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Headshot another can be interpreted as the upper body, a recent photograph, commonly known as "Avatar" or "Big Head". Refers to the shooter, the most classic game terrorism verb. Headshot more more reflects the high level of gamers.

Headshot (Headshot) is a a colloquial verb and noun, refers to the shooter, the enemy's head firearms

bullets, arrows, foot and other external forces attacked and killed. As the head smaller goals, plus game manufacturers enemy head-invasive effect is more special than the physical record forever, so a lot of players will Headshot hit the enemy vital first choice, is also regarded as high-tech and horizons prospective performance. The the Headshot the yardstick degree and frequency of excessive also considered flexor machine, such as people, animals, innocent headshot.

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FPS games CS, "headshot" is the topic of a CS enthusiasts relish, after the battle of a people's blood boil, CS fans to talk about the focus is often in this the showdown being completed several "Headshot" or several opponents shot to get rid of. It can be said, no headshot CS, CS game will lose most of the charm. CS game by a persistent, if not good headshot, his victory would be the lack of CS aesthetic victory. No Headshot of game is impossible to become a classic showdown in the CS. Headshot can be said is the highest in the CS game skills, refine and further improve this technique, CS players tend to be able to quickly improve the overall processing capability of the CS game details. many FPS games are in

now extend this feature, there Headshot a Headshot game the injury Headshot

victims are 100, so to say, the HS is the fastest way to solve enemies, but the game was almost all the character models are very small head. So Headshot need to practice.

Headshot is not a deep, unable to grasp the skills of ordinary players, it is actually very straightforward. The key premise is that in different mouse sensitivity, display resolution, guns, maps and different tactics for the opponent when the firing point decision. the

a good mouse Ling of degrees and habits with the mouse is the premise of creating high headshot rate the mouse spiritual degrees must be slow, slow enough stability. For long-distance confrontation, if you mouse Ling spent fast quasi-heart will be very Gone with the Wind, a small range of a mobile will be flying out of the screen so that your prospective heart. Display resolution, this stuff is good or bad depends on your own computer, if good enough, and will not affect your FPS values, it is recommended that you increase the resolution of the game a little, and the properties of the system on the desktop, the screen Please use 16-bit color, 32-bit is good enough, but the human eye is more present unable to distinguish the difference between 32-bit and 16-bit. But with 16 fluency able to improve your game, that is, the FPS value. Sometimes not smooth game screen will affect the accuracy of your shot, headshot this in high precision, it will be difficult. A firearm, you know it how you know how its recoil? 30 rounds bursts, you know that the first seven rounds of ammunition will probably be distributed to where? Only about a gun, to controlling it, to get it for you headshot. Understanding of a gun go from ballistics and recoil, to understand these two, you learned anything about this gun, understanding just controlling the premise of this gun, controlling it also needs more honed.

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edit the basic information about the director of in this paragraph Thailand movie: Peng force cloud once to take domain security

that type the: Plot/crime

Release Date: September 11, 2011 the Canadian poster

Country/region: Thailand

cast and crew the director

Peng force cloud once take the domain security

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Win Lyovarin

PENG Li cloud once to take domain security

that art guidance

Wittaya Chaimongkol

Synopsis [1] Thailand famous director Peng force · Cloud the once take new domain security for about a head after the shootings but the man survived after he saw the world becomes upside down ......

holes Wu Jianshuo the Dun was a police Jieruchou in survey a drug trafficking case, he was arrested the younger brother of the Minister, after Dun refused to various coercion, results framed by opponents in jail. Prison, he saw a the the most respected devil writers Sang doctor. Sang doctor promised to help London out of the prison conditions Tun "organization" assassin erase those unscrupulous traders and traitors, walk outside the law. After this, Dun and play quite the shuttle in the reign of terror being done out of one country after another moth. However, in an action, the head of Dun was accidental shootings, although narrowly escaped, but his immediate world upside down.

Gradually, Dun Mengshengtuiyi the CIA and at this time to seek them out. Worth of tape to go is not the only industry player, run away, Nathan will have to face the own destiny ......

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edit this paragraph basic information of the latest movie "Headshot"

the English name: Bullet to the Chinese name of Head

: the HS/number one goal (Taiwan)

director: Walter Hill the Walter Hill

Screenwriter: Alejandro Kamon Starring: Alessandro Camon

, the Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone

Christian History the the Wright Christian Slater

Sung Kang,

Sarah Sand Black Sarah Shahi

region: United States

language the: English

type: Action/Crime/Thriller

release date: April 13, 2013 [2]

Plot a Thai police at a shot in the head to kill the process, but fortunately there were no life-threatening, but since then the eyes of the world upside down form of. Would have liked to explore humanity's profound Police start looking trap their enemies in the process of a unique visual world to look at the dirt. Which also stirred into extremely complex variety of emotions and events, the end of the film again Headshot end of all the incidents tangled, complete compose a poignant elegy. The

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relevant information, according to U.S. media reports, the big Hollywood actor Sylvester - Sylvester Stallone Recently, in addition to shooting "death squads 2" [3], another action film "Headshot" (Bullet to the Head) has released the first stills, screen slugger Stallone despite the age of 65, but does not seem to show the old age and the state of the hero, hit the Xuemaibizhang ax war. Stallone lip blood, his hands holding a crossbar to resist the opponents scored the ax, the situation can be said to be quite tense. [4]

small movie broke the news Stallone gas walking the original screenwriter

"Headshot" script from "The Messenger" screenwriter Alessandro Carmon's hand, the film originally scheduled by the sustained panic "Wei Enke Lehmer, but due to creative opinions and not with Stallone, and angrily away from home.

combat action movie "Headshot" plan will be released in North America on April 13, 2012. ! [5]

movie tidbits "Headshot" on behalf of the first docking with the cooperation of the characters of the two idols level in the field of action movies, one of them is highly sought after filmmaker Walter Hill (Walter Hill), have a incredible international influence action star Sylvester Stallone (Sylvester Stallone) ...... the beginning, Sylvester Stallone first proposed by Hill intention to cooperate, he explained: "I of Hill's works have been revered plus, in my opinion, if we can work with him, shooting a movie works his best at this partner, then it would be achievement is what a perfect combination? After all, the field for this story, he can be said is familiar to the film, for example, even if the two heroes can not be regarded as a true partnership, even from some degree of view, they should in fact an opponent, but in order to fight against a common enemy, they can only rely on each other, because relying solely on their personal power is unlikely to be successful - in the process, they also established a fairly interesting links. "Hill went on to say:" I and Stallone has been recognized for a long period of time, have long explored is not there the possibility of cooperation, but did not do so just I really admire him, eager to be able to complete an action film with him, and now we finally get a perfect opportunity. "[6] ! ! ! the

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