Sun Fuming


Sun Fuming, Olympic champion, China's famous judo athletes, 1996, at the Atlanta Olympic Games, the 26th Olympic Games was the women's judo gold medal in the 72 kg, the 2003 Osaka World Championships women's judo above 78 kg champion. Edit

the segmental motion experienced Sun Fuming, Tieling West abundance of people 13 years of age to enter the sports school, began practicing the shot put, discus, and later switched to judo 15 years of age to enter the judo team, Liaoning Province, later this year to become the national champion, Asian Games champion, Olympic champion ......

since the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games 3 introduction of Freestyle Wrestling Olympic race altar, Greco-Roman wrestling in the 1908 London Olympic Games 4th into the stadium, since the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese introduced to judo tournament altar, wrestling has been the world of men's, women's judo new project just recently he set two Olympic Games, and the level of competition of the women's judo only set a level more than 72 kg, which alone provides the world how much Heroine judo players crowded at this level subglottic countries selected elite contest full the whole peak yet fear lack, Sun Fuming Under such conditions, the hard-fought Western warlords to pass through the narrow wins and get the first of which can not be measured by money value gold medals.

edit the best results in this segment in the Atlanta Olympic Games, the 26th Olympic Games in 1996 was more than 72 kg class gold medal in women's judo open class

Edit this paragraph athletic performance in the 1994 National Women's Judo Championship open class champion

1995 National Women Judo Championship champions

1995 the World University Games women's judo the undifferentiated class the third

1995 World Judo Championship open class champion

1995 was on the international women's judo tournament in Fukuoka, Japan Women's open class the runner-

1996 in Rome International A-class judo tournament, was 72 kg class champion

1996 was in the National Judo Championships in the women's 72 kg class title

1996 years of the 26th Olympic Games, more than 72 kg class champion

1997 East Asian Games champion

2000 Asian Judo Championship open class champion of women's judo

2001 East Asian Games National Games women's judo +78 kg champion open class champion of women's judo

2001 years

2002 National Women's Judo Championships +78 kg champion

2002 Busan Asian Games women's judo +78 kg champion women's judo world championships in Osaka,

2003 78 kg the above level champion

edit this paragraph stadium wind and rain to participate in the Olympics and even got a gold medal, is the life of every athlete ideal. Mobilization not only for circle time Olympic dream shipped

contest with different opponents, but also be ready to cope with injuries plagued the internal competition, stadium accident and other factors. Sun Fuming struggled for 12 years, participated in two Olympic Games, time Olympic champion, tasted the arena of life's ups and downs.

Sun Fuming initially practiced throwing athlete of the project, a halfway decent diverted practicing judo, but because of the lack of explosiveness, her judo team is not outstanding. Sun Fuming also has its own advantages, and her special ability to endure hardship by virtue of this tenacity, her first time to participate in the 1996 Olympic Games, won the championship.

Olympics champion, Sun Fuming become public figures. But she is still in an orderly manner to participate in training, she wanted to fight to the Sydney Olympics in 2000. There are unexpected storms, delaying her again to enter the Olympic footsteps of a right leg injury. To this end, she secretly cried a lot. However, the earthy, she never exposed on the surface, when the coach let her do the Yuan Hua sparring, she cheerfully became a "sandbag". Training in the last Olympic champion, as always, seriously, do "senior sparring responsibility. Yuan Hua finally stood on the Olympic podium, Sun Fuming also exposed the tears in flower smile.

twelve years of sword, indomitable Sun Fuming finally win the qualification for the Athens Olympics. Unfortunately, this "farewell performance" only a bronze medal. Sun Fuming, said: "Although I was the oldest judo players, but the technology still has absolute advantage did not win the gold medal, mainly psychological pressure is too heavy, too much to consider in a crucial game on I win kiasu heart hesitate between rival advantage of the loophole. "

12 years of ups and downs she learned how to dull the face of life:" Now is the time to let young players position. "

Edit this paragraph Xi Yi towering ● heaven prepared pie

"I still remember that day, July 20, 1996. piece of gold a little surprised, but then think about it, that is almost heaven has been prepared for me good pie. "--- Sun Fuming

before to participate in the Olympic Games in Atlanta, there is no people think Sun Fuming gold, but did not think she would actually get the Chinese delegation to the first gold medal in the Olympic Games.

the same as in Liaoning were the Zhuang rock, in 1992, won China's first judo Olympic gold. However, judo was not a good project, not to mention, Sun Fuming just enter the year's not too much of the national team.

However, accidents have surprises. When she cleanly defeated after a head taller than she Cuba Heitie Ta Rodriguez, the highest podium at her head high, proudly raised golden medals with his right hand.

"To be honest, I also thought win the gold medal, would have been unthinkable. Liu guidance did not think before he never gave me the next targets, even before the final, he said playing Haojiu Hang." recalled win scenario, Sun Fuming daft smile, and then think about the fact, to take the title is not entirely unexpected, my 15-year-old began training followed Liu guidance, he often told us that is a good practice, there will certainly be results so we trained very hard, how do you say, a lot of people say that the gold medal is come out of the pie, but that seems long ago gave me good. "

However, Sun Fuming did not expect , Since then she has never tasted a piece of the pie taste. 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, plagued by injuries, Sun Fuming let out only places for the competition in the women's 78 kg class, the Chinese team, willing to do Yuan Hua sparring; Athens four years later, Sun Fuming was ordered to return, but they missed in the semi-finals accident. Since then, Sun Fuming has spent the thirties, while holding the struggle to the 2008 dream, but this dream but ruthlessly destroyed by the cruel reality ......

edit the segment leader living ● this life without leaving judo

although now no longer throw beat hit than before, but the feeling still tired However, I also quite like the leader of this

working life I certainly will not leave judo a --- Sun Fuming

the end of last year, Sun Fuming competition for win become a of Liaoning Province judo team leader, began to own another judo life. Farewell tatami, Sun Fuming daily work is to deal with the day-to-day affairs of the judo team, just like a logistical Minister, in her own words, is to become the sports teams of the "nanny".

Although not a large amount of training, however, Sun Fuming leader working more tired. Sun Fuming said: "In the beginning, is not suited to feeling tired, day have to worry about a lot of things, tired heart. Much better now, they have basically adapted But daily or overwhelmed, also tiring

however, seems destined to judo students do the leader tired, and Sun Fuming but also enjoying themselves. "Do not leave judo, all kind of good, tired also worth a day I have to turn around our players, they deal with some things to try and straighten their thoughts every day is also very fulfilling I am like leader of this work, I think this life I certainly will not leave judo a "

become leader, Sun Fuming thin, white, a lot of people thought she was doing cosmetic surgery. This Sun Fuming laughed: "How can what cosmetic ah? Before training just do not want too much to do leader to worry about too many things and I also do diet control, every day running, weight loss considered a success. probably 50 pounds less. "

edit this paragraph Looking Olympics ● pragmatic work is to contribute to the

" can not participate in the 2008 Olympic Games is indeed very regrettable, however, do my work, that is involved in the Olympics, that is for Olympic Games to contribute. "--- Sun Fuming

2004 years after the defeat of the Athens Olympic Games, Sun Fuming has vowed to stand up in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and this time she had away from that dream. However, since the embark on the journey of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Sun Fuming this gifted doomed difficult to give up the share of the Olympic Love.

now, Sun Fuming official "the Olympic identity", Shenyang of zero, Olympic volunteers, Shenyang Olympic volunteer spokesperson. "I was restless, the Shenyang Olympic volunteers began recruiting I reported the name, I want to change an identity to participate in the Olympic Games is also good." Talked about his "feat", Sun Fuming look of excitement. January 5

7, Sun Fuming participate in the Shenyang Olympic torchbearers activities. Sun Fuming depicts a vivid description of the situation at the time: "" clouds "really nice, a look that we Chinese are also very comfortable to get up, but I feel like some floating Athens when I worked as a torchbearer, hoping to 2008 also holding the torch run for some. "

For Sun Fuming is concerned, she was on the Olympic Games can do the greatest contribution, in her words, is" good work now. " "In fact, do not necessarily participate in the competition. Doing my work, that is involved in the Olympics, which is contributing to the Beijing Olympic Games. Liaoning team if longer go out an Olympic champion, then how much I credit. "for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Sun Fuming such dreaming ......

edit this paragraph torchbearers July 28, 2007, Shenyang, Liaoning," clouds "of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch arrived Shen. The same day, Lenovo released the first batch of two, Shenyang Olympic torchbearer nomination, Sun Fuming, Zhao Benshan delighted to be included.

edit this paragraph Olympic Love After retiring, Sun Fuming when on the Liaoning women's judo team leader, finally retreated from the front of the stage, behind the scenes; while she has frequently appeared in a series of activities in the past two years, the Olympics held in Shenyang, still most compelling Olympic star. Sun Fuming said: "I am very grateful to the College and the leadership of the judo team, they are very supportive of me and actively participate in public welfare activities, I retired a long time, both on behalf of the athletes, but also on behalf of sports management, and these activities are close to the Olympic Games related, so I teach here in the same time, but also improve the skills in the community, I hope to use their influence as the

Olympic champion, to attract more people know about the Olympic Games, to participate in the Olympic Games. "January 25,

4, Shenyang The first Olympic volunteers, Sun Fuming honored to receive the certificate of the Olympic Volunteers zero number, and became the spokesperson of the the Shenyang Olympic Games volunteers. Sun Fuming told reporters, as early as the beginning of the Olympic Volunteers began recruiting in Shenyang, she initiation of the idea to become an Olympic volunteer, "previously as an athlete to participate in the Olympic Games, this time I would like another identity to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, even if doing a the Olympic judo reception staff, also for the Olympic Games to contribute. "For their own to become a volunteer spokesperson, Sun Fuming frankly deeply honored," This is my dream, and I promise to call. "

2004 year Sun Fuming former Athens Olympic torch, the completion of the torch relay in Beijing. "Before the time passed, I'll be notified runners must pay attention to control the rhythm, but also with the escort runners between unison but truly up and running, I was almost to forgot all the staff from time to time to remind me 'jogging', but also to maintain good running posture., but then so many people looking at you, there are around a lot of people surrounded you, my heart is so excited! feeling fantastic. "

Nabing Athens The Olympic torch has been Sun Fuming collection at home, but she said he prefers the Beijing Olympics Torch "clouds". "The Olympics is to advocate for everyone to participate, as long as it is involved in, it will feel happy and sacred this time, I would like to enrollment when back torchbearers. Kiskiskis

leave the judo arena, Sun Fuming find themselves with the Olympic Games Love is still difficult. Once again participate in the Olympic Games to the Sun Fuming feel that they are facing a more broad space for development. edit

this paragraph related information ● lose weight January 28,

7 reporters to see the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic torch tour Shenyang station female soft Olympic champion Sun Fuming, just off the team members, coupled with hot days, rushed to the active site, Sun Fuming clothes almost wet

the. National Judo Championship begin, this is the Olympic points race is very important, the Liaoning team, Lee Camp, Qin Dongya, Yuan Hua veteran. Should participate in it! "Sun Fuming hand for fan-fan aside and said straight in the ear supposed to with the team in mind, because you want to participate in this event, so delayed by a day "

for weight changes, Sun Fuming, laughing," is the treadmill run out! "before retiring, Sun Fuming weighing up to 130 kilograms," must eat, or fall, but people are not practicing, the doctor say to lose weight the body will add a lot of disease, such as heart disease, high blood pressure or something, so I started weight control, not only in the attention to diet, and a daily insist on jogging one hour. really Guan Shier, six months lost 60 kilos, now only 100 kg! "underweight lot of pretty clothes to wear, which makes beauty Daming very happy. Sun Fuming

won the women's judo +72 kg class gold medal in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, 2004 Athens Olympic Games defeat (bronze medal), Sun Fuming had vowed to stand up in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but due to age, injuries and other reasons, this bit Megatron Quartet Liaoning women, eventually chose to retire. "I'm Liaoning women's judo team leader, is mainly responsible for athletes eat and drink Lazard sleep." Retreated from the front of the stage behind the scenes, Sun Fuming describe yourself now live like nanny-like, "although sometimes feel tired heart daily life is very fulfilling!

missed the 08 arena, Sun Fuming mentality calmly said, there is nothing to regret. "Every athlete goes through the process of moving the peak to the trough. Besides, do not participate in the competition, I can otherwise involved in the Olympics!" In 2004, Sun Fuming served as the Olympic torch in Athens, the completion of the torch relay in Beijing. Today, Nabing Athens Olympics torch her collection at home, but she said he was more like the torch of the Beijing Olympic Games. "Clouds". The artist

Sun Fuming

: Palace of the Lilong

name: Gong Lilong 2002, Sun Fuming (26th session of the Women's Judo 72 kg class title)

material, shape: Oil on canvas

size: 110 × 90cm

Gong Lilong 1953. Dalian. He graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. 1991 to participate in the the French painter Fort. Classes according to Virgin oil painting materials and techniques. Currently the vice chairman of the Shenyang City Artists Association, Head of the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Shenyang Normal University, associate professor of the Chinese Artists Association Member. The road works

1980 by the second session of the third prize of National Youth Art Exhibition. 1984 work "Street" won "the advance of China Youth National Art Exhibition Encouragement Award, 1992" the twelfth lunar month 29 to dogs Zhuer home send blessing Chunxiu children "were 92 Guangzhou Biennial award 1993 work "The Good Earth" won the "China Oil Painting Exhibition", the same year works "sister" to participate in the Northeast Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition "and the award-winning and award-winning. The works have been published in national newspapers and magazines, and exhibited many times abroad. Part of the works for the China National Art Gallery.