MYMMYM the MeetYourMakers clan's referred to, is an entertainment CS clan was founded in 2000 by Mark Peter Messina · Fleiss, has developed into a world famous professional electronic sports club, with all over the world top competitive players. MYM headquarters in the Copenhagen City, Denmark, and has subsidiaries in Germany, the clan is owned by the company EsportsI/S. Transfer from "Rainbow Six" Mark Peter,


, Mexico · Fleiss 2000 CS, MYM team set up together with a few friends, and in March 2001, nine members to be registered as a CS team. In mid-December, MYM PKB (Pee Ka Boo) clan took over the best in Europe at the time the three Warcraft players of the Bjarke, BladeDk and QDK, and thus began the journey of Warcraft. January

2002, MYM is registered as a professional game company, has taken an important step in the development. In November, MYM decided to launch a "Rainbow Six - Shield detachments of the game, most of the management from the previous Rainbow Six players are, a week later, they already have a full list of the Rainbow Six clan. In February,

2003 Rainbow Six squad has been extended to the European group and the German group contains some of the best players in Europe. In March, they established a "Soldier of Fortune" and "Quake 3" detachments, some excellent Soldier of Fortune and Quake players join MYM team. May, established Rainbow Six French detachments June, the original "Unreal Tournament" SC clan joined MYM "Unreal Tournament 2003" unit, but it is regrettable that, due to "Quake, Unreal Tournament field "," Soldier of Fortune "outdated and enthusiasts to reduce, MYM in October canceled three games detachments. The same month, Esports I/S company decided to extend the pattern of the only directors Mark Peter multi governing the pattern, they held a Council elected four directors for Henrik Keppler Anderson Esports I/S Meet Your Makers clan legitimate owners. After that, the best Battlefield game clan in the original Danish GN fully transferred to the MYM as a "battlefield" detachments. In November, MYM six members of the detachments of the "Halo" game. In March

2004, MYM several Danish players "Unreal Tournament 2004" detachments as alternative shut down last year, "Unreal Tournament 2003". After that, they set up a squad of many mainstream sports game. June 3 Esports I/S of five members resigned due to their own academic and life. August, MYM canceled seven games of the squad, they are the "Halo" and "Battlefield 1942", "Rainbow Six - Shield" and "Call of Duty" and "Far Cry", "Counter-Strike. Sca and "Fifa2004", to focus mainly on Warcraft 3 and Counter-Strike. December, Esports I/S the absorbed Marcus Ami assumed MYM heavy work for the new governing.

MYM] Nordahl-manager

2005 May, MYM together to strengthen exchanges with the Nordic collaborative Sennheiser established Denmark FIFA detachments. February

2006 MYM with the world's most famous Warcraft 3 players, South Korea's Spirit_Moon signing, announced their dominance in Warcraft 3. In April, MYM and Sennheiser looks forward to consider the decision to cancel the FIFA squad. Esports I/S and MYM professional investors to acquire new club has sufficient funds, robust network and advanced management experience, MYM to become the world leader in the trend of eSports. August, MYM acquired a well-known game portal, which combines more than 50,000 users to the MYM Community, the addition before ESNation CEO MYM employment for all MYM website content manager. In September, MYM decided to give up the Swedish CS detachments and take over the more powerful Norwegian squad, November, MYM famous Norwegian player element contract, and he was included in their CS team roster. In January,

2008 famous Warcraft players Grubby joined MYM, making the clan power surge. In January 29

2009 years, due to the its parent ESNation A/S planning for 2009 has been adjusted, MYM retained Segment CS and the cost of the original not DOTA segment in the dissolution of the Warcraft 3 and interstellar segment, a legend came to an end. MYM clan former parent company ESNation of officially announced the cessation of operations on March 20,

2009 years, today took over the MYM team the Danish Frontspawn company published a statement announced the termination of everything and ESNation as well as cooperation between the trademarks of MYM. This also means that MYM representative signs will soon become a thing of the past.

final funding problem has been resolved, MYM still active stage in the gaming, LOL, Starcraft Ⅱ well DOTA2, have MYM figure, looking forward to the new miracle.

to edit official in this paragraph article Since 2001 the world famous MYM teams have been around within all kind of games, but especially the Warcraft 3 and Starcraft: Broodwar sections have harvested most of the attention. They have been feared, loved, hated and have had many followers and fans, in both good and bad times. Today the era ends for these teams in MYM and boots are left on the Warcraft and Starcraft battlefield that will be hard to fill.

The mother company behind ESNation A/S has decided to re -focus and change the strategy for which teams to focus on in the upcoming year 2009.

As the founder of the MYM team back in 2001 it is with sadness that I have to make this announcement, but as a professional entrepreneur I respect our decision and look at all the fantastic things we have achieved with our Warcraft 3 and Starcraft: Broodwar teams during the past 8 years, it was worth it and it has been one heck of a trip and there are more to come for sure.

The two Warcraft 3 and Starcraft MYM teams have achieved almost everything there was to achieve, the awards and achievement lists are almost endless, but the most memorable ones where "the double" as Warcraft 3 champions in WC3L and NGL, Olympic champion (Grubby at WCG) in Warcraft 3 and the first Danish CPL gold medal back in 2002 (Won by Bjarke in WC3). For Starcraft it has been the progress during the last year into the best none korean team in the world and not to forget Streloks and White-ra's success in the WCG 2007 and 2008. The ton of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals and trophies remain in the trophy room and will in the upcoming years remind us and bare witness of a fantastic Warcraft 3 and Starcraft: Broodwar era/time, filled with joy, experiences, travels and friendships beyond borders and for that we want to thank you all for that.

We cannot thank the MYM Warcraft 3 and Starcraft: Broodwar players, managers and fans enough, without you we would never have achieved all the things we did and we hope that all of you will stick around and still be a part of the myMYM community and follow the evolvement.

Let us give the following in the Warcraft and Starcraft sections a big farewell:

MYM Warcraft 3

MYM] Losemann aka. Matthias Beyer

MYM ] Nordahl aka. Jesper Nordahl Henriksen

MYM] Moon aka. Jang JaeHo

MYM] Grubby aka. Manuel Schenkhuizen


MYM] Susiria aka Jung-Ki Oh

MYM] Lucifer aka. JaeWook Noh

MYM] Soccer aka Deok Man Yoon

MYM] EVE aka Jae shin The Park

MYM Starcraft: Broodwar

MYM] MaX aka Markus Kemper (Manager)

MYM Warcraft Teams

MYM] Archi aka. Gregor Werner (Manager)

MYM the] Dreiven aka Greg Kordek

MYM] GhosTa aka Michael Beck

MYM] White-Ra aka Oleksii Krupnyk

MYM LastNight69 aka. Jacek T.

MYM] Arew aka. Vytautas Graiciunas

MYM] DinOt aka. Cristóbal Lledó

MYM] IefNaij aka. Jian Fei Wang

MYM] yoon aka. yoon seob lee

MYM] Strelok aka. Eugin Oparyshev

MYM] userek aka. Grzegorz Muśko

MYM] Yayba aka. Jarek Pociecha

Our respective managers would like to make a good-bye statement;

Matthias "Losemann" Beyer (WC3 Manager)

Departure of a Great Team

Today is sad day for MYM and a sad day for eSports. MYM has decided to not continue with a Warcraft team and re -focus their efforts on other teams and games. It is actually a moment where tears are allowed. The moment I had to tell the players about our future, I felt really sad and I know that everybody feels the same way.

Nothing lasts and that is a shame. But today there will be an end of a big era! All the sadness aside, we have had great moments with the team and I am thanking these great persons in and behind the team that they made this possible. MYM is the only and best place to stay for me and I think everybody can agree on this. I have had holidays with management guys and I have had the best offline event with these players. But all these things would not have been possible without the great help of the sponsors and of the whole crew behind this.

To see Grubby, when he talks about the game, or talking with Susiria, the best team captain ever, or Lucifer to be a cool fashion guy and Moon to be a polite person, but also Soccer to be a really funny and talented person and Eve to be a loyal team mate, that is definitely worth every minute I spent with them.

I have been a lucky person to know these great persons and I have been a lucky guy to work with them. I wish all the players the best for their future and may they get new teams and get to show their skill in the next tournaments. I have to say, I loved the team and it was basically a bunch of brothers who tried the best to accomplish all the goals we had! Thank you again! And also thank you for the fans who supported us in rough and in good times, without you we couldn't motivate ourselves that good. It was really important to read all the comments and it was really important to see you guys cheering for us at the events!

Jesper "Nordahl" Nordahl Henriksen (WC3 Manager)

Today is the day an era ends. Today is the day MYM.WC3 is no more. I have been a part of MYM.WC3 since 2004, and hence today affect me dearly when I have to see my team let go. A team that I have shared, and endured hardship with, disappointments and even grief. But also a team with which I have celebrated great victories and personal triumphs.

For 5 years the team has been with me. I have rearranged schedules, vacations and so on to be able to attend leagues finals with it.

There is no real words to describe how I feel about this disbandment, needless to say that I feel sad and wish it wasn't so, but I have to face facts, and facts say that WC3 is hard pressed, and MYM.WC3 was no exception.

With all the sadness, I can also look back at 5 successful years . In my very first year we placed second in the sixth WC3L season, my first season. A season most experts had expected us to do worse in. We followed suit by earning ourselves a handfull of WC3L silver medals, aswell as 2 championship titles. Furthermore we earned 3 NGL championships as well as a closely fought NGL silver medal in addition to the countless solo accomplishments and awards the players earned. The MYM.WC3 team was overall one of the most successful teams in history, and one I will remember with joy in my heart.

The meetings with the players are also something I will look back at with joy and remember as a happy time, and I hope all of the players will continue fighting through these difficult times and will be able to continue their carriers, I know I for one will be cheering for them to accomplish whatever goal they set for themselves.

Gregor "Archi" Werner (SC Manager):

It is a sad day to leave MYM after 3 great years in which we had some ups and downs as well as a lot of stories (Suncow's imprisonment just comes to my mind). These were the years in which we could witness the evolution of MYM from an ambitious organization to one of the leading multi-gaming teams in the world and we are proud to have been a part of it. It hurts even more to leave, now that the SC team acquired the top position in the non-Korean scene.

We want to thank MYM for supporting an oldschool game these entire years and wish the all the best for the future.

We are sad to leave MYM but maybe our paths will cross again one day (maybe with a new SC title? ;)).

Markus "Max" Kemper (SC Manager)

We are kind of sad and disappointed about our dismissal in MYM. But thank you for the great time and support during the last years. Now its time to move on. All the best for the entire company and Good bye!

edit the list of current members MYM] Nordahl - the manager

MYM] Losemann - Assistant Manager

MYM] (, or MYM] Cassandra) - Reporters


MYM] ReMind

MYM] Moon

MYM] Lucifron

MYM] DeMusliM

MYM] Shami

Counter-Strike, PpG (has disbanded)

MYM] zet

MYM] pita

MYM] delpan


MYM] moddii

Starcraft (dissolution):

MYM ] Maz

MYM] Zpiet

MYM] Archi

MYM] Ash

MYM] Blackman

MYM] CrayOn

MYM] DarkGarmer

MYM] Dreiven

MYM] Gentie

MYM] GhosTa

MYM] jae

MYM] Sen

MYM] Lucifer

MYM] Testie

MYM] White-Ra

MYM] yinsul

MYM] Strelok

MYM] hennes


MYM Maelk


MYM PusHer (Pstr)

MYM PlaymatE ( KingA)

MYM Lacoste (LCPRO)


MYM MiSeRy (Missy)

edit this paragraph representative MYM] Moon Name: JangJae-Ho

ID: MYM] Moon

apm: an average of around 240

ID: Spirit_Moon, Moon, [ONE], Last_Day, Moon [Fairs], Mylady, IMNIJ

Date of birth: December 14, 1986

from: Korea the Incheon

Reign of Chaos era, he is an obscure name in the ASIALADDER

However, he sprung up everywhere to break the monopoly of SHOWTIME, his The REPLAYS bring a fresh wind.

MBCPL3, then a master flow to the mighty HUM speed mine launched a strong challenge, he and Swain [Saint] in the final 5 Fan War II people remember him so stream NE summon flourish.

Frozen Throne arrival, he became superior of a loner on the WEG unbeaten myth to make the world as he exclaimed, as the King of Qin Ying Zheng, like the French Emperor Napoleon defeated he became the owner of the target .

This is Spirit_Moon, and his elves into a mysterious wizard, he become crazy Warcraft Warcraft man

at peak times, the only 20-year-old man, this should create more myth man man that he hailed as a NE god.

major competition results:

MBCPL2: Champion

MBCPL3: the runner-

MBCPL5: the champion

WEG2005 first season: the champion

WEG2005 second season: Champion

OGNTFTSOLO League: 3rd: the runner-

IGESOLO: WEEK6: Champion the

MWL: Championship

WEG2006Masters: the fourth

inaugural NSL: Champions

GameXWarcraftIII Championship

IEST global finals: champion

WSVG the station: Champion

BN Asia in the fifth season the final championship

DreamHackSummer2007 champion

WWI2007: the the third place (tied with WE.Sky)

W3 six times champion

PGL2007: the runner-

E-the STARS (WEG2007): the runner-

DigitalLifePro/Amtournament Championship

WorldCyberGames (WCG) 2007WARCRAFTIII Korean championship

CEG2007 the Xi'an station the championship

DigitalLifeProTournament international Championship champion

2007 WCG United States - Seattle World Finals third place

IEST2007 of occupational Masters champion

PGL08 The motto of the the the third season the runner-

ESWC2008 Masters champion

WWI Blizzard Classic championship game: after you lost, do not regret it.

MYM] LuciferLucifer personal information:

name: JaeWookNOH (Lu slaughter Asahi)

Age: 22

birth date: August 19, 1986

cities: Seoul

Nationality: South Korea

main contest scores:

[2002] ITVWar3League8 strong

2003 ] ITVWar3Rankingmatch16 strong

[2003.7] HPongamenetWar3League8 strong

[2003.8] SonogongFrozenThroneLeague16-strong

[2003.9] SumaWar3ProteamLeague the third place

[2004.2] OngamenetFrozenThroneLeague8 strong

[2004.7] WEG the 8 strong

of the first season [2004.8] WCG Korea qualifiers Article 4

[2004.8] the CNGL champion

[2005.1] the PL530 strong

[2005.2] XPSpecialLeague. the third place

[2005.6] ingame.Warcraft the Cup # 9SpringSeason championship

the [2005.6] ingame.Warcraft the the-Cup # 10SpringSeason champion

[2005.7] ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 2Summer2005 champion

[2005.7] ingame.Warcraft the the-Cup # 1Summer2005 champion

[2005.7] MWL1-(8thPlace)

[2005.8] ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 6Summer2005 champion

[2005.8] CKCG20058 strong-

[2005.12] ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 9FallSeason2005 champion

[2005.12] WEG finals in the third season, third place

[2005.12] inCupFall the the sixth season champions

[The 2006.1 the] StarsWars2 Korea the team title

[2006.2] inCupWinter the fourth season champions

[2006.3] the Trans-AthlanticShowdown2ON2 champion (MYM] Moon partner)

[2006.4] ingame.Warcraft the the Finals Champions-Cup line

[2006.4] ingame.Warcraft-Cup tenth season champion

[2006.5] the V-SportsAll-Stars Championship Article 4

[2006.6] MIL runner-up

[2006.6] the WC3L ninth season the the MYM team title

[2006.7] ESWC2006 world the championship finals

[the 2006.7] ingame.Warcraft to-Cup tenth season champion

[2006.7] InCup2on2 # 11 champion (MYM] Moon partner)

[2006.8] WCG Korea qualifiers the third place

[2006.8] NGL-ONE line finals the the MYM team title

[2006.9] IEF20068 strong

[2006.12] Tournament champion China and South Korea

[2006.12] IEST2006 third place

with [2007.1] AllStarsSeries runner-up

[2007.1] Battle.netGlobalLadderSeasonIVFinals the runner-

[2007.1] the WC3L tenth season the the MYM team runner

2007.3] Kespa Cup the runner-

[2007.4] the runner-

of NGL-ONE line Finals 2006/2007MYM groups [2007.4] NSL Runner-up

MYM] Susiria MYM] Susiria

Susiria Profile

Name: JungKiOh

birthday: 19841228

team the: MYM (captain)

residence: Anyang

Nationality: South Korea



MBCCTB2-top two

MBCPrime1MEP (MostExcitingPlayer)

OnGameNetProLeague-top three


WC3LSeason6 top two

ReplaysnetTeamBattle-champion the the



IGE15thSoloTournament the-champion


WC3LSeason8-the runner-

BlizzardLadderTournamentSeason1-top three

2006 the:

ACBSoloLeague-top three

DreamHackSummerSeason-the top three



KoreaEliteClassic-top three

IEF2006-top four

2007 :

ingame.Warcraft-Cup2007WinterSeason # 1 - Champion


ingame.Warcraft-Cup2007WinterSeason # 4 - Champions

WSVGChina2007-the top three


WC3LSeason11-third place

MYM] Grubby MYM] Grubby

Name: ManuelSchenkhuizen

active ID: MYM] Grubby

Date of birth 1986 May 11

cities: Nieuwegein

APM: about 250

have used ID:







Their team: TeamFour-Kings.Intel (had) (present) MeetYourMakers

race: ORC

GF: PPG (now with Grubby with MYM, work in interviews)

Honors: Second Runner-up

CyberXGames of

WorldCyberGames200316 the strong

WorldCyberGames2004 champion

WorldCyberGames2005 the championship

3DutchLANtournaments champion

C58Cyberfighttournament champion

ACON4DutchQualifiers the championship

ACON4WorldFinals8 strong

2005Incup winter season champion

2005CPL Turkey Warcraft Champions

2005 the European WCGECG Warcraft League champion

2005ACON5 Belgium champion

theWC3MastersJuneFinals champion the the Division title

2005ESWC Warcraft project champion

two200-euroGo4WC3Tournaments champion

theWCReplaysAlmojo00Tournament champion

theWC3Masters # 2 champions

theWC3Masters # 3

MYM jersey

theWC3Masters # 9 champion championship the Champions

WC31on1TurnierNr.48 champion

TFT1on1TurnierNr.65 the championship

TFT1on1TurnierNr.66 champion


theWC3Masters2on2 # 1 the

ingame.Go4WC3-CupNr.97 championship Champions

WCReplaysAlmojo00Tournament champion


ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 1WinterSeason champion

ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 3WinterSeason the championship

ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 8WinterSeason champion

ingame.Warcraft-CupFinalWinterSeason champion

ingame. Champion

ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 4SummerSeason2005 champion of the The Warcraft-Cup # 2SpringSeason the championship

ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 7SpringSeason champion

ingame.Warcraft-Cup # 8SpringSeason champion


2005 years electronic Oscar for best e-sports players