he Overmind presence of another form, or he is in Doran Routhe

Games units Duran, a Duran Terran specter usually wearing a white T-shirt, blue pants, wearing a beret. His weapon is a C-10 Canister Rifle. As a hero, his attack force is three times that of ordinary ghost, and the same stealth, the ability to lock.

infection, Duran became a new unit called "Infested Duran". He has more of the value of life, and a layer of less obvious crustaceans. He still Canister rifle, and can consume the other Zerg's life to replenish the energy of the device. His voice changed to become infected with the human voice. Strange upgrade his weapons and armor through different systems: the Zerg crustaceans upgrade system can upgrade his armor, his weapons by the Terran infantry weapons system upgrade. after

repeatedly click Duran, he will be mentioned a 1980s band Duran Duran, and he would say a "Is There Something I should Know?" This is a Duran Duran track, had arrived in Britain the top position. In addition, he would say: I'm Duran. I told you my name is Duran, DURAN! What's so funny? Please, please, tell me now. Infection Infested Duran said "Please, please, tell me now. "no drums accompaniment, and a voice no longer laughter.

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English name of "StarCraft II" StarCraft Ⅱ, is a real-time strategy game by Blizzard launched in 2010 a RTS, is described as a "StarCraft sequel the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg three communities of the story. The trilogy "StarCraft II" will be introduced that Wings of Liberty (Wings of Liberty), Heart of the Heart of the Swarm (Swarm) and Legacy of the Void (Void left behind). "StarCraft II Chinese network" strong cooperation with the official 24 hours of timely reports "StarCraft II". tens of millions of years ago

background story, highly developed technology race race Naga (Xel'Naga) wandering in the universe, their planet reaches record

build a new life, they try to create a purely biological body, one of the most successful works is Protoss (protoss) and zerg (zerg). But the ambition of the Protoss and Zerg into a large-scale war, unable to extricate themselves. Naga race and to the ability of the Zerg assimilated parasitic Lord results Zerg eventually destroy the race and Naga. Battle of these races, Haas (Khas) made a temporary unity, they considered itself the protector of the Galaxy socially inferior, but they are always afraid of the challenges of the Protoss and Zerg. Zerg started to move on the Protoss when people (Terran) family joined the war. Terran Rangers from the Earth. After the third world war of the Earth, the Earth appears a coalition government, control the majority of the population. Earth's coalition government, however, is a despotic government and terror, they destroy religion and language, and dissidents exiled to the interstellar medium, this is the origin of the human family. Earth exiled from frozen sleep, woke up and found himself subjected to unusual star power of the threat, and only choose to fight. Zerg in order to occupy the entire galaxy, also the target on the Terran who owns the intellectual potential.

the StarCraft IIDuran in Starcraft 2 Moebius Foundation, rulers, a pseudonym for the Emir Narud. He sent his mercenaries trying to destroy data core to prevent the Queen of Blades artifact, but no one forces successfully complete the task. At this time Raynor's Raiders helped him.