Noah, also known as "Noah" (Noah) Legend of a character in the Bible. According to the Bible, "it reads: Noah is the son of Lamech. He lived 950 years old. Noah in his 500 years old gave birth to three sons: one called flash, called containing a man named Japheth. Otherwise, NBA player Joe Kim Noah and animation Gray Youth "in the role of Noah's family.

God said: "I want to creatures and beasts and insects, and the fowls of the air from the ground


eradication." but he could not bear to put all of his creations destroyed, and he hoped that a new generation of animals are able to be more obedient, repent, establish an ideal world.

sinful crowd, only Noah found favor in God's sight. God thinks he is a righteous man, very dutiful; three sons of his father's strict education also does not go astray. Noah warned people around often, should quickly cease to do evil, to get out from the sinful life. But it did not agree with his words continue to go its own way, blindly evil pleasure.

God selected one of Noah: Noah, his wife, three sons and their daughter-in-law, as the seeds of a new generation of human preserved. God told them necessary to seven days after the implementation of great destruction, an ark of gopher wood, a made a shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. The the only Ark To hull size set at 450 cubits long (a measure from the elbow to middle fingertip ancient about 18-22 inches) (equivalent to 137.16 m), 75 cubits wide (22.86 m) height of about 13.7 meters, the ship's side, there is a treaty of 0.5 meters wide translucent gap. Ark each deck area of ​​over 3000 square meters, about half that of the Titanic. Its total weight is about 1.4 million tons, composed entirely of wood. If the Titanic was called "unsinkable" wheel of only a regret, Noah's Ark can be described as truly unsinkable. According to analysis, the Ark of the aspect ratio of 6:1, which is the best size to withstand all kinds of storms at sea for. After simulation experiments show that, even if this boat in the wind waves, can also be means of buoyancy and gravity the various forces offset each other, and to ensure the balance of the hull, so it almost does not capsize. So precise and complex fluid dynamics problems in thousands of years ago, who, and how to design it? Is the answer really is "God"?

Ark on top to allow light transmission windows to open next to a door. Ark points in the next three. They do so immediately. see the ark built

God said: "Behold, I will make flood flooding on the ground, to destroy all flesh, where the ground, the breath of life from under heaven but I will covenant with you, and you with your wife, son, daughter-in-law shalt come into the ark. every clean beast thou shalt take by sevens, the male and the female; beasts that are not clean, you want to bring a male and a female; fowls of the air by sevens, the male and the female have to bring. can save seed, reproductive on the ground. "17 day

2, Noah's 600-year-old birthday, marine fountain cracked, a huge column of water was spouting from the ground; the windows of heaven are open day and night, heavy rain Stop, drop a full 40 days. Water nowhere to flow, and quickly rose to be 15 inches higher than the highest mountains. Any dry land pulmonary respiration of animals are dead, leaving only the Ark Azeri and animal seeds unharmed. Ark adrift carrying high expectations of God on the immense ocean

God asked Noah to build an ark of gopher wood, boat specifications and law-making and to pass on to Noah. Since then, Noah side in time to build an ark, side to advise people of the world to repent of their behavior. Noah in independent helpless case, took as long as 120 years to finally caused a huge ark, and obey God, the family of eight, moved into the variety of birds and beasts pair came in an orderly manner into the ark. 7 days after the flood from heaven, a row of 40 days and nights of people, animals and plants all caught no top disaster. Except Noah's family and the other descendants of Adam and Eve are flood engulfed even the highest mountain in the world, seven meters below the surface.

God cares for the birds and beasts of Noah and the Ark, they ordered only rain Hing wind, wind and water, and the waters gradually subsided. Noah's Ark is docked at the edge of Mount Ararat. Then, after dozens of days, Noah opened the window of the ark and released a raven to out spies message, but the bird never came back. Noah took a dove let out to go look at the ground water had subsided. Covered with water, pigeons can not find a place to stay, and then fly back to the ark. After seven days, Noah again dove let out at dusk, the pigeons flew back, his mouth olive leaf, obviously peck down from the tree. Noah Judging from the ground water has subsided. Future generations of people with dove and an olive branch to symbolize peace.

edit this paragraph story originated a new study confirmed that, as early as 8000 years ago, the North Atlantic enormous ice sheet melting has increased substantially raise sea, the scientists pointed out that the incident may be described in the Bible, Noah's Ark to save humanity the origin of the story.

According to Spain Monde "reported on the 25th, the scientists of the University of Exeter and the University of Wollongong, Australia, dating from 8740 to 8160, the North American Laurentide ice sheet to melt, causing nearly 10 million years Earth's largest freshwater increase, the Mediterranean sea level rise of 1.4 meters. The study of

pointed out that the cause was still a freshwater lake in the Black Sea flooded by salt water sea-level rise, resulting in the Black Sea changed salty seawater increased in about 8200 years ago. The Neolithic agricultural population living in the Black Sea coastal area most affected, they are unable to continue farming. The most serious floods, 72,700 km2 of land were flooded, this period lasted about 34 years. The same phenomenon also appears on the Mediterranean coast, about 1120 square km of land was flooded.

which caused 145,000 farmers (mainly Eastern Europe) moved west to find a more suitable farmland. They accelerate the arrival of a local social change, and promote a lifestyle change, which is likely to be early agriculture spread to other parts of Europe. The event is from generation to generation, give the impression that the whole world is a big flood occurred, this may be the origin of the story of Noah's Ark

research team leader Professor Chris Turney said.

extended reading: 1 Secret World seven mysteries http://www.zhenpm.cn/content.asp?id=16

2 http://wiki.keyin.cn/index.php/% E8% AF% BA% E4% BA% 9A

3 http://www.hoopchina.com/nba/players/joakimnoah_1222.html

4 "the Noah legend 'official website: http://nycs.syyx.com/

5" Noah legend "official forum: http://bbs.nycs.syyx.com/

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2. the Altec god editor the original meaning the item



basic information: Noah originally:

Altman Noah:

Dark Noah (Zaki) dark Faust dark image of Mephistopheles explain the role set appearances drama directory What other secret plan N Plan N Remarks expand

edit this paragraph basic information: Noah originally: "parallel universe was born, the first light any parallel universe them as the God." This is the original set.

it can be said to be beyond the absolute existence of the Ottoman system: across the the immeasurable crystal wall, the universe times per master vanity chaos, represents the first light of the world opened the most high God: Noah. Truly countless sentient beings see me whenever known my name. Is the source of all bright.

lord of light, rather than the god of light. Bright relying on it. The concept of the meaning of this range at Noah Altman's essentially different.

draw an analogy, "Noah Altman" like God (???) to act in the world of avatar, it is similar to the concept of God in China God o system, the the Western myth system will projection.

detailed in the Orientals's worldview, he is Haotian an idea, in the Western worldview he is God projector. the

Altman Noah: Height: micro ~ 50 m of Noah Wings (including full-height 55 m)

weight: of 55,000 tons

flight speed: unknown

the From: M80 Scorpio globular the nebula

human body: solitary door-hui ( The Naik Withers finale)

good skills: the Noah Lightning Noah Hellfire.

story begins manufacturing artificial Superman ZAGI visitors according to NOA look. However, due to ZAGI runaway, visitors to blow up the M80 and ZAGI fled the Earth. Unfortunately: ZAGI and not dead. Story will be commenced the ......

exists in the universe, the legendary Altman, has infinitely powerful force. Gradually experience the universe, it is separated into two completely contrary to the nature of the individual (Noah), playing for the first time in the children's stage show. The retractable

back "Noah Wings Noah had the ability to transcend space and time. Many mysterious ability of ultra-strong light emitted flame-wrapped fist "Noah Hellfire leaning against the right arm and the left fist" Noah Lightning "[1]. the

edit this paragraph Dark Noah (Zaki) Height: 50 meters

weight: of 55,000 tons

flight speed: unknown

from: M80 the Scorpio spherical nebula

human body: the stone rise Mitsuhiko

good skills: electro-optical technology, gravity technology, other

exist in the universe, the legendary Altman, has an infinitely powerful force. Gradually experience the universe, separated into two completely contrary to the nature of the individual (dark Zaki), first appeared in the children's stage show. completely opposite

with Noah nature separatist body, fled to Earth after the defeat of the Noah, Noah also came to Earth to trace the footprints. Due to power dissipation, Noah had to seal up the majority of forces, the embodiment of 奈克瑟斯奥 Terman. (Naik Seuss Movie).

"unknown hand" prototype evil dark Diablo. Came to Earth, stone rise of the body to cover up, waiting for the resurrection of the timing. The characteristics being issued "Zaki to Thorning ancient" light skills, and Noah contrary, alias "Dark Noah.

original "visitors" who imitate rescue their Light Giants look production deal with the ultimate weapon of gluconeogenesis beast "Zaki". However, due to the awakening of the evil thoughts cause loss of control, self-evolution, also this the elimination gluconeogenesis beast transformation and resurrection.

"visitors" are order to resist Zaki threats, ultimately decided to blow up their parent star. And that is the truth of M80 Scorpio spherical nebula supernova explosion. the

Edit this paragraph dark Faust after 奈克瑟斯奥 Terman appear like in the chase followed, "the dark giant." Forces of "light" and hands of JI vector quasi-relative dark Faust body also contains the power of the "shadow"! The Naik Withers US-tower complex Ru light in the dark space dark Faust manufacturing power play. The other was able to exert a "dark halo", "encryption nut light nirvana!

edit this paragraph darkness Mephistopheles standing in front of Naik Withers "black devil"

transfiguration the original TLT players ditch Lu wood dark giant Naik Withers had the same ability. Like dark Faust, it can create a "dark space". The two wrist Mephistopheles wrist armed cross emit "dark halo", "light beam through the" nirvana!

edit the image in this paragraph commentary legendary "rebirth" Start ULTRA N PROJECT

return to the origin does not mean the previous model to copy not move. The new hero ウ Hikaru Suites ra ma nn ノ ア as Round Valley is about to release the named "ULTRA N PROJECT" plan of the first bomb protagonist in the summer of 2004, the official debut Japanese screens! Are not as successful and complacent, been to the new possibility challenges more toward drama with a hero's image continued to fumble. The Round Valley companies held the soul of this enthusiasm Challenge is to the parties should pay tribute to the dedication of the origin of the "mystery of light". differs from previous All Otter Series set

the new hero ウ Hikaru Suites ra ma nn ノ manufactured using a new image, a new line of the set, from the new positioning Ultraman series, maybe this and Ott's old rival "Kamen Knight's new positioning is exactly the same!

The protagonist of the design, beyond the image of the ages, give the impression of a sharp and strong memory and Altman's image of the original has not been much change challenge!

this is just the tip of the iceberg "ULTRA N PROJECT" plan, believe that there will be many changes leap in the next few years, Altman setting than before, the ULTRAMAN NOA say like Round Valley Home only "firstの messenger. "!

edit this paragraph roles set exist in the peace of the whole universe of legend since ancient times continued guardian. Beyond the long time constant succession of mysterious light, according to the birth of the light and suitable for those who can afford the fusion giant - Altman, the original figure, and ultimately final form, the body is a shining silver back long a silver colored retractable wing "Noah Wings, it has the power to travel through time and space, his appearance seemed like a miracle of God. The dark giant dark Zaki Deathmatch expand beyond time and space, with dark Zaki disappear in the extradimensional figure. However, that light is the earth's appropriate those who can afford their inheritance, "奈克瑟斯奥 Terman last words as suitable for those who can afford reappear hero solitary door Kazuki into that majestic, overwhelming force burial the dark Zaki.

Edit this paragraph appearances in the the Naik Withers in

37th: solitary door into the final battle with the dark Zaki.

in 赛罗奥特曼 THE the MOVE "super decisive battle! The Beria Galactic Empire "

appear and give Siro Balaji Shield.

edit this paragraph drama directory 1 night attack-Night Raider-Pei Delong (pe ド レ オ ン, tiny morphology) October 2, 2004

2 gluconeogenesis beast-Space Beast-Pei Delong (pe ド レ オ ン, growth morphology) 2004 10 Yue the 9th

3 giant - Altman - Pei Delong (pe ド レ オ nn, tiny morphology, growth morphology, flying morphology) 2004 October the 16th

4 Asian space - the field of beauty tower - Pei Delong (pe ド レ オ ン, tiny morphology, growth morphology, fly morphology) 2004 October 23

5 suitable for those who can afford-Dunamist-Bai Geba respect (ba ku ba ズ nn), Bldg `セ ku Tatari October 30, 2004

6 ruins-Relic-Bai Geba statue (ba ku ba ズ ン), gamma Ru Booth (ga Hikaru ベ ro su) November 6, 2004

7 magic people - Faust - Bai Geba statue (ba ku ba ズ ン) 2004 November the 13th

8 MP-memory Police - Bai Geba respect (ba ku ba ズ ン) 2004 November 20 May

9 Warning-Warning-Lai Fu Liya (Getting フ レ イ ア) 2004 November the 27th

10 inrush-Strike Formation-Lai Fu Liya (Getting フ レ イ ア) 2004 December the 4th

11 Doll-Marionette-Northrop Phil (ノ ス フ ェ Hikaru) 2004 December the 11th

12 parting-Lost Soul-Pei Delong (pe ド レ オ ン), Northrop Phil (ノ ス フ ェ Hikaru) December 18, 2004

13 predictable by-Illustrator-Northrop Phil (ノ ス フ ェ Hikaru) 2004 December 25 Ri January 8, 2005

14 demon - Mephistopheles - Northrop Phil (ノ ス フ ェ Hikaru)

15 nightmare-Nightmare-Northrop the Phil (ノ the su フ ェ ル) January 15, 2005

16 labyrinth-Labyrinth-Northrop Phil (ノ ス フ ェ Hikaru) January 22, 2005

17 dark-Darkness-garou Bellows (ga Hikaru ベ ro su) January 29, 2005

18 revelation recorded-Apocalypse-gamma Ru Booth (ga Hikaru ベ ro su), Allah library is (ア Getting ku ネ ア), forro ancient Ross (フ ro グ ro su) 2005 February 5 days

19 To strike war-Cross Phase Trap-Ge Luge to Farm (ゴ Hikaru ゴ レ ム) February 12, 2005

20 chase-Chrome Chesterδ-Ge Luge to Farm (ゴ Hikaru ゴ レ ム) 2005 2 January the 19th

21 Passion-Sacrifice-Ge Luge to Farm (ゴ Hikaru ゴ レ ム) 2005 February 26

22 rest-Cure-library soil pull (ku Suites ゥ `ra) 2005 March 5 days

23 fate-Satisfaction-library soil pull (ク Suites ゥ `ra) March 12, 2005

24 hero-Hero-library soil pull (ku Suites ゥ` ra) 2005 March 19

25 omen-Prophecy-Gulantela (グ Getting ン Te ra) 2005 March 26

26 pity - of The Third-Gulantela (グ Getting ン Te ra) 2005 April 2 May

27 prayer-Prayer-Gulantela (グ Getting ン Te ra) 2005 April the 16th

28 then would-Reunion-Gulantela (グ Getting ン Te ra) 2005 4 Yue 23

29 quiet sound-Calling-class horses pull (バ ン ピ `ra) April 30, 2005

30 surveillance by-Watcher-management tie management Aso (リ ザ リ ア su) May 7, 2005

31 Bird-Bird-management tie management May 21, 2005 May 14, 2005, Aso Valley Rolla (リ ザ リ ア ス グ ro `ra`)

32 shadow-UnknownHand-dark Mayfield Manchester second generation (ダ `ku メ フ ィ su Suites ツ ヴ ァ イ)

33 forget-AD2004-Meiga Fula Shi (the the メ ga フ Getting シ) May 28, 2005

34 blockade-AD2009-梅嘎福拉什 (the the メ ga フ Getting シ) 2005

35 rebel-Revolt-梅嘎福拉什 (the the メ ga フ Getting シ), gamma Ru Booth (ga Hikaru ベ ro su), according to group wheat Confucianism (イ ズ マ エ Hikaru) 2005 June the 11th

36 Armageddon-Farewell-according to group wheat Confucianism Lu (イ ズ マ エ Hikaru) 2005 June 18

37 stumbling-the Nexus-dark Zaki (ダ `ku milk drink) Pei Delong (pe ド レ オ ン) June 25, 2005

EX Shiori special chapter-Lost Memory-Ba Guba respect Breadsall (バ グ バ ズ ン ブ `ド), Ba Guba respect Glasgow (バ グ バ ズ ン グ ro` ra `), ア Getting ku ネ ア

edit this paragraph N scheme [mysterious light from dawn!

Round Valley Productions expanded Ott N plans first bomb. Zero return

fight [soul]. The origin of

return, does not refer to the original form, as to expand the meaning. success

not proud often challenge new possible,

the the update the screenplay and continue to explore the challenging spirit of the Round Valley Productions the heroic image


which should be praised the origin of the mysterious light]. other secret

edit this paragraph N scheme here have to say 1:00 ..... N actually not an entity ..... is a multi-dimensional space-time presence of mediator ..... that is true NOA only under specific conditions in a space .... go to a time and space of their own mediator who superimposed ..... this is the solitary door NOA Light setting ....

original divided into (fear, despair, hope) the three major chapters ..... each chapter scheduled 2 words ..... but cut ..... final words of the despair and re-two chapters in the last set on the overall fully integrated ..... so of a then you will feel how suddenly so many things .....

and the fear Chapter obliterate go ..... difference is "forget the past" and be rewritten memory "....... is knowing events Shibuya N (hereinafter referred to as the arrival of) the truth .... and the realization that the facts are hidden to .....

so-called hidden fact ... THE ONE after the death of the debris is in fact some space dielectric particles ..... spatial and temporal frequency interference caused in different places so to some variation of the generation ..... in a crystal spatial abilities Health beast with THE ONE space cell debris .....

final 6 chapters in the story of despair chapter "defector" as well as the next, then the "TLT disintegrate" .... TLT appeared traitor ..... and a team of people of all crossing ..... the solitary door to rescue the past (see the scene of the first words) .... Also in the past .... multiple blow vaccination from thorough ..... Saijo blackening and transform into Lucifer (Lucifer second transfiguration by Saijo) .... as well as to see the light of the palace in the solitary door inadvertently (solitary door was chosen Zhao) ...... There is a traitor betrayal ..... exposed to the world the presence of TLT ..... TLT existence of civil people are disgusted and extremely offensive ..... TLT was neutralized ..... same .... the the N arrival of this event is also completely open ..... the people began to fear fear all around society .... ..... the world into an absolute The panic .... people are not so-called "trust" and "tie up" (that is, the bond of light) ..... people in despair ushered ZAGI ..... forget sea ​​of ​​destruction (TLT collapse of one) so that all the people to remember the painful things ..... the world has led to a dark

last chapter is Hope Chapter ..... " hero Advent and beyond all "(the original story title one) .... solitary door defeated Saijo ... Saijo, at the end of his life becomes the light ..... open the way now the channel ..... solitary door was inherited by the hands of Saijo N glorious ..... Unfortunately, combat failed ..... captain who make all people aware of the significance of the N and his mission .... The Voice of solidarity with the N (solitary door change the physical appearance scheduled) stood up ..... The captain and others decided to break into the base TLT military armed blockade ..... steal TLT fighter solitary door sent glorious ..... alone drove the last captain seriously injured fighters (the remaining people were injured captured) looking forward to make ....... captain does not abandon the spirit as well as people around the world hope to solitary door the potential outbreak ..... N also spatial and temporal incarnation (NOA upper body ==) to become the messenger of time and space NOA .... the final blow ZAGI sent to go to the edge of the universe ..... and ZAGI thoroughly defeated ...

is .... originally scheduled final 3 steps so beautiful ..... Unfortunately, because of the merciless cut ... lost too much. ....

edit this paragraph note finally to one of the most legendary figures ULTRAMAN N PROJECT messenger - NOA, N for NOA light Festival began as a return to the origin of the light series, Youyi NOA coming out of the screen and ended, the bonds of Light links NOA, NEXT, NEXUS, he is eventually also original form of the N series.

background about the giant, very dramatic, NOA first TV magazine serial, titled "Combat Dream-NOA ", the first set after the debut in" NEXUS "setting is slightly different, of course, a careful analysis of, or linked, First is that the the NOA light gave birth in the set:

This involves the world view of the origin of the M78 nebula NOA in the original set from Taikoo began guarding the whole universe balanced legend body surrounded by white silver light, the back Noah Wings, so he has to travel through time and the capacity of the space, to say that he can shuttle between different parallel world ... the first time and space, M78 nebula light, his enemies called Black Noah - Zaki led gluconeogenesis animal army invasion of the kingdom of light, so he and his brothers Ott side by side with human warfare. Finally, in Nebula M80 globular 20,008 thousand light years from Earth, NOA ZAGI launched the final battle, in the end, NOA resorted strongest technology "NOA THE FINAL" open the door of time and space, and ZAGI disappeared in the other side.

after, NOA once again appear in the the Western calendar 2009 Earth the ......

edit this paragraph Remarks * Noah Wings retractable, so sometimes we see NOA is like no wings, which hides the ancient mysterious forces are unable to imitate ZAGI;

* If 5000 years ago, the guardian she did the NOA and Now NOA is the same person, the hypothesis is true, then the solution of the other fans, is the early generation of his predecessors do not know why in the play, this is why ah? fall in the order of Earth's figure

* N PROJECT: visit the by-ZAGI-THE ONE-NOA;

* NOA life to Maki instantaneous freshman has died after NOA itself is based on the the arc door of awareness led a form that is suitable for those who can afford itself is the real light of the Giants, one of the concept of the origin of which is light.

* TV version, from beginning to end did not see Noah with the mysterious power of the seal Noah Wings, if used all the skills all strengthen should be able to reach twice the level seen before the Round Valley reduction out of Naik Withers screenplay, set in the final battle is Zaki Noah hit the edge of the universe, then seconds, estimated the Noah Wings energy released the sake

entry Atlas Atlas

References 1. Altman strength .360 Library reference date 2012-11-7].

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3.NBA player Joakim Noah to edit the original meaning-item

Nuo Yaqiao gold Joakim Noah - Noah// 13

position: power forward

Height: 2.11 m/6 feet 11

of body weight: 103 kg/227 lbs

birthday :1985-02-25

team: draft Chicago Bulls

: 2007 1 9

schools: Florida, junior

Nationality: France

this season salary: $ 2,140,000

contract situation: 10020000 7/27/2007 signed, 2011, due in summer, 09 & 10 Xia team option

the the anime role of the "Gray Junior Noah family edit the original meaning of items


the directory

plot Overview Role Description

edit this paragraph episodes Overview" Gray Junior "(also called" D.Gray-man ") in Noah's family for the anti-corner but 7,000 years ago, the 13 Apostles. seven thousand years ago, in a battle with the" heart ", as the first Twelve Apostles after the fall of the apostle of the Millennium Earl, surviving the flood to destroy the world, became the second-generation Adam, human ancestors Therefore, human beings are persons with the genetic descendants of Noah. era 12 individuals will be due to the body's genetic factor awakening Noah of the 12 apostles of memory in order to protect the Millennium Earl, also reincarnation reason why Noah did not fully awakening the force, because they suppress the memory of the unconscious. told continued life of the Earl of Millennium Millennium and have seen through the human brain, the eye of the apostles "wisdom", self-awareness will refuse to be swallowed by the memory, even if you assume the mission of Noah.

edit this paragraph roles About Noah's family members: first apostles [Millennium Earl, second apostle [cut] third apostle [happy], the fourth apostle [For] the fifth apostle [chi], the sixth Apostle [eclipse], the seventh apostle [shirt eighth apostle [anger], the ninth apostle [Dream] X · eleven apostles [stumble] the twelfth apostle [color], the Thirteenth Apostle [can]. 187 words of the New All Noah all played the way about the No. 14, the only betrayal Millennium Male Noah - Rhea Walker, its memory attached to Asia with Walker, upcoming resurrection?!

now known name: Ti odd · Mick, Rod Kamei, Gus Derby, Ruskin, Lulu Bayrou, Wye Beardsley

Rod Jia Mei

ninth apostle [dream]

the gender: female

age the unknown.

prototype : Dream Angel Rose-er

prototype legend: body in charge of the dream of the Rose-er has unknown things, God is for her is very cold is

but in many cases God for her and very concerned about.

her great ability. falling The Angel (Abraham) sister.

role of her brother in a way it can even create an equivalent in another world that God created this world, can also be called a dream world.

ability: [dream] Rhodes can create her own space, the opponent into the spirit world to be devastated at the same time to read each other's mind, mentally beat opponents, and any attack on her is invalid, including exorcism attack. Rabbi in